The Truth About Hell

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  • Published: 17 Jun 2016
  • Updated: 20 Apr 2017
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Did you know that the reason Lucifer got cast out of heaven? It wasn't because he didn't love humans, but because he loved one too much. The love of an angel is strong, and when it's channeled into one human, it can become too much.Lucifer knows that God won't be happy, but he can't help what he is feeling.


6. Chapter 5

The next 2 days we just enjoy to talk about everything and nothing, he even took me to a mall to get some clothes I probably never going to wear, but still, it’s been years since I have been surrounded by people and even been in a mall. Demons are, different than humans. And most of them don’t even dare to try talk to me. So I only talk to Sebastian, Neinor and of course Lucifer.
Sometimes Oka cock when he can't come out of it. But the rest just talk to me like they would with Lucifer. They are probably afraid of him, but that shouldn’t stop them from talking to me, I couldn’t understand it when I was little that no one really wanted to talk to me before I saw Lucifer getting angry at one of them cause he had given me the wrong food.
I told him that it was okay, but it hadn’t help on the talking front.
We all sit outside in the garden enjoying the sun, well at least me and peter are.
I look around the street on all the people that walks by and the kids with a smile.
Lucifer, I didn't even know I had miss this so much I think looking at two kids that are playing with a football on the other side of the street. ,, hey peter, who are they?” I look towards the voice and see a guy with blue eyes stand there smiling at us with his two friends. ,, hi Lauren, can’t you recognize her?” peter laugh and look at me, wait a minute, I know that name! ,, omg Lauren is that you?” I say surprised and stand up smiling from ear to ear, he take a close look at me and then I can see the recognize in his eyes. ,, Sara?! It’s you?! I thought you were dead!” he yells laughing running towards me, he spin me around laughing and I can't help but giggle while hugging him tight. Lauren was one of my best friends when I was little, we used to play all the time.
I didn't even think about I also had a chance of meeting my old friends.
,, god it's good to see you! Damn you have grown up fine girl!” he smiles and ruffles up my black hair, I giggle and push away his hands. Can say the same about him, he always had blond hair, but it’s almost golden to look at. Not as much as Lucifer that looks like flowing gold.
But damn he's cute to look at.
The two others is Samantha and Nick also some of my old friends, we all stand the talking one another in the mouth when I suddenly feel an arm around my shoulders dragging me back.
,, Sara don’t go and make friends with them, it will only be harder for you when we have to leave tonight.” He whispers in my ear smiling over at Lauren and the others that stand the confused.
I had completely forgotten it was only 2 days, the spell would keep me hidden from the angels and it would be too dangerous for me. 3 days just isn't not enough I think, while looking at Peter and the guys. Maybe it won't hurt to stay here just until tomorrow instead of going back today.
,, Sara I'm not kidding, don’t tell me you haven't seen the demons that have been around the past hour?” Neinor says and look at a guy over on the other side reading a paper, he look up and I see the black eyes. Yeah no human have black eyes, it’s a trait for demons, or one of them I think with horror. The first time I realized that demons actually didn't look like humans with black eyes was when I was 11.  Neinor have gotten so mad that he couldn’t hold the facade and crackled. I was so scared when I saw the two black horns that circled from his forehead and the wings that flapped furiously. I ran screaming into the library where Lucifer and Sebastian sat and right up on Lucifer's lap.
For a week I didn't dare to go outside of Lucifer's room, and I held him captured with me so Sebastian had to come every day with food, trying to convince me it was okay.
I asked Lucifer if he and Sebastian also looked like that and he shake his head telling me that there were angels, so the only thing that I couldn’t see of them was their grace that bathing them in this golden light although they now lived in hell. It would blind me so they didn't show that.
I now know that Neinor got whipped for that mistake.
And Lucifer promised me that it would never happen again and that I was not in danger.
I believed him so in the end I dared to go outside but it still took me a while before I even thought about going near Neinor again. I now know Neinor enough to not be afraid of him no matter what mode he's in. yeah he is a killer, but he would never harm me. And I really hope that Lucifer would fry him isn't the only reason for that.
Now when Neinor pointed it out I realize that there are at least 5 demons lurking around the house. Doesn't he trust me? I think angry flipping the demon closest to the house the finger, making him fall back surprised.
I walk over to Lauren and the others trying to ignore all the demons that are looking at me.
We talk about the school they go to and Laurens girlfriend and what every normal teenager would talk about, and here I am lying the best I can because I don’t really have anything that would sound remotely normal.
Can't really tell them I live in hell with the devil trying not to eat something human or animal food without knowing it. Nope, they would probably not like that topic. Neinor look at the others with irritation trying to avoid saying more than yes and no when they ask him of something.
,, so what about you Sara? Any boyfriend?” Samantha ask jokingly pushing my arm. ,, she is married” ,, yeah I’m ma- wait what?” I ask looking at Neinor with disgust, my uncle looks at me with the same expression and the others look like something right out of the cartoons I used to watch when I was little with their big eyes. ,, no I’m not! Who in the world should I be married to” ,, not those dreadful people that hold you captive Sara” Peter stammer while I talk. ,, she's married to king of hell. Lucifer, my king” Neinor says looking hateful of all of them clearly hating that I even gonna waste my breath on them. By Lucifer now he done it! They gonna ask questions I can't answer, and what could I even say that would do this situation any good? I think scared out of my mind,, bro so you are a Satanist? Cool” Nick grunts with a smile, making me think again  about his insanity.
Maybe I can be called a Satanist when you think about I'm with Lucifer In all this.
But before I used to believe in god and angels like something good. Going to church every Sunday with my family, pray and all that. And I did it in hell until I found out that he wanted to kill me, yeah I thought maybe god had made a mistake with Lucifer, and that he wasn’t like they described in the bible. But never had I taught that Lucifer was the good one in all this.  
Samantha look at Neinor with a smile trying to ignore his attitude. ,, by the way I love you tattoo!” tattoo? I think confused and look at Neinor. Oh, by tattoo she probably meant Neinors scar. I once asked him about it when I was little and he thing he said was ,, proof of my dead” later I found out that the scar around his neck was from the time he got killed. For some reason they didn't do it the usual way by electricity or needle. They beheaded him. I asked Lucifer why he still had it and it wasn’t gone, cause I had seen many demons that were older that told me that they also been beheaded because it was the norm around their dead. And they didn't have any scars. But Lucifer just said that it was something I had to ask Neinor about. And I am still too scared to actually ask the reason he choose not to let Lucifer remove it. He rolls his eyes fiddling with his rings trying not to snap at her cause he knows how I will react. In the end I use my last day on earth talking to my old friends. Eating good food with my uncle, ignoring Neinors attempt to get me to go home to hell.
And what happened right before I we headed for bed made me realize that no one runs from a deal with the devil. Suddenly the room gets hot, like hot in hell, I look confused around.
It wasn’t that hot before, and then the floor begins to rumble, making my uncle say that it is probably a earthquake and one of the smaller ones. Then I see the black hole in the middle of the rooms and realize what is about to happen. Shit! He told me he would send demons, not coming himself! I think scared looking at my uncle that looks at the hole that keeps getting bigger with horror. Then I hear the roar ,, I am Lucifer! King of-“ ,, you know what? This is not the time” I say pushing him back into the hole he's about to get out of. I hear Peter scream to get away, and the lord’s prayer.  This is not good I think before feeling something around my leg.
I look down and see a hand around my ankle, before I can say or scream I get pulled down into the hole. I hear Neinor scream something about getting my clothes and then come while I fall down into the black looking up at my uncles horrified face getting smaller and smaller.
You gotta be kidding me I think hysterically while trying to grip something to slow my fall. ,, Lucifer you winged rat! What the hell?!” I scream out into the black, I feel the heat beneath me and know I’m falling down to hell. Out of anger I turn around to try to get a glimpse of hell I never really have seen in  all the time I have lived here cause I know Lucifer won't like that and stop this punishment and catch me before I can see it probably. My eyes filled with tears because of the strong wind, and my hair keep getting in my mouth.
Then suddenly I feel the familiar touch of wings closing around me, I get turned around and look right into Lucifer's furious face. ,, what in the world did you think Sara?! I told you that you would get 3 days and had to be home that night. The spell can't hold longer than that!” he yells raging putting his arms around my waist. By reflex I put my arms around his neck and nuzzle into his neck waiting from the jerk of him opening his wings. 
I close my eyes when I feel it, he holds me close making sure I cannot look while flying us over to the castle. On the long trip we don’t utter a word. Him to scared to say something stupid because he's so angry. Me, cause I'm too scared cause I know why he did it. When we finally are in the garden and the wall have closed the heaven he let go, I see Sebastian stand there with a angry look too, but the relief still shines out of his eyes.
I look down at my shoes, not daring to look Lucifer in the eyes. 
It's very rare that Lucifer is angry at me, so when he is I don’t really know what to do. ,, look at me Sara” I hear I'm say with a monotone voice, I fiddle with my hands behind my back but don’t look up ,, Sara I said look at me!” I quickly look up right into his golden eyes that show the rage and relief. ,, I trusted you to hold you end of the deal Sara, clearly I thought too much of you. It was hard for me to agree to this cause I wouldn't be there to make sure you were okay. And then you go and shit on it. This is the first and last time you will ever to this Sara. Am I clear?” I quickly nod feeling my eyes starting to tear up cause I know how bad I screwed up even though I did it on purpose.  ,, then  we will not talk about this. Go to your room. I need time to fall down” I nod and quickly run away trying to hide my tears from Sebastian that stand in my way. 
But something tells me he saw them.


