The Truth About Hell

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  • Published: 17 Jun 2016
  • Updated: 20 Apr 2017
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Did you know that the reason Lucifer got cast out of heaven? It wasn't because he didn't love humans, but because he loved one too much. The love of an angel is strong, and when it's channeled into one human, it can become too much.Lucifer knows that God won't be happy, but he can't help what he is feeling.


3. Chapter 2


I look at Neinor that’s sit beside me on the train station with one of the sourest face I have seen in my 17 years. ,, don’t be like that, think of it as a field trip. You can't say you haven’t missed earth” I declare and pushes his arm, he move out of my reach,, that’s easy for you to say Sar, it's because of you we here, not me. 

Why in the world do you want to see you uncle? You haven’t seen him in over 11 years” he hisses and sends me an evil glare with his black eyes.

I roll mine and ignores him while we get on the train, he sit himself with the back to the other passengers and flip his coat collar up.

If it hadn’t been for Sebastian I wouldn't even have thought of it.

Lucifer was on a meeting somewhere in hell and me and Sebastian found some of my old stuff, as my bunny. And I remembered that is was my uncle that had given that to me. Lucifer wasn’t pleased over I want to see him, but he allowed on the condition I took Neinor with me and was home in 3 days.

Or else he would send all demons after me.

I look out of the window and enjoy the different scenes I see, when you have been in the same castle for over 11 years, you pretty much have seen the whole thing. And it was so rare that either Lucifer or Sebastian was going to earth. I almost jump out of my seat when I see a cow, I look joyfully at Neinor to see if he shares my joy at seeing the cow. ,, pfft humans” he sigh and look away.

I look furious at him,, what did you just call me?”

,, human, last time I checked that is what you are”

,, you were human too! You're not full blooded demon!”

,, And you never have been one! You just a puny human, that can't even take care of yourself!” he replies and look at me like I am a cockroach that have ended in his soup. Wait, he's disgusting enough to probably love if that happened.

Why couldn’t Sebastian just have gone with me I think frustrated over that not enough with I have to be with him in 3 days straight, he's also ruining the first time I have been on earth in half a year. And it's even without the guys.

He’s not going to ruin that for me, I love the guys but they still think as me as the little 6 year old girl that needed them any hour of the day. And I sure as hell don’t need that anymore, I'm a young woman now, and I can do things on my own without somebody needs to hold my hand.

The different smells begin to irritate my nose so I take the flower up from my backpack from the garden and smell the familiar aroma of sulfur and lily.

I look at Neinor questioningly, he shrug and take the flower, you can see immediately that his entire body starts to relax, his tense expression becomes almost peaceful as he leans back in his seat.

Everyone needs a reminder of home sometime, even a half blood demon.

And that’s why I need to do it, I can't remember parents very well anymore, it's like they just fade away from my memories. And I don’t like that, they were my mom and dad, and I loved them, so I have to gain those memories back again.

And that can he help me with, so no matter how much Neinor grumbles I will not stop before I have seen Uncle Peter. I just hope I'm not scaring him to death.

It's not like it everyday a family member you haven’t seen in 11 ears shows up on your front door.

And especially someone that’s probably is supposed to be death.

,, can I see you ticket?” I look up and a train conductor stands before us, I smile hand and it over, he looks at Neinor that completely ignores him,, sir may I see your ticket? Or you will have to leave the train on the next stop” he says with a strained voice, ready to handle everything Neinor says to him, oh well maybe not everything.

,, I'm a demon for Lucifer's sake! I don’t need a ticket, I don’t even need to be on this train! I have wings!” he growls and look the up at the train conductor that take a step back when he sees Neinors eyes turn completely black, I sigh and quickly takes the ticket from his jacket pocket and give it to the conductor ,, sorry I know it's scary, but he's mentally ill and have a eye sickness”

The conductor nods and quickly goes over to the other passengers. ,, you need to be nice, Neinor we are on earth.” I snarls whispering and seen him my best evil glare Sebastian taught me.

But as usual it doesn't work at all on Neinor that just grunt and turns his eyes back.

We don’t talk in the hour it takes to get to my uncles house.

Sebastian send a demon out looking for him and they founded him in the house I lived in.

I remember the white picket fence and the large apple tree where the mother got apples to make her apple pie. It's like all the memories come back to me, and I can feel tightness in my chest and I have to hold back the tears while we go up to the door.

I make myself ready, for when he opens the door that I will see a man who has lost his sister and what he thought was his niece. Thoughts and fears that he will not acknowledge me twirl around inside of me, but I take a deep breath and ring the doorbell. A minute goes by and no one opens the door, I try again. Still no answer.

,, I do not think he's home. Let’s go home "Neinor says and begins to walk away. I banks frustrated at but is eventually forced to realize that he is right.

,, we are not going anywhere, we will wait”

I sighs but sits down beside me, and leans himself up the pillar that holds the porch and quickly falls asleep. Wow such a guardian. After an hour I fell asleep, leaning up at Neinor.

,, who the hell are you people sleeping on someone’s porch?” I hear a voice saying somewhere in front of me, I open my eyes and look right into a pair of blue eyes exactly like mine.


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