The Truth About Hell

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  • Published: 17 Jun 2016
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Did you know that the reason Lucifer got cast out of heaven? It wasn't because he didn't love humans, but because he loved one too much. The love of an angel is strong, and when it's channeled into one human, it can become too much.Lucifer knows that God won't be happy, but he can't help what he is feeling.


16. Chapter 15

Hi guys this one was super hard to make cause now all the facts have to come together and such. So it can happen it will be taken down and worked on later one cause it was a hard and confusing chapter even for me cause now all the facts And ideas I have gathered over the past 4 months have to come together.
And trust me that's really hard, but anyway I really hope you enjoy it and don't kill me if soemthing Dosent add up! I have done my best XD

I sit in Lucifer's bed waiting for him to finish with his bath so we can go to bed. 

After Zachriel said that I had been called Elizabeth did Neinor and Mengele freak out and got me quickly out of the room saying that he must be tired.

And that he is on painkillers and that’s why he's hallucinating, not seeing that I am not Elizabeth but Sara. But I know that can't be true, they are hiding something from me.

And when Neinor had talked with Lucifer did him and Sebastian everything to get my mind of it and not answering my questions if I asked about it.

He's an angel, yeah maybe he was hallucinating, but there is something that tells me he wasn’t.

That’s why I asked him to meet me in my dreams.

If Lucifer and Sebastian can do it, it must be an angel traits and he can do it too.

I must just find out how to tell Lucifer that I don’t need him in my dreams tonight.

He will find it suspicious if I just ask him to stay out and epically after this night, and I was so freaked out this morning. He will never allow it, but if I come up with something…

I hear the water stops and soon after Lucifer comes out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist and one in his hands he's drying his hair with it.

The fluffy curls lay around his face making him more beautiful than ever.

I can't believe that I haven't realized how handsome he is in all these years.

Or any of the guys, like Neinor has that raw beauty where Sebastian and Lucifer look like something you would find in a museum as a sculpture or painting.

They almost too perfect looking.

But hey they angels, it's not like god created them to be around humans like me.

And when they were supposed to be, does their beauty do the tricks, by telling our minds that something that perfect can't exist on earth.

He smiles at me while going over to the big closet to find some pants.

We mostly don’t spend very much time in here other than sleeping, so there are only two closets, a desk, a bookcase with books about the things he need to know of about earth right now.

And the big bed that fill most of the room.

The only thing that tells people that this would be his room is the paintings on the walls.

Mostly are ones I have made when I was little and when I was 14 and taught I wanted to be a painter. Others are of me with the other guys or him.

Even though his room maybe is kind of plain, is it one of my favorites because I have many memories from here. And this is like my room too, yeah I have my own.

But I don’t really spend much time in there, other than when I have to around 12.

This room or the guys are where I sleep.

I jump of the bed and take the towel he throw on the chair and start to carefully dry his wings.

He likes to make them dry themselves, but it's not very funny have wet feathers around you when you try to sleep. He stands still making me do it, and when I'm done I let my fingers run through them. I love his wings, they are a proof of who he is, and they are absolutely stunning.

I haven't really seen other wings, because Sebastian can put his wing away unlike Lucifer, but I'm sure he's doesn't have golden tips like Lucifer's.

His are purple like he's eyes.

When I was little I wished that I would have wings too, not to fly. But because I thought they were amazing. ,, are you done touching them or can we go to bed?”

I snap out of it and realize that we have stand like this quite some time now.

Grinning I move away from his wings and move towards the bed, not looking while he gets his pants on. ,, you know, I think it's about time I try to see if I can sleep without you interfering my dreams” I hinted looking up at the ceiling. he comes over beside me with a confused look and ask why.

,, this night I didn't have any nightmare, and I can't always depend on  you or the others. Someday I will have to look my fears in the eye, and I think I will do it in small steps. And I will start by you not comes to my recourse. No matter what you feel from me. Don’t interfere, I want to do this on my own”

I can see he wants to argue about it, and we do for a short time.

but he can see what I mean and in the end he gives in.

,, but if you need me in  anyway, just call my name and I will come” he promise me with a worried look, I nod smiling before I put my head on his chest. his heartbeat slows down when he starts to caress my neck and soon I hear his breathing getting deep and I realize he's asleep.

