The Truth About Hell

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  • Published: 17 Jun 2016
  • Updated: 20 Apr 2017
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Did you know that the reason Lucifer got cast out of heaven? It wasn't because he didn't love humans, but because he loved one too much. The love of an angel is strong, and when it's channeled into one human, it can become too much.Lucifer knows that God won't be happy, but he can't help what he is feeling.


1. Prehistory

~~When god made the humans, he told the angels to love the humans as much as they loved him, but he knew that they had to meet the humans to do that. So he sends his most loyal four sons down as the first to meet the humans. Lucifer had It hard at first to see why he should love the humans, they were greedy, vengeful, and everything he and his family didn’t stand for, but still god loved them. The other brothers didn’t take long to see the good in the humans and then could come back. But it took Lucifer almost 100 years before he finally found a reason to love the humans.
Or love a human.
In a city long forgotten he found a young woman. Even though she had suffered all her life, her faith in God was strong, and her goodness was magnificent although she didn’t have much herself. She was a saint, a saint that lived on the street taking care of other kids.
If he were a human, he would have called her an angel.
She found him, dehydrated in the dessert, and despite the fact that she didn’t have much, she gave him her last water. She cared for him the next couple of days, while still taking care of the street kids. He didn't need the care, but was fascinated that a person who didn't have much, gave it all to others.
She took care of him for three weeks, but in all, they were together a year.
He felt things he never thought were possible.
And the best of it was, he now understood what his brother told him about love for others than just God. He loved humanity because of her.
But he loved her even more than he loved God.
And God wasn’t happy about that, the angels shouldn’t love one more than others. So, he tried to separate them, but Lucifer kept going back to her. Therefore, God gave him a choice, him or her. He had three days to decide. But Lucifer knew from the start who he would choose, so he hid her where he thought she would be safe till he could get her, because he knew he would be casted out of heaven. His plan was to tell God he chose her, and then live his life with her.  What he didn’t know was that while he talked to God, Michael found and killed her. Lucifer could feel in his grace when the life ebbed from her.
He had given her some of his grace to create a link.
He could feel it like it was he that died.
God thought that if he couldn’t make Lucifer come home willingly, he just had to remove the reason why. But Lucifer got infuriated, he felt like a part of him had died. So he began to become gruesome and evil to the other angels. And he began to get vengeful, planned to kill God and Michael, who had cost him so much joy from his life.
Neverthless, God found out and casted Lucifer from heaven. Lucifer was so filled with rage that he created hell and its demons... he wanted revenge.
He did everything to make life miserable for them, that took his love away.
He soon found out that she was not completely gone, his grace had saved her soul.
She was reborn, so he made the demons search for her. But every time they found her, the angels had already killed her.  His anger got worse and worse, and in the end he let it out on the humans that the angels and God loved so much, so they could feel the pain they caused him every time they killed her. For thousands of years he had searched for her, though never got there in time. Until one day he was the first to find her.
Or, that’s what he had thought, deciding to get her himself but found angels hovering over her dead parents' bodies whom got killed while trying to protect their child. The angels tried to kill him, however, he was too powerful, before an archangel and now King of Hell, and they couldn’t kill him.
He found her hidden under her bed with a big plush bunny clutched into her chest. He saw that she was only around six years at that time. He realized that he must have looked scary, covered in blood and with his white angel wings. Although, he assured her that he was here to save her from the bad people and she, for some reason, believed him and took the hand he reached out to her.
The same blue eyes that had looked at him with love over three thousand years ago, even at that time looked at him with sadness and fright. He knew it wasn't towards him, for he could still feel the grace he had left within her blush up as soon as she had taken his hand. And he knew that her soul still remembered him, although her mind could not.
He took her up in his arms and asked her to close her eyes. She did as instructed, though she should have been terrified. But she believed he was an angel that God had sent from heaven to protect her. Her mom always said that angels were good. She did not know that he was a fallen angel, an angel that had fallen for her.
He hold her like a seashell and listened to the heartbeat he had looked for in thousands of years. He opened the gate to Hell in the floor, pulled his wings around himself and stepped down. They fell infinitely , she held herself tightly into him while still holding onto the bunny. He brushed over her hair while looking for the sign to open his wings.
And he sees it, the first glimpse of Hell's fire, and he quickly opens his wings and let the gas push them up. They fly over Hell for half an hour until they come to his castle in the corner of Hell. He lands in the yard full of flowers and trees.  He had made his gardens after what he remembers of heaven so she would not be scared when he finally found her. He closes the wall around them, making it fill above so instead of showing hell's sky she will now see a bright one. He knows he has to make sure she doesn't find out where she is.
He completely closes his castle, so no one can exit, and only a few know the way to come in or out. He knows she would have to know who he was. But she had to make her own option of what she thinks of him.
And that he would never hurt her, no matter what people thought of him, he didn’t care, all that he cared for was what this tiny little human thought.



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