The Truth About Hell

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  • Published: 17 Jun 2016
  • Updated: 20 Apr 2017
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Did you know that the reason Lucifer got cast out of heaven? It wasn't because he didn't love humans, but because he loved one too much. The love of an angel is strong, and when it's channeled into one human, it can become too much.Lucifer knows that God won't be happy, but he can't help what he is feeling.


10. chapter 9

Sariel comes running towards me with a honored and astounded look, I smile and open my arms allowing her to run into them holding her tight into my chest, smelling her scent of sunshine and apples. Her heartbeat pumps fast like she has ran in a long time. ,, Lucifer you won't believe what I just witnessed! An angel! Lucifer an angel!” she giggles jumping up and down at the place. An angel? Here? why? Who? I think confused asking her to show me the place she saw the angel. When we get there I see Sebastian sit under the apple tree I use to sit with Sariel and read. His white wings with the purple are neatly folded behind him.

When he sees me he sends me a calming smile and stand up.

But I have known him a long time, and I see the hunted look in his purple eyes.

I shake my head behind Sariel trying to tell him that she doesn't know who I am yet.

Sariel still don’t know that I am an angel, and I pretty much want it that way.

She looks at him like he’s father himself, she have always believed in angels and in the good in the year I have know her. ,, dear child, I need to talk to Lucifer alone” Sebastian says with a singing voice spreading his wings to show all his glory.

Sariel bow low before sending me a happy face walking past me, I kiss her cheek sending her smile before letting her go. When she is gone I turn around and hug Sebastian,, long time brother. I have missed you” I say nudging his wing as he does mine, it’s hugging or kissing like for  humans, we nudge each other’s wings doing a hug to show we care about each other. His smile vanish when he ask me to sit down beside him, and I know I was right about something being wrong.

,, have something happened father?” I ask worried ready to leave Sariel for a couple of days to help my brothers and sisters. He shakes his head and some of the worry vanishes, but not all.

What have made Sebastian looking so upset? If it's nothing to do with father?

Sebastians wings shake lightly, a clear sign that something is wrong, and that he doesn't know how to tell me what it is. His wings always does that if he's afraid to tell me something.

,, just tell me what it's about” I groan pushing his shoulder grinning, I have to get home soon.

,, father want you home” he mumbles looking at his hands, I look confused at him.

,, why?”

,, he don’t think you need to be on earth anymore, and he think you come to close to his Sariel human. He wants you home” he croak looking me in the eye telling me that he wishes it was someone else that had to tell me this.

But father isn't stupid, he know I have a temper, and that I can't get mad at Sebastian. And that makes me more angry cause I can't react on it.

I lean in close to Sebastian and hiss,, I'm not going anywhere, not until she dies of oldness and she will come with me. I want to spend her live with her. And when it's done. I will return home. With her” I stand up without looking at Sebastian or the angel hiding behind those bushes.

I don’t care, I will not leave her, no matter what father wants.

They would have to kill me first.




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