The Truth About Hell

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  • Published: 17 Jun 2016
  • Updated: 20 Apr 2017
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Did you know that the reason Lucifer got cast out of heaven? It wasn't because he didn't love humans, but because he loved one too much. The love of an angel is strong, and when it's channeled into one human, it can become too much.Lucifer knows that God won't be happy, but he can't help what he is feeling.


12. chapter 11

I look at Neinor the new guy that Lucifer told me is my babysitter, he looks shortly at me before grunting and looking away, I tilt my head confused.

It's clearly that he didn't like me, so why does he keep following me around?

,, I'm hungry, Neinor. Can't you go down to Oka and get me some food?” I say tugging his shirt, trying to smile at him, he growl and move my hand looking at me with a irritated look.

,, why don’t go down there yourself? And don’t call me Neinor, that’s not my name” I snarls looking at me with his blue eyes with the black spot inside.

,, Lucifer told me your name is Neinor, and I'm not allowed down in the kitchen, Lucifer doesn't want me down there since last time.” I remember last time I accidently was there when they was about to kill something I don’t want to know what was, the screams and all the blood.

I shiver scared and look begging at him.

,, that’s the name Lucifer gave me, apparently is common that he gives all new ones a new name.

Like a new beginning from our past lives. My name is Sam Neria” I nod not wanting him to get mad at me. Somehow he's really scary. He looks at me and sigh the biggest sigh I have ever heard.

,, fine come on” he says while dragging me the way down to the kitchen.

I put my heels in the carpet and look scared at him,, I'm not allowed! Lucifer wouldn't like to know I have been there! And him Oka is scary, maybe he will eat me!” I whine trying to get out of his grip, he ignorers my attempt and keep dragging me down to the kitchen.

,, relax, I can't leave you can I? You will have to wait outside the door while I find you something to eat” he mumbles letting go of my arm before entering the kitchen, I stand there tripping not sure what I should do. If Lucifer or Sebastian sees me will I get in trouble, but I will also get in trouble if I try to run away from Neinor. And that face Neinor made when he caught me I think shivering deciding that I rather will get caught by Lucifer or Sebastian than get Neinor I mean Sam mad at me. he comes running out with his arms full of apples, I hear a bang and look terrified at the frying pan that was thrown after him with so much force that it now sit in the wall between the bricks.

I look terrified into the kitchen where Oka stands red in the face with a kitchen knife.

,, what are you doing?! Run!” I hear Neinor says and see him run down the hall.

I quickly run after him as fast as I can not wanting to die because Oka mistakenly stab me instead.

I catch up to him out in the garden where he sit under the apple three with a smirk looking at his stolen goods. ,, did you die by suicide or something? Everybody knows not to steal from him. once heard one talking about him frying the person that last did it” I say with a high pitched voice looking around to see if Oka stands somewhere near with a murderous look.

,, come on, you’re in hell, here are only burglars, murderers and other bad scum, I think he will survive” he says throwing an apple at me, I catch it before it hit me and look down at the red apple in my hand like it something really bad. I sit myself beside him and take a bite.

He smiles munching on his own.

,, Neinor and Sara it is you that Oka is searching for huh?” I look up and se Sebastian comes towards us, Neinor mumbles shit and try to hide the other apples.

Sebastian look at us with a glare before soften and reach his hand out.

,, give one, I'm hungry” Neinor give him one surprised and he sits down beside me.

We look both surprised at Sebastian, usually would he have scolded us, but here he sits eaten the apple Neinor stole. ,, what are you three doing? And why did I just see Oka come running through the hall with a big knife and a murderous look?” Lucifer says while coming towards us, Sebastian throw him a apple and he grins when he realize it was us.

When Oka comes out in the garden are we all sitting under the three eaten apples?

Sebastian sees him first and snatch the apples and hide them under his rope, looking innocent at Oka when he comes towards us. We all smile with our mouth full of apples like it was nothing.

He wouldn't dare say anything when Lucifer sits beside us looking just as innocent as the rest of us.

,, my king someone have stolen from the kitchen” he says bowing to Lucifer while looking at Neinor. ,, really? Well that’s not good, you better do something about it” Lucifer says biting of the apple smiling at Oka, he quickly bows telling he will do and hast away.

Lucifer smile at me like what he did wasn’t savage at all, sometimes I forget that every demon is dead scared of him. Even though he is so nice to me is he still king of hell.

We sit there eating the rest of the apples until Sebastian and Lucifer leaves because they have to get to a meeting. We just sit there enjoying the day, in the beautiful garden with all the different flowers, bushes and trees. Sebastian told me that Lucifer has taken either a flower or a three from every place and every time he has been on earth to make this amazing garden.

And that’s why there are flowers here I never heard of. Roses in all colors, bell flowers in all the different species, dahlias, Chocolate Cosmos, and the ugly corpse flower in the corner.

But my favorite is the one with the name the protea from Africa.

But there are so many flowers I don’t know the name of and that doesn't exist anymore on earth.

Sebastian has promised me to tell me more flower names because he know that I like to be in the garden. I look at the little pond with the water lilies.  

,, kid, we need to learn you not to be such a nice girl, you live in hell now. It's no use being too nice. But all in all I think we two can learn to tolerate each other” he says smiling at me ruffling my hair, I remove his hands and smile not sure what I should say to that.


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