broken hearted

Read it you'll like it . Plzzzzzz.....


6. shot

​I woke up to warm breathing in my back I turned and kissed him on the lips befor I got up and left to my room. I opened the closet and grabed vans some black skinny jeans and a black tang top with my black lace bra under. I whent to the kitchen and got coffee zayn came in and took the cup I was drinking "haha your nice " I said I got up and served me another cup.I saw my phone and had 32 messages, 73 voicemail, and 5 letters. I felt bad but I figured he was having a real good time. "Lucy my mom just called she needs you to do a job for her." I nodded and left to go to claudias office.

​when I arrived there I walked all the way I "Claudia you wanted to see me" she nodded. "I need you go see an old friend she owes me money here is the address the gun and a pair of shades." I too the paper the shades and the gun and left. I drove in my motorcycle and arrived in 30 mins to the place I knocked on the door and A short girl opened "Camila sent me " I pointed the gun at her head. "she wants her money. I hit her in the back and knocked her out I went inside and saw money bags in the table I took one and left I was getting on my motorcycle when I herd a shot I turned and saw the girl at the door trying to get her money I took off and left to claudias house when I got there I realized my leg was bleeding and i had gotten shot on my leg I was leaving when I felt a bit dizzy I waited a little and left to my house figures they might be home. I opened the door and saw them in the living room I fell on my knees and they ran to help but I took the gun out "bring me scissors and a needle and alcohol and a sowing kit. And a plate" they all ran to go do that and only one stayed "Liam mot right now" he kneeled next to me "stop i have someone else," he wouldn't stop getting closer. "i let him touch me Liam i am seeing someone else" he stopped the guys came in and i got the scissor j cut my pants open i stuck my fingers in while i bit a cloth the guys just watched. I dropped the bullet in the plate i grabbed the alcohol and poured some in my leg i bit the cloth again i felt it sting i cleaned it up and got the needle and stiched it up. When i was don i got home and zayn saw my leg " baby your fine" "its ok i just got shot"

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