I send a pray down to Zachriel that he not only can let me hear his thoughts but also read mine.


When I open my eyes I am completely surrounded by light.

But not a blinding light, but a comforting one, like when I lay in Lucifer's arms. I feel safe here I think surprised looking around trying to see if there is anything. But it is just me, or it was just me.

Suddenly Zachriel is standing in front of me smiling.

,, I heard you call, Sara.”

,, you can talk?” I question surprised over he haven't said anything then and only used telepathic until now. ,, you are in my mind, Sara. In here nothing is impossible. Like I know why you here, you want to know what they hide from you. And why I and Dauði keep calling you by other names” he smiled tilting his head, I nod and explain I have this feeling for a long time.

It’s like they sometimes see another person when they look at me, and why are the angels after me. ,, my family was catholic, but my grandma believed in reincarnation. Is that what I am?” it would explain a lot of things, but not all.

,, and if I am, why is god so mad at me? And what have all this with Lucifer to do?” he look searching at me like to see if I can take it. But I'm tired of anyone protecting me, and I want to know the truth.

he sighs and look to the left with a pained expression.

,, it is not my place to tell you, my mission is to kill you Sara. But Lucifer and Sebastian aren’t the only angels that know you. I am one of the angels that have with memories to do, and every time you died I was the one gaining those memories. I know every detail of all your lives, your success and you fails, and you deaths.” he looks at me with a soft smile “I must admit after so many years I have grown to like you through those memories.” I gasp finally knowing the truth.

I can't believe it, it's wasn’t just something I thought it was, it's true.

They all knew, but never told me. Even Neinor must know this, all of them lied to me.

Why would they not want me to know?

,, it was to protect you Sara, god doesn't like that you keep showing up, that’s why he wants you killed. There is so much history you don’t know that are surrounding you, and I can't explain it all.

But trough you other selves memories, I can show it to you” he steps closer to me, and put two fingers against my forehead. And suddenly we are out of the light and now standing in a dessert.

I look surprised around, how did he do that? And suddenly something shiny catches my eyes.

I squeeze my eyes and realize its golden hair I see, I gasp horrified when I see it's Lucifer that must lay there. I begin to run towards him but suddenly Zachriel are by my side.

,, it's a memory, you can't do anything”

I stop up but can't help but feel worried if even though I know he will be okay.

Zachriel get my attention away from Lucifer with pointing at something far away, first I can't see what it is. But then the shape begins to take a form of a – camel?

On top of it with all the bags hanging from its sides is a human, but woman or man I can't see so far away and when it's completely hide behind clothes.

Even the face is hidden behind a thin layer of fabric so only the two blue eyes are seen.

And then I realize I know those eyes, they look back at me every morning when I brush my hair.

Those are my eyes.

So that’s mean this is... I don’t have a chance to think it through before the camel that’s sprinting towards us and Zachriel pull be away from its path.

,, oh no! Are you okay sir? Are you alive?” I hear a pleasant female voice croak. she jump of the camel’s back and run over to Lucifer that still lies there flat on his stomach, she pull him over to lay on his back, move away the fabric from her head and put her head towards his chest to hear after a heart beating. A smile crosses her face and she sighs relieved. ,, thank god you are alive” he mumbles pulling her head away from his chest, she reaches towards the dunk she had across her chest and open it, she looks worried when she weigh it in her hands.

,, Well you have to do with this” she push him up and let him rest against her while putting the dunk against his lips, I see water drip of his face before he suddenly take a hold of her arm startling her and start to drink.

he squeeze it empty and throw it away with a grunt.

,, I need more” he says with a hoarse voice.

,, I don’t have more “She starts to stand up still holding on to him,, but the is a well not too far away from here.” he tries to break free from her grip, but either she's stronger than she looks or else he's too weak to do anything when she almost throw in on the camel’s back.

,, I don’t need your help, put me down” he roars when the camel begin to walk, but she ignore him and just keep yelling “ yep yep” I just stand there dumbfounded looking after them.

,, who is she?” I spluttered with my head full of questions.

,, this is Sariel, the first of many.” he just imply before taking my hand, and suddenly we are beside a well.

