broken hearted

Read it you'll like it . Plzzzzzz.....


5. stay away

​it felt like I had gotten punched in the stomach I thought he would have denied it but he didn't. I herd footsteps and locked my door I took my gym bag out and started packing a towel two pairs of clothes my PJ's. I took my keys and opened the door I walked to the front door be for I felt something pull at my arm "ouch , what's your problem" I saw Liam looking at me while he had me against the wall. "you can't go " I pulled my arm away from him.. "yes I can and I will, I feel as if am being controlled" I walked to my motorcycle and the guys were blocking it. "you can't go" I put my bag Down "what do you want from me" "we want you to join us" Liam said from behind. "you are a crazy mother fucker what makes you think I should do that after you killed my brother." I pressed call on zayn and my phone started dialing. Ten minutes passed and I herd a car and shots I hopped on my motorcycle and was about to leave when I called Liam and the boys when they turned my way I took my gun out and shot one of their men in the head. I left and got to zayns house we got in the garage and closed it "I'm glad you called they had you surrounded." I nodded. I smiled and we whent inside . "shit" zayn turned to look at me. "wats wrong" he said. "my bag is at my house" he smiled and nodded for me to follow i walked with him to a room when he opened the closet there was so much close and it was all my size. "can i wear one of your shirts" he nodded and took me to his room. He handed me a shirt. I took my clothes off leaving my underwear on i changed in to his shirt and walked to him. I jumped and hugged him. "thanks" he nodded and we left downstairs I jumped on his back and we played around the house untill we dropped on the couch phone rang and I saw it was Liam. "what do you need Liam." I waited. "I need to see you, I whant to speak with you I'm sorry Lucy I love you" I closed my hand into fist . "I'm sorry too, for letting you in my home and my heart, I don't need anything from you, and you know the truth is I don't need you I don't love you so leave me alone and stay away" I threw the phone across the living room. "damn it" zayn got to me and hugged me. "its ganna be fine I promise" I looked up at his eyes and stared until he leaned in and our lips touched I kissed him and sat on his lap he grabed my ass and carried me up to his room. He layed me on the bed and took my panties off I took his shirt off and unbuttoned his pants. I took my shirt off and my bra he kissed down my neck and too my breasts he bit my nipples lightly and I moaned in pleasure i kissed up and down his chest leaving love bites in a trail. I felt him put two fingers in me "oh yeah, yes" I felt his tongue at my clit I was about to hit my climax when he turned my around and I slowly felt him inside of me.. "harder" I slowly rubbed my clit. When I hit my climax zayn grabbed me tightly to him. He wrapped his hands around me and we slowly fell asleep.

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