The Truth About Hell

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  • Published: 17 Jun 2016
  • Updated: 20 Apr 2017
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Did you know that the reason Lucifer got cast out of heaven? It wasn't because he didn't love humans, but because he loved one too much. The love of an angel is strong, and when it's channeled into one human, it can become too much.Lucifer knows that God won't be happy, but he can't help what he is feeling.


7. Chapter 6

When I wake up Sebastian is already gone doing some of the works around the castle.

I snuggling down in the warm sheets not wanting to leave the comfortable bed.

Lucifer always had to almost drag me out of bed since I was little.

Knowing that Lucifer won't be coming around Sebastians chambers I decide to hold a snuggle day in bed. But not all people have that idea, cause soon the sheets get pulled of me and a irritated Neinor looks at me ,, get up, we are waiting for you” I groan putting the pillow over my head trying to ignore him. I feel the bed give in when he crawl up in the bed to get my feet.

He pulls hard making me fall to the floor.

,,hey!” I cry cranky and rubbing my sore ass, while sending him the evil glare he have learned me unknowingly after all the times he had sent it after me.

He throw some of clothes in my head and turn around, a sudden urge to just throw it back at him hit me, but I know better than to mess with him in the mornings.

He's just as much a sleeper as I am.

So groaning takes the jeans and the red blouse on before going over to him and taps him on the shoulder. He turns around and looks at me from head to toe with a frown.

,, I suppose this will do” he says before heading to the door.

,, suppose? Wow Sara you look amazing this morning even though I literally pulled you out of bed” I snarl sarcastically following him down the hallway towards the dinning room.

When he open the door for me I try not to look up at Lucifer and Sebastian even though I can feel their glares on my back when I walk past them down to my seat.

Oka cocks assistants put cereal before me, I look surprised at him, I usually don’t get what I would call human food except special occasions cause Oka think it’s such a hassle to go up to earth to get it. We all eat in awkward silence, not even dare to look at each other.

When we finish, Lucifer almost run out of the room, falling over his wings, with some excuse about having a meeting to attend too. Sebastian stand up coming over to me with a bunch of papers and put it in my lap. ,, your work for today” he smirks looking at my disbelieved face.

Homework? I think and groan looking at the papers with irritations.

By Lucifer, I hate homework.

I take the stack with me down to my room, I go over to my desk and shove all the papers down on the floor. I sit down and sigh loudly trying to ignore Neinor that followed me and now is laying spread out on my bed.

The first paper is about the man from germany that made world war 2.

Adolf Hitler.

I read about the time he was in a bunker, and he dreamt about being buried alive of earth and molten lava,  he awoke from the nightmare and left the bunker in what Sebastian calls a trance-like state to clear his head.

He wandered into the open area which was the battle field.

A burst of enemy fire got him to his senses and send him fleeing back to the bunker for safety to find the there had been a direct hit on the dugout and all his comrades were dead. He then claimed it was a higher force that wanted him alive, destined role to be a great leader to his people. Attributing it to a force that would protect him so he could carry out that role. What he didn't know that it was Lucifer that had made that dream making him go out from the bunker and then send the fire to bury his comrades to make Hitler feel invisible. I read a lot more horrified about this Hitler guy and some other Lucifer had helped in some kind of way. Sometimes I forget where I am and who I'm with.

They are demons, and Lucifer is king of hell. King of all that are evil.

Even though he is the clumsiest person I have ever meet in my life.

Suddenly a penetrating scream hears through the castle making my blood freeze in my veins.

I stand up so quickly my stole falls running towards the door, I feel someone behind me and find myself pinned to the door. ,, you know better than to try to find out where it came from Sara. You know the rule, from 9 to 12 you shall be in your room, no matter what you hear.” He snarls in my ear before reaching over and lock the door before letting me go. I know the rules, it was made when I was little so I shouldn’t see the work that happened in the castle. But now I am so old, so I am very aware of what happens in these hours.

The next couple of hours until 12 I try to forget the scream, it's rare that I even get some kind of proof of what happens. In all my years this must be the 12 scream I have heard.

Lucifer don’t like that I think about where I am.