Sariel stands beside the well trying pulling the rope to get the bucket up. Lucifer still lay over the camel's back looking rather angry. ,, how many times shall I tell you I do not need your help woman!” he growled, but looking rather pitying when he can't even get of it. she comes over with the bucket and put it in his hands.

,, sir, want you need is what you need is water, even you don’t know how long you laid there, and you don’t have a donkey or a camel. You must have walked around for ages out here” he drinks the water while listening to her. “It’s easy to get lost out here, that’s why you need a animal, they will always find you way home, or looking at the stars. But we are a day away from my town, and 2 days away from the nearest town, come with me. And I will let you be when I'm sure you are safe and not wandering alone out here” she requested with her blue eyes full of worry.
she looks a lot like me, raven black hair, blue eyes, a little nose and heart shaped face, but where I have white skin, she are brown because of the burning sun. ,, I don’t need anyone’s help. But I will allow you to take me to your town” he commented looking at her with an arrogant look. So that’s how he was when he meets her.

,, Lucifer didn't like humans when he met Sariel, in fact the reason he was on earth was to learn to love humans. Sariel was the one that made him realize that wasn’t only greedy, vengeful horrible. But also loving, intelligent, faithful, kind-hearted, generous, and many other things. He learned not to see only the bad, but also the good. “He acknowledges taking my hand once again, this time I stand on a small street full of people, I hear whiplash and a angry voice yelling, and suddenly Lucifer and Sariel comes running past me. I see Sariel jump in front of a old man that lay on the ground huddled trying to protect himself.

She yells at the man tossing the whip away, and kneels down beside the man. I see him pick it up again but Lucifer stops him before he gets the chance to hurt her again. Not only does the man look scared when Lucifer thunder, but the rest of the people standing around them.

I feel a hand on my arm and now we stand outside a small outside a small house,, - or at least that’s what I believe, if I don’t have faith in that, I will lose hope” Sariel mumbles resting her head on Lucifer's shoulder. Suddenly a satisfied smile comes across his face while he looks up at the sky, I look up and get a glimpse of the shooting star before it's gone,, that was Sebastian, the shooting star. He was the angel that was linked between Lucifer and heaven, the one that provided Lucifer with food and the one that would tell god how Lucifer was doing.”  I can't get my eyes away from Lucifer and Sariel, they look so happy. What was it that leads to Lucifer getting kicked out and I getting hunted my god? Suddenly we are under an apple three.

I look confused at it, how can an apple three survive out here?

,, Lucifer made it grow, Sariel loved apples and would take the 3 days trip sometimes to get to the other town that laid right down to water and some of the ships would have it with them. He told her that if she had faith in god, that god would make it grow. Sariel never questioned how because she was a true believer of god” I look up when a apple falls right beside me and realize that Sariel are up in the three collecting apples, she's humming a melody I sometimes hear Lucifer humming.

,, child, I need your help” I look towards the voice and gasp when I see who it is. Sebastian, he stands there in all his glory, shining from a light within, more beautiful than ever. His wings are folded behind him but still it's clear that Sariel sees them cause she slip on the branch and fall right down. She rubs her head with open mouth while looking at Sebastian. ,, by god’s name! You’re an angel!” she whisper in awe bowing her heat, Sebastian just smile softly helping her up on her feet. He tilt his head and look at her curiously. ,, child I need to speak with the man you live with, could you get him here?” he says with his silvering voice making her shiver, she nod enthusiastically and run of, Sebastian giggles while looking after her ,, so that’s the human, Lucifer is so fond of, she's much prettier up close” he sit himself under a three and I see Lucifer comes running with Sariel. After some nudging wings I hear Sebastian tell Lucifer that god think it's about time he comes home.

That he doesn't think Lucifer need to be on earth anymore, and that he's grown too close to Sariel.

,, at this time Lucifer had been with Sariel for over a year, and in this year he had learned what god wanted him to learn. But he still not wanted to come home” Lucifer storm of after telling Sebastian that he will not leave Sariel before she is ready to come to heaven with him.

