The Truth About Hell

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  • Published: 17 Jun 2016
  • Updated: 20 Apr 2017
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Did you know that the reason Lucifer got cast out of heaven? It wasn't because he didn't love humans, but because he loved one too much. The love of an angel is strong, and when it's channeled into one human, it can become too much.Lucifer knows that God won't be happy, but he can't help what he is feeling.


14. Chapter 13

,,I hate you” I declare looking at Neinor that stands in front of the cabinet, with a smirk.
,,It's one word, you can do it” he urge me to say it with a tilted head.
,,Do you even know how embarrassing this is?” I ask furious trying to get past him.
,,Come on Sara, one word and you will get what you want” he stops me and push me back.
,,I don’t even know why I can't just have it myself, it's not like it is dangerous.” I mumble.
,,Sara ask”
,,Fine! Can I get a tampon?”
,,That’s wasn’t so hard was it?” he grins turning around taking the little box out before closing.
,,Fuck you.” I reach out towards it with a stern look.  Why shall he always be so mean?
,,Do you know how to use it?” he says pulling the box out of reach.
,,Neinor!” I yell complete red in the head, this is embarrassing enough as it is. Not getting you period before you almost an adult, then have to ask Neinor to get one. And have him make fun of me is almost too much. I grab the box from his hands and run out to the toilet.
Next time I ask Sebastian, he would at least not make fun of me.
When I get out does Neinor not only stands there with a big grin, so does Lucifer.
,, you have finally become a woman!” he declare hugging me tight, oh death just come and kill me now I think red in the head. The rest of the day I try to avoid everyone, because clearly it is big news in the entire castle. And this is now where I wish it wasn’t only men around me I think hiding behind a sculpture when I see Sebastian down the halfway.
Even Zachriel knew it when I came to visits him, and Mengele began to talk about all the difference thing that now will happen to my body. If I could I would dig a hole and die there, but I am pretty sure I wouldn't go to heaven and would just end up here on the other side of the wall.
And even tough how much I like to get away from here, am I pretty sure it isn't much better on the other side. I quickly run away when Sebastian is gone, I hear someone yell my name and see it's one of the male demons, not ready to talk to anybody I run as fast as I can away from his, in a short while he follows me, but I'm much smaller than him and can get into places where he can't.
And when I find a hole in one of the walls from one of the times Lucifer where mad and pounced a wall I quickly crawl into it. Too small for him to even think I could come through he run right past me. I breathe out relived trying to catch my breath, it's only a small space I sit in, can barely move but I decide to stay here until some of the fire have gone out of the news and Lucifer decide to give up on that whole celebrating dinner he want to hold.
Later on does Neinor track me down, he finds me hidden in the library.
,, come one Sara, it isn't that bad. Does it hurt?” I shake my head not wanting to look at him.
,, well that’s good, my sister told me it's worse than get kicked in the stomach by a horse”
He declare massaging my shoulders, I don’t really say anything before I realize what he actually said. ,, your sister? Do you have a sister? Why didn't you tell me?” I ask confused and turn around looking at him with new eyes. I have known him since I was 10, and this is the first of what I heard of a sister. ,, I had a sister, she's death. I didn't tell you cause I can't see why I should have. She's was killed, you would never meet her anyway” he mumbles with a hard draw on his lips before standing up walking towards the door. Then it hits me, No matter what I can say, have Neinor always been there for me like a concerned big brother when it was needed. He knew how to tackle me when Sebastian or Lucifer had no clue. Of course he must have some experience with a little girl before.
I quickly stand up and follows him out into the halfway where he's walking away, I run up to him
,, what was her name? why was she killed? If you want to talk about it” I ask trying not to sound to interested that it could still be a hard topic. ,, Mari, that’s what she was called. She died because of a group of maniacs that were drunk. They took her while she was walking home, not only did they rape her. But they killed her and left her body naked on the streets. And they didn't even go to jail for it” he growls clutching his hands, I see his eyes turn black.
I put a hand on his arm, and there it hit me,, those men that did that. Is it the same men you killed?” somehow it must be the best explanation, Neinor is not plain evil enough to just have killed those men. He's an asshole but not a psychopath.  He doesn't say anything but I can see I was right.
He killed those people there where the reason for his sisters dead because no one did anything.
He took the law in his own hands, and paid the price.
Does Lucifer know that, that was the reason he killed those people, and that’s why he wasn’t scared to put me with him? Or did he just think Neinor was the perfect man to the job because he wouldn't be scared to kill anybody that want to hurt me?
Not sure what to do I stop him and lay my arms around him holding him tight, at first he doesn't react at all. But then I feel his arms lay around me holding me just as tight, I feel something wet on my shoulder but doesn't say anything or move because I know he would hate that I have seen any kind of woundable side of him. We just stand there right in the halfway in plain sight.
Completely forgetting that I am supposed to hide from the others.
Can't believe that I never taught of that, that’s why it maybe was so hard for him at first having to take care of me. I know that Lucifer forced him to, and I thought that was the reason.
But maybe the reason was that the memory of his sister still lingered close in his mind and then suddenly have to take care of another girl was too much. Of course he would never tell me the reason. But just that little thing that he told me he had a sister, makes me feel that I have come closer to him than I have been in the 7 years I known him. I always been close to him, but this is the first thing he ever told me about his past life. Even though I don’t know her, I feel a tear rolling down my chin because I know how much it hurts to lose someone you love. We still stand there holding around each other when Lucifer finds us. ,, what are you two up to?” he ask us looking at Neinors red eyes and my red eyes, I just smile rubbing my eyes while shaking my head.
None of us say anything the rest of the day to each other.
Me to scared to say anything, Neinor to embarrassed over have cried.

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