The Beast Inside

Where Eren Jaeger destroys an entire town and Levi Ackerman is the only survivor. Levi spent his life homeless as he trained to take down Eren and kill him. But he stopped. Why?


1. Chapter One



Everybody in the town knew who he was, but nobody knew what he looked like. Everybody knew what he did, but nobody knew how he did it.

It was as if he ate everybody in the town, but what he did is nearly impossible.

Everybody in the town knew where he was, but nobody was brave enough to go there. Everybody knew once you enter the woods, there's no way out.

The woods are endless as far as we know. We never found an end to it due to the lack of technology. We live in the year 850, and civilizations are still building up. We lost a lot due to the monster who attacked two years ago. Even now, we are still rebuilding what he destroyed.

Nearly everybody died when he attacked. I was the only survivor. But... why didn't he kill me?

I lost everything and everyone. My mother was the last one to die. I watched him rip her neck with his teeth while stabbing her in the chest. I watched him stand up, huffing. I was frozen in place, I couldn't move. He thought everybody was dead, then turned around and saw me. I was fifteen years old, witnessing a homicidal maniac murder my mother. 

He started at me as I was frozen in my spot. His eyes were a beautiful mixture of blue and green. How could a cold blooded killer have such beautiful eyes while my eyes are... dead...

I felt dead even though my heart was still beating. The killer was still ten feet away from me, looking at me. Why was he only looking at me though? Why wasn't he killing me?

I gasped when he ran away. I was careful when following him, seeing he left the town and into the woods.

I went back through the town, seeing everything was ruined. Not a single building was standing. How on earth did he do this?

To this day, nobody knows what happened, we just know what the killer looks like and we know all of us aren't brave enough to enter those woods. We do want to kill him, but don't know how. Some were suggesting a military, while others suggested cutting down the trees. Due to it being winter, we can't see walking paths, so we would be utterly lost.

Ever since the town of Shiganshina lost everything, I was forced to help rebuild it. I'm the only person who knows who the killer is, and nobody knows I know. They all assumed he ran into the woods since nothing has happened within two years and nobody seemed suspicious. 

We have a town hall now and we are going to have meeting about how we are going to kill this beast in human form. I know I should be the one to kill him since I saw him face to face, but I can't seem to get enough courage.

I've always been training since I was two years old. I was going to be humanities strongest, and I am now. If I am humanities strongest and can't go into the woods, then there really is no hope on killing him. 

After the attack, I lost everything. I still don't have a home to this day. He really ruined my life and I will kill him if I ever see him again. I've been living out in the streets for two years because he destroyed my home and killed my mother, uncle and cousin. 

I know I am strong enough to kill him... I just need to find the courage...

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