Sebastian look sad and worried when he sees Lucifer storms of, he sighs deeply before standing up and brushing the dust off. I see him fold his wings out and feel the wind on my face when he rises towards the sky. First when he's out of sight I look towards Zachriel that have a dark look on his face. ,, this is where it begins right?” he nod slightly before saying with a dark voice. ,, every angel have been shown this moment as a warning, this was the first time Lucifer went against a order, he disobeyed father’s will. We are shown this so we know why god did what he did, and what will happen to us if we disobey. He will crush the thing that made us do it”

An example.

he made a example out of Lucifer, making sure that no angel ever tries to do it again.

but he still wants him back to heaven, showing that he crushed his spirit.

Zachriel look at me for my reaction,, he loves her, that’s why he wants to be with her, and I am a reincarnation of her, meaning that I'm the girl he used to love. And he now feel some kind of responsibility for me” a sudden sadness fill me when I realize it's not actually me he's interested in, but who I was.  ,, it's not that, I have seen all of your former lives, he falls in love with you all over when he meets you. He falls for the girl you are, not the girl you where.” he smirks and look at the apple tree. Usually you are a lot older than 6 year old when he finds you. So it's not love like that he feels for you Sara, you more like his little girl that is about to grow up. Even if he had those feelings for you am I not sure he would ever show them to you.” maybe he already did, that dream about me doing those things with him. Maybe that was his way trying to found out more about me?

no, Lucifer may love this Sariel girl and all the other me, but I'm pretty sure I would know if he liked me in that way. Wouldn’t I? And even if he did, what would I even do about it? Before my time with him a just vague memories now.

,, what are you going to show me next`” I ask wanting to know more, this explains a lot of things, but I want to know more. He takes my hand and we are back to the light, I look confused around.

why did he take me back here?

,, it's about time you wake up, but… I don’t think it is a good idea you remember any of this yet”

,, what why?” I whine scared, how will he even take my memories?

,, he won't, I will” I turn around and see another angel standing there smiling at me.

,, this is Purah, angel of forgetfulness, he's the one taking your memories away from the others  and give them to me. Don’t worry, he won't harm you. Just as me has he grown to like you after all those centuries” Zachriel says when I step back from the angel that moves closer.

,, how can you be here? we are in hell, or can angels travel through each other’s mind?”

,, no, me and Zachriel is what you humans may call twins? all angels are brothers and sisters, but we were created as one and then split into two, that’s why I can travel here through his mind. and that’s why I'm the angel put on your soul like Zachriel” he smiles moving close to me. I now stand pinned between Zachriel and this Purah.

but I'm not afraid, just like I knew I should be afraid of Zachriel but I wasn’t as much as I should be.

It was the same when saw Lucifer stand in my room covered in blood.

I was a child, I should have been terrified of him, thinking he was one of those bad guys.

But I wasn’t. Maybe it's because even though I don’t know them, does all the other me, they meet these two before getting reincarnated into another one. That’s must be it, I don’t know them, but my soul does just like what it must have with Lucifer and Sebastian.

like with Dauði, I really scared myself over I wasn’t afraid of him, he's death, like what else could be more terrifying, but I must have meet him many times before.

,, yeah, Dauði took your soul, and I took you memories and gave them to Zachriel, where Lucifer and Sebastian was the ones from when you were alive, was we the ones when you were dead before you would become alive again” Purah says like he also can read my minds in here.

But if he's linked to Zachriel and he can because we are in his mind, should it not surprise me.

I ask them why god just didn't kill my soul when I kept showing up at his angels, and they say it's not like he didn't try. but Lucifer's grace prevented him from doing it, and the only thing he could do was to remove my memories so I wouldn't search for Lucifer too Purah mumble that next time we can talk more about it but for now I need to wake up. he brush his white long hair away from his red eyes before putting a hand on each side of my face.

he comes so close that our noses almost touch. ,, I will take your memories, but Zachriel will get them to when you need them, okay? it doesn't hurt but you need to stay still, I usually only does it with humans that are already dead” he acknowledge squinting his eyes concentrating.

i suddenly begin to hear Lucifer's voice calling me, I try to ignore his call so I won't screw anything up and lose more of my memories than I should. but the calls keep getting louder until it makes my ears hurt, I try to move away from Purah scared over what happens but he keeps me still, I open my mouth to scream but instead of words a white smoke comes out, I see Purah open his mouth and swallow it with a satisfied smile.
,, it's time to wake up now Sara” he says letting go.

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