The Truth About Hell

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  • Published: 17 Jun 2016
  • Updated: 20 Apr 2017
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Did you know that the reason Lucifer got cast out of heaven? It wasn't because he didn't love humans, but because he loved one too much. The love of an angel is strong, and when it's channeled into one human, it can become too much.Lucifer knows that God won't be happy, but he can't help what he is feeling.


4. Chapter 3


I quickly stand up and brush the dust off my pants. ,, I'm so sorry, it wasn’t our attention to fall asleep, but we have just come from far away” I apologies and try not to let it slip out of my mouth who I am. He's just like I remember him, blue eyes, yellow hair put faint stings of white. He looks searching at me like he's looking for something.

,,Do we know each other?” he ask and comes closer to me, quick as a cat Neinor stands between us almost growling at peter so he steps back. I push Neinor away.

,, I'm sorry for his behavior. Yes you do, or at least you knew the young me. It's me Sara”

 First he looks confused at me, but then he takes a closer look and he drops the bags he have in his hands and run over and take my face in his hand and examine it.

He's face brighten up and he hugs almost the life out you, you brush Neinor of when he's about tp safe you and put you arms around him for a second before you push him of you.

,, it is really you! where have you been all this time? Are you okay?!” before I can tell him anything he has pushed me into the house. I decide not to look around too much when he pushes me down the hallway that lead into the living room. It’s almost looking the same, except some new furniture and some of his personal stuff.

I see a picture of me and my family that had been taken short before those evil angels.

Lucifer wasn’t happy when he had found me hidden in his office after a meeting about the angels.

He told me that for some reason the angels want to kill me but he would protect me no matter what. If only mom and dad knew that the angels was evil, and the devil himself has taken care of me.

They would probably get a heart attack.

He ask me where I have been all this time, something tells me that I shall not say that I have been in hell playing with Lucifer up till now. So I come up with story about getting kidnapped by the men that killed my parents and have been with them until I broke free from captivity and came her trying to seek him out. ,, I can't believe it, I have searched for you all this time, but nothing worked. And here you are, you came home by yourself” he sob and smile at me, I smile back and can't help but feel a little evil knowing that soon I will have to leave him again.

He looks at Neinor with a frown and ask ,, and where did you find this one?” Neinor snarls but doesn't say a thing, he strokes his fingers through his red hair.

,, ehm, Neinor was captured with me, he was the one that got us out. But don’t mind him, he's kind of a jerk” he looks at me like he could eat me right there, but I just smile back and put my full attention on peter, he smiles at Neinor. ,, don’t talk like that Sara, if he saved you, he's also then a friend of this family” he says and look grateful at Neinor that completely ignore him.

Heh friend, he's been a pain in my ass since the day Lucifer dragged him from hell and turned him into a demon to be my babysitter. I'm 17 years old and I still got no clue how to get rid of him.

And you can't blame me from trying, he has been a pain in my ass since I was 10 years old.

He know that Lucifer will kill him if anything happens to me.

So not only do I have a overprotective babysitter, that babysitter was a serial killer before he even turned 25. Lucifer doesn't know I know, but I have my ways to make the little demons talk, when there are something I want to know. And apparently was Sam has he was called when he was human, a serial killer in Ireland. Slain 12 people before he got captured, and killed himself.

If peter knew that he would not be so quick to say he is a friend.


I look smiling at the two demons that come into the throne room carrying a human soul between them. The soul looks like it have been dipped in a lava puddle a short time before they found him.

I fold my hands and rest my chin looking coldly at them.

Sam Neria, the serial killer from Ireland.

Even I am impressed over his work at a age of only 21. And that’s why I have chosen him, he would not think twice killing anybody that will try to kill Sara.

So even though we are not around he will be.

,, I hope you have liked you time down in the pit, but I have a offer. Instead of the rest of eternity tortured by the demons until yourself become one. And trust me it takes some hundreds to thousands of years. I will make you a demon right now. If you become Saras babysitter, I'm rather sure that you can keep her at bait. And if you don’t well, we are in hell aren’t we?” he looks at me with blue eyes that show anger, fear and defiance.

,, I’d rather be dead” he snarls and try to break lose, but the demons just push him to the ground and hold him there with their boots. I laugh and spread my arms. ,, my stupid human, where do you think you are? You are already dead! I can easily make sure that you will never become a demon and be tortured to you go insane. Or I can make you a demon and grant you a side beside the king as one of his men. You will just have to make sure no harm ever comes to her. She is a lovely child she can't be that much of a pain for a young man like you” he rolls his eyes from the floor. ,, if I take care of her, will I ever get my freedom?”

I look at him wondering if he's actually the right one, but if he isn’t I can always kill him and get another. ,, you will get your freedom when I see it fit to do so. But yeah, someday perhaps I will let you be a demon like the rest” I smile and lean back when I see the answer in his eyes.

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