The Truth About Hell

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  • Published: 17 Jun 2016
  • Updated: 20 Apr 2017
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Did you know that the reason Lucifer got cast out of heaven? It wasn't because he didn't love humans, but because he loved one too much. The love of an angel is strong, and when it's channeled into one human, it can become too much.Lucifer knows that God won't be happy, but he can't help what he is feeling.


13. Chapter 12

I find myself in Lucifer's arms when I wake up,  I look up at him confused cause the last thing I remember is falling asleep in my own bed because Neinor and Sebastian was called into a meeting with Lucifer. And I wasn’t allowed in.

I must have had one of my nightmares and Lucifer came to get me, I get them when I fall asleep.

The reason why is because of what happened when I was little Sebastian tells me, I can't remember it anymore. I have erased it from my mind, but I do remember I saw them kill my parents.

That’s all, I know I saw it, but I have erased how they did it and how I got up till my room and hided under the bed. Lucifer says that I one day have to face the memories, that is why I keep getting those memories because even though I can't remember them when I am awake.

Can I remember them when I am asleep.

His grip around me tightens pulling me into his chest, I hear his heartbeat calm down shortly after pulling me closer and his breathing getting more relaxed.

Sometime I wonder if it's really me that need to sleep together or if it is actually him.

I feel another presence in the room and realize that, that’s the reason I woke up.

I try to look over Lucifer cause he holds me so tight with his wing folded around me, and sees Sebastian, before I can mutter his name I put a finger against his lips shaking his head softly.

I shut my mouth again and look at him wondering what he's doing here.

He comes over to my side and lean towards me,, don’t wake him, he needs the sleep with all that have happen. Will just tell you that you don’t need to worry about nothing. Neinor have been put on angel guard. And I will take care of the rest.  Rest today Sara, you need it as much at him” he whispers before kissing my forehead.

I nod yawing realizing I could use the sleep too.

Before he even close the door behind him am I fading away into dreamland.

When I open my eyes, I look right into Lucifer's.

He smiles warmly brushing some hair away from my eyes and mutters a good morning.

I yawn stretching making Lucifer move a little so I don’t hurt his wing, before I say good morning.

He kisses me on the forehead before getting up, I look from the bed on his naked chest, the muscles that work under the skin, he stands with a green shirt in his hands when he realizes my gaze.

,, pervert” he mumbles snickering and fold his wings around himself.

Somehow I blush even though it isn't the first time I see him half naked, he doesn't like to sleep with a shirt on, and have always laid like that beside me. So why am I now blushing?

While he changes I quickly stand up and rush over to my closet, somehow I'm not embarrassed that he should see me like that. And the guy used to take baths with me when I was younger until I was like 12 and Sebastian said I perhaps was too old and then it was Neinor that had to do it or one of the female demons. And when I was 13 I told them I can take care of that myself, though none of them believed me like they were afraid I would drown in the giant bathtub that’s more like an indoors swimming pool. So it ended with me being allowed to wash myself if Neinor or another one was in the room. I find some leather pants and one of Lucifer olds shirts I stole a couple of months ago and take it on. I take the scent of Lucifer in and feel myself relax a little over the familiar odor. Sunshine and sulfur.

When we are both done we head down to the dining hall and find no one there. In fact nothing is there expect a bowl of apples on the table and Lucifer's chair, all the rest of it is gone. ,, maybe they are dusting them or something?” he looks just as confused at me around before shrugging it off, he snatches some apples and sit down on his chair, he claps his laps urging me to join him.

I sit down taking the apple from his hand and just enjoy getting something down my stomach, after almost have slept the whole day. I lean back against his chest, I tell him what Sebastian told me and that we then can spend some time together since it has been so long since the last time it just was us.

He puts a arm around my waist and rest his head on my shoulder smiling,, it's true. What do you want to do today then?”  I think about the question a lot while munching on my apple before I get a idea. I stand up take Lucifer's hand and bold down to the library. ,, it's been so long since you last read for me, and I know it's kind of childish but I loved when you did it” I declare looking at the million of books that are in the room, there are so many.

There are books in another language, even in some that are dead and long gone. I find one in English and hand it to Lucifer, he raise a brown and Question,, you kidding right? The bible?” I giggle and hand him the real book I want him to read. He shrugs when he sees it's one of the books Sebastian have taken with him down to hell last time he was there.

The hunger games

I don’t know what it is about, but it had been a big deal up on earth and that’s why he took it with him to give it to me. Lucifer leads me over to one of the big old armchair beside the little table with the lamp. I cuddle up in his lap and close my eyes when he begins to read.

I don’t know how long we sit there but when I open my eyes again the sun is halfway down leaving the entire room bathed in an orange and red glow. I turn my head and look over Lucifer's shoulder out of the big window that is turned towards the garden.