Honestly at this point I don’t care, as long I don’t have to help on the torturing.

I know the people that are here deserve it.

When I finally is done with my work and the clock is around 12 I realize that Neinor had fallen asleep and decide it can't harm to go out a little before I'm supposed to and make a run for it.

I look confused at all the demons running around with bags not seeing me walking towards the throne hall to apologize to Lucifer. I hear Lucifer's voice from one of the room I normally is not allowed to go inside, I have a suspicion of why but I decide to take the chance and walk towards the door, when it suddenly burst open. Lucifer comes out completely covered in blood, I feel my face loose it's colors and turn around not to look at him. I know he must also do some work.

But it's the first time I see him covered in blood.

I feel him right behind me and his breath on my ear when he whispers.

,, why won't you look at me” I know he does it on purpose to see how I will react, because normally he would be the first to run away if he want to hide something.

He wants to know if I now am scared of him.

I turn around and look right into his golden eyes, they twirl around out of worry more than usual over how I will react. I smile and wipe some blood away from his kind with my sleeve trying not to show him how scared I actually am. I got to remember, who he is.

He's not only the Lucifer I know.

,, I'm not scared Lucifer, okay maybe a little. I am still human, but, I must accept that this is also part of your job description as the evil angel” I admit smiling trying not to show how shocked I actually am.

He grabs my hand and look at the blood that hid my hand, suddenly he began dragging me down the hallway mumbling something about me being unclean.

We meet Sebastian on the way that looks shocked over seeing me with Lucifer when he looks like that. Lucifer throws me over to Sebastian that barely catches me before I hit the nose in the floor. ,, she need a bath, she got blood on her” he says walking away without even looking back at us. ,, what about yourself?! It’s you who is covered in it!” I shout after him without getting a response.

He must be very angry at me I think sad following Sebastian down to the bath.

After the long bath I am more relaxed and more determinate to talk to Lucifer and sort this kind of fight we have off. But the rest of the day I don’t see Lucifer at all.

Not even to dinner, but then I kind of force myself on him.

I go in my own thoughts of the stairs and therefore don’t realize that it just has been waxed.

I hear someone behind me and turn around to see who it is and slide on the step making me fall right down at the person behind me. We rumble down the stars with me landing on them.

I open my eyes while I take me to my head realizing that it is Lucifer that is beneath me.

I sit up whining as a little girl embarrassed. Then suddenly Lucifer smirks and grin.

,, this is a very good positions” while taking a hold of my hips.

I can't do anything but blush not really sure how I should react on that statement.

Then it's like he remember where we are and sit up making me fall off him.

,, Sara, are you okay?! Are you hurt anywhere? Does this hurt?!” he says feeling on my forehead.

I mumble a no still looking down while he helps me up.

Sebastian comes running cause of all the noise and see me completely red in the face over I was so clumsy to fall while Lucifer keeps touching me around my body asking if it hurts.

Sebastian takes a look too before concluding I am okay and will survive.

Well… at least we are now talking again I think while looking at Lucifer, that laughs over it for a chance is me that are the reason for we comes out in a situation like this, cause it mostly is his fault.

He takes my hand and we go up at the stairs together careful not to fall while Lucifer sends a demon down to Sebastians chambers to get my pajamas. I can't help but feel relieved over that I finally am allowed back in Lucifer's bed. I sleep great with Sebastian or Neinor, but I sleep best when I am with Lucifer cause he will always make sure I only dream pleasant dreams.

And I feel save when I am around him, even after today seeing him covered in blood like that.

When I get my pajamas I quickly changes into the shorts and the top before almost jump into the bed cuddling up to Lucifer. I feel the warmth of his wings when he folds them around me like blanket and I can't remember a time when I have felt safer than when I am with Lucifer like that.

I feel him lay his arms around me and can't help but smile against his bare chest, folding my leg around his like he's a pillow. Lucifer always says that we always are tangled together like garn when he wake up and have a hard time getting us untangled. ,, goodnight sweetheart” he whispers kissing me on the hair, I feel the warm sensation of Lucifer entering my dream, and dream about a summer day on the beach playing around with him, Neinor and Sebastian.

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