Lucifer's pov.


I see Sara flee out of the garden, I sigh loudly and face palm myself. Maybe I didn't need to be that hard on her. She did it cause she wanted to spend time with her family, and I can't really blame her for that. But she got me real scared when she wasn’t home the time we agreed one. Making me think that somehow the angels had found out she was there and killed her. And when I got there she is okay and trying to get rid of me. I couldn’t control it and pulled her down with me, it was terrifying seeing her falling down towards hell. But I ignored her when she called for me, wanting to punish her.
But still flying close by.
But when I saw her turn around to see hell, I quickly got her cause that is not something I would like her to see no matter how mad I am. 
And then when she wouldn't look at me I could feel it getting worse and I ended up yelling at her.
I almost never yell at her, afraid she will get scared of me. But I needed her to know she had done something wrong and how much it upset me. But then why do I feel so bad about it?
Sebastian comes over and place a hand on my shoulder trying to comfort me knowing that it was the right thing I did. He guides me out of the garden and down to my room.
,, let her sleep on it. It’s been a long day for us all. Talk to her tomorrow” he says before closing the door leaving me in the bed with all kind of thoughts. Will she be okay by herself? She always gets this nightmares if she sleeps alone. Should I get her? But wouldn't it be stupid when I am supposed to be really angry at her? But will she be afraid and can't sleep? All night I think about this thing so I can't sleep. Little did I know before the next morning that my worries was for nothing cause Sebastian knew what I would think and had gotten Sara to sleep with him.

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