The Truth About Hell

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  • Published: 17 Jun 2016
  • Updated: 20 Apr 2017
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Did you know that the reason Lucifer got cast out of heaven? It wasn't because he didn't love humans, but because he loved one too much. The love of an angel is strong, and when it's channeled into one human, it can become too much.Lucifer knows that God won't be happy, but he can't help what he is feeling.


8. Chapter 7

I look around the corner, trying to hide from Neinor that are on an expedition from Lucifer to catch me and drag me down to the female demons to learn a about womanhood now that I am fifteen years old. Like hell I will do that, I don’t care if they are females, I know Lucifer well.

This will not be about how the demon females handle it, it will be about how he wants ME to handle it. I see Sebastian down the hall and run the other way ,, Sara! Can you come here immediately!” I hear him yell and hear the running footsteps. Shit! He saw me! I think and try to shake him off, but he catches me in the garden.

,, for the sake of hell Sara! It's not that bad” he says and roll his eyes while taking me up and throw me over his shoulder,, that's easy for you to say Sebastian! Why do I have to?! I know what I need to know!” I whine trying to get down, he ignore my attempt and walk down the hall towards the dining hall were all the highest female demons are waiting for me. It's not only me that would hate this, they probably does it too I think while pleading to demons that walk past to help me.

I hear laughter and look behind me and see Neinor stands in front of the dining hall dying over I got caught. ,, I told you it would be useless to try to run away” he giggles opening the door for Sebastian, I flip my finger towards him earning a wink and a smirk. May you get roasted over the fire and taking your finger nails out I think swearing and try not to look at all the faces that states a me when Sebastian put me down on my seat.

,, Sara behave” Sebastian warn me with a stern look, I roll my eyes and lean back in the seat with crossed arms. ,, they demons Sebastian, you can't possibly tell me I can act worse that than”

,, yes I can, and I do. You are really a child grown up in hell” arh the heartwarming feelings you send towards me is touching I think sarcastic looking at Sebastian with a sour face.

A female demon with red hair coughs hear slightly in order to get the attention.

I have to bite my tongue not to grunt.

,, well now we all are here, we can begin. Sara what do you know and what can we teach you?” she says and send me the most fake smile I have ever seen in my life.

And I live in hell were there isn't much to smile about of Lucifer doesn't like you.

,, hmmm… let me see, oh you are all Succubus’s right? How about you tell me something about your jobs and I can say if I want to know something about a particular subject?” I say smiling just as fake back resting my elbows on the table with my head in my hands.

They all look worried at each other, they can't really go against my order, but they know that this wasn’t what Lucifer wanted. And if he finds out they will taste the fire of hell more than they already do. But right now I couldn’t be more uninterested.

Not only do I have to do this, I also managed to get Sebastian mad at me.

He takes it very seriously to take care of me when Lucifer isn't home, and lately I have really screwed up by making him mad or disappointed. So maybe they actually could have an idea how I make it right again I think getting a little more interested.

,, Sara play nice, don’t get them into trouble” Neinor says looking at the females with a interested look. Oh, there is someone that is about to go out of their skin of lack of a women touch.

Maybe he thinks if he set me straight one of them will play with him later.

But hey, he deserves it. He actually has been nicer lately than he use to be, so I will let it slide.

They begin talking about what happens to a girl’s body when they turn into a woman, and I let them know that I already to Lucifer's regret knowing about it.

Not a pleasant day for anyone.

For an hour I hear all that I know, because none of them dare to go over the topic about their business. Neinor drags me down to dinner almost carrying me because it was so boring I taught it was a new kind of torture.

Sebastian sits on his place looking at me with a smile that makes my heart beat faster.

No one knows it, but I have a little crush on Sebastian.

Probably cause he always been by my side, and he's handsome as hell, the fine nose, high cheekbone the purple eyes that glow of wisdom you only can get when you have gone through what he has. And most of all, his long tender fingers, that always slides trough my hair when he brushes my hair or if he praises me. By Lucifer he is indeed an angel even though he's a fallen one.

Mom always said that angels were made so humans would instantly fall I love with them.

I was probably too little in the start to realize it, but now when my so called teens hormones runs through my veins like hell fire, I can clearly see what she meant.

I sit down smiling ignoring Neinors smiling face over more than one of the Succubus would help him with his…. Needs. Hey as long he keeps it away from me, am I not interested what he does when he's not yelling at me.

Oka comes in with a casket full of fruit from the garden for lunch and fresh bread.

I dig in happy over it is something I can see what is so I don’t have to be scared to get pig eyes and bat heart. We all eating talking about what I should do the rest of the day and Sebastian suggest that we use the day to sit in the garden and read like we used to when I was smaller.

When we done I run to my room to get my favorite book from when I was little.

The shamer’s daughter.

After Sebastian found out I really like the first book he found the rest of the series when he was on a trip to earth with Lucifer making some ravage in Iraq, they had made some suicide bombers up there the 14 august where they had possessed four people to blow themselves up in cars and one tanker killing over 600 people. I was only 10 when it happened and remember it clearly cause Lucifer was very happy about himself. I shouldn’t have heard it but I had a face when I tried to find out what it was they were doing in the throne room when I was send down to my room.

Probably also the reason Neinor was put on me.

I find him under the apple three with some pillows and Neinor sleeping not too far away.

Sebastian pats on the place beside him and I quickly dump the book in his lap waiting patiently for him to begin. We sit like that a while, me enjoying he's silvering voice, Neinor sleeping with now his head in my lap. ,, by Lucifer I love when you read for me” I mumble in my own little piece of heaven. Sebastian laughs softly and says we then have to do it more often.

Sometime after Sebastian stands up brushing his long blue coat before going to finish his chores.

I sit for myself a while just enjoying the day, and try not to move too much to wake Neinor.

Somehow I must have fallen asleep like that, cause when I open my eyes it's dusk and I see the red in the sky, I turn my head and see Neinor sits beside me reading the book Sebastian was reading for me. When he sees I'm awake he smiles and closes the book. ,, I wasn’t the only one tired huh?” he ask softly brushing my hair away from my eyes. I yawn sleepy not quite ready to wake up.

He stands up and carefully takes me  up in bride style taking me to his room.

He put me down in his bed like he had done many times before, but somehow in my doze I mistake him for Lucifer and reach up and kiss him on the mouth whispering goodnight before turning around  and fall asleep, not seeing the red face of a  surprised Neinor that take himself to the lips.

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