The Truth About Hell

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  • Published: 17 Jun 2016
  • Updated: 20 Apr 2017
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Did you know that the reason Lucifer got cast out of heaven? It wasn't because he didn't love humans, but because he loved one too much. The love of an angel is strong, and when it's channeled into one human, it can become too much.Lucifer knows that God won't be happy, but he can't help what he is feeling.


5. chapter 4

The rest of the day I talk to peter about what he's been up to when I was gone.

He tells me that he still work as a teacher but now does it on the school I should have attended to.

And that the reason he choose to move in to my old house was that I could always find him just by going home. Neinor looks like one that is about to fall asleep but don’t say anything.

When peter goes out to the kitchen to make some tea I turn to Neinor with a harmful face.

,, can you be more uninterested? By Lucifer I wish it was Sebastian that had come with me” I mumbles and roll my eyes. ,, do you want me to be interested? Fine I will show you interested”

He says when peter shows up he give him such a sweet smile that I actually begins to get scared.

,, Mr. Blackmore, we haven’t actually told the whole truth” oh no don’t tell me he's going to tell him about Lucifer and hell?! “ me and you niece is actually dating” I almost choke on the tea and coughs loudly, peter send me a surprised smile, I become red in the face so Neinor hit me hard in the back so I can get some air. What in hell?! I look at Neinor like he's got some screws lose.

And I talk about a whole bunch of them. ,, is it true? Wow yeah you have really grown up to be a young woman Sara” Peter laughs and look at Neinor with a frown.

Even though he's not looking like it, can normal humans clearly feel something is off about him.

And mostly try to avoid demons that are on earth. It's like they can feel the bad aura that’s surrounds them. I used to feel it too, but now I don’t really noticing it.

,, Neinor is just joking uncle, we are not dating…. Just… friends” I choke still trying to get my breath. Neinor just smile sweet to me. And that’s scare me more than when he smirks at me.

May Lucifer be with us, and please I pray that Neinor don’t decide he wants a snack and eat my uncle. Or some cat he meets. Peter looks at his watch with a frown.

,, it's getting late, I think it would be best to talk tomorrow and get some rest. We could all need it after such a eventful day” he declares shushing us up in a guest room.

The room that was once mine.

I look at the pink walls, the only proof that it was once mine. My bed, my stuff is gone.

But can't really blame him for that, I wouldn't either like to have a room full of stuff you didn't know the owner would get home to. I sit on the bed beside Neinor remembering how it use too look like. The walls used to be covered with drawings I made, and my floor with toys and teddies.

The bookshelves full of books my mom got from work.

A little girls room.

Neinor reads my mood and put a hand on my shoulder ,, are you alright?” he ask with a soft voice.

Even though he can be really scary some times, he can also be gentle. I nod and swipe away the tear that roles down my cheek. ,, you uncle is right, you need some sleep.” He said making me fall back on the bed holding around me. Even though uncle gave him another room does Neinor know that I can't sleep alone. Probably because of Lucifer, I never slept alone when I was little up till now. And when he wasn’t there I slept with Sebastian.

So now I get nightmares sleeping by myself.

I cuddle up to him relaxing by the smell of sulfur and flowers.

He smells just like home.

Soon I fall asleep with his arms around me holding me tight so I know I'm not alone.



Lucifer's pov


I look at the woman while I hold the spoon over the fire, her green eyes are big of fear. The smile I shove her makes her whimper and try to get out of the chair.

I shhs her and go over to her, I force her head up and she screams, I laugh and shove the spoon under her eye, she screams of pain while I wipe the eye out.

I look shortly at the eye uninterested before beginning with the other one.

Why did she want to go up? Isn't she happy here with me? I think frustrated peeking up a butcher knife and begin to cut deep wounds all over her naked body.

And why could I not go with her?! I cut a deeper one over her bare stomach make her scream so my ears begin to ring. ,, for god sake! Shut up!” I scream cutting her vocal chords over so I can get some peace. I decided to torture some souls while Sara was gone, I couldn’t really do it with her around. So it was a good time to get some work done, and I am plenty frustrated to do a proper job.

The woman keeps screaming even though no sounds come out while I do my job.

This soul is fresh so there is a long way before she will become a demon.

But the worse the tortures are the better a demon will come out of it.

I play with the woman around 3 hours before I am so covered in blood that you can't even see I have golden hair. After the bath Sebastian finds me in the garden sitting under the apple three with Saras bunny,, Lucifer, come on, it's only three days. It can't be right that you are like that just for such a short time. You have work to do” he declare standing in front of me looking helpless.

I try to ignore him, but in the end I stand up and follow him into the meeting about suicide bombers.






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