I look up into Lucifer's golden eyes that shine of love and gentleness.

,, we have spend the entire day sleeping and reading” I chuckle nuzzling against his neck, he slides his fingers through my hair caressing my neck. He puts the book on the table and put his arms around me. ,, I'm sorry about all the things that have happened recently. I had no attention of harming you or make you unhappy. If you want me to leave you alone for a time it's okay, I will understand” he announce with a shaky voice, I squeeze his arm before kissing his hands as he have done many times with me. ,, I'm not unhappy Lucifer, and you’re have always been by my side, how in the world do you think I would even know how to live without you? Yeah things haven't gone very well lately. But it isn't the first time, we will pull through. We have always pulled through” I whisper smiling at him to assure him I mean it. ,, as long you are happy, I am happy”

We just sit there, me in Lucifer's well-known arms, and Lucifer caressing my hair like he used to when I was little. I can't say I never feel more safe or calm than when I lay in Lucifer's arms.

They are my home if I should say it blunt.

I don’t know how long we sit there, and I must have dozed off, cause when open my eyes are the a bottle of grace to Lucifer and a soup to me, on the table.

He hand me the soup while drinking the grace with another, it glow so much that I can see all his features clearly in the dim light. The high cheekbone, the marked jaw.

If I had to say it, is Lucifer the most beautiful man I have ever seen, not that I have seen many.

But I still think I would say that even if I had. He looks like something that should be framed and be on Louvre. The golden hair that glow in the light, the golden eyes that look like liquid gold.

In the bible they also say that Lucifer is the greatest of all God’s creation and the most stunning.

I can't say they got that wrong.

,, Sara, now when I think about it, how long is it since you have been looked at by Mengele?” he says tighten his grip, by Lucifer! I think trying to get out of his grip. He knows how much I hate it, so this was a trick! I see Mengele come into the room with a big smile.

,, why are you always making such a fuss about it. I'm not that scary am I?” he chuckle putting his bag down beside him. He takes up a weight and a measuring tape.

,, Sara if you behave I promise the next time will be when you are 18” Lucifer tells me and loosen his grip,, if you not gonna poke me with a needle this time, then it's fine” he assure me that he shall only see how much I grown since last time and urge me to stand on the weight.

I push Lucifer away, not wanting him to see how much I weight, even though they keep telling me I'm too small and need to gain some, is it still embarrassing.

55 kilo.

Well that’s not so bad I think relieved, last time I was 52 but that’s also some time ago since I was checked last time. ,, with the small build you have will I say that weight is fine, it won't hurt you to gain a little. But for some reason haven't you grown that much the places you should have about now” I give him a dead stare. I know I'm small build, don’t have the biggest breast, only a tiny cleavage that’s almost invisible. And almost no hip. Nobody would think I was a woman, but I still look like a teen. He takes my measurement and I smile happy when I realize I actually have grown a little since last time.

1,74  isn't much when you live with people that almost are 2 meters.

The Lucifer and Sebastian are like giants, but maybe it have something to do with them being angels. Cause Zachriel also look like someone around that height.

Neinor is the smallest of them with his 1,88, I know cause we checked him last time cause he couldn’t understand why he was so much smaller than Lucifer and Sebastian.

So we all took a tour with the measuring tape, Sebastian is the highest of us all with his amazingly 1,95.  Lucifer is only 1,93 but that’s much when you are so clumsy as him.

When I was little I always felt like a doll standing next to them.

I still do, but now I can at least reach up and touch their heads, when I was little almost could run between their legs while standing up.

Lucifer pat me on the head proud over I didn't bite or kick Mengele as I did last time.

,, I think you deserve a ice-cream”

,, I'm not a little girl anymore” I say and pout totally trashing my own argument.

,, so you don’t want a ice-cream?”

,, I didn't say that” I mumble smiling following him down to the kitchen. I stop right outside the door still remembering the horrible things that have happened every time I have been near it.

Even though Lucifer is with me do I still respect Oka as much as I did when I was a child.

That man could hit a fly with a knife if he wanted to.

I'm still surprised that Neinor still have his head from all the times he had stolen something from the kitchen and Oka threw something after him.

Lucifer comes out with a big bucket of banana ice-cream, I have always wondered how there could be ice-cream in hell. But I learned quickly after one time seeing something getting killed in the kitchen not to go in there to find out. I'm curious but I not have a suicide wish.

We eat the whole bucket just the two of us like we did when I was little and Mengele would poke me with a needle and I took it like a big girl as he used to say.

I love ice-cream, and have always done. And they know it and bribe me with it all the time when there is something I don’t want to and they need me to do it.


In the end did we not get to do much today, but I have still enjoyed none the less.

And when I feel asleep beside Lucifer is it like all the bad things that have happened never did.

I snuggle into him relaxed, with a full stomach.

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