The Truth About Hell

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  • Published: 17 Jun 2016
  • Updated: 20 Apr 2017
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Did you know that the reason Lucifer got cast out of heaven? It wasn't because he didn't love humans, but because he loved one too much. The love of an angel is strong, and when it's channeled into one human, it can become too much.Lucifer knows that God won't be happy, but he can't help what he is feeling.


11. Chapter 10

When I wake up Neinor is gone, everything in me want to just stay in bed forever and forget that dreadful day I had yesterday. But I know I can't just do that, I have to make sure the angel is okay, and then find Lucifer before he does anything stupid. I grab a pair of Neinors leather jeans and a dark green shirt, not in the mood to walk over to my room to grab anything before heading towards the medical room where the demons from the castle are when they get hurt.  They must have taken him there.
When I walk into the room the first thing I see is Mengele, he's the demon that runs the medical room, he was apparently a doctor up on earth and did some terrible stuff under the World War 2 and that’s why he's here. All the demons are scared of him, cause the rumors says that you can go in here with a cold and come out without a kidney. They say he still makes test, but now on demons, luckily for me is everybody terrified of Lucifer too so I have never tried anything like that when I have been here.
He sees me and smile happily while gesturing for me to come closer. ,, oh lady Sara what  pleasure to have you here. Have you heard the rumors of what I have in my custody?  It's marvelous isn't it?” he brags like he's only here for his pleasure, I smile and nod, not wanting him to get mad. I look towards the bed where the angel is sitting up and looking at me with a stern expression like he's blaming me for losing a wing.
But it is actually also my fault.
Carefully I move closer to the bed, not wanting him to get irritated over my presence and swipe out after me. ,, are you alright?” I croak even though he's not at all okay, losing a wing, staying in hell, Lucifer is after his head. That was probably the dumbest question I could ask but I don’t know what else I should say. I look at me like I'm a sheep that just started to talk, and I am probably not more worth for him than a sheep, if not less.
I have lost a wing, I'm hurt. I am in hell. Child how do you think I'm feeling? He says in my head while I hear a forced laughter after. The scar on his throat must have cut his vocal cords, and that’s why he talks to me like that. But Lucifer or Sebastian have never done that, there are so much I still don’t know about angels and them I think surprised, when you have lived with someone in over 11 years is it like a new person again when you find out something new about them.
,, I'm sorry, stupid question, it's just I never actually have seen an angel before you, I know that there have been a few in the castle. But Lucifer killed them before I even got the chance to realize there where” I mumble looking at my folded hands, he looks at me and the suddenly he begins to choke like he can't get air into his lungs, terrified I run over to the table and get a glass of water, I put it in his hands and he drinks it in one swig.
Angels don’t need human food or drinks, they live of grace apparently, they can go a long time without but in the end they are most powerful and pleased if they get it on a daily basis. I once asked Oka where Lucifer and Sebastian got their grace they eat from, and he told me they got it from the dead angels and if they were low, from each other. He begins to fall back, but his wing touches the floor, make him shiver of pain.
Without thinking of what I do I take a soft grip of his wing, and but it carefully on the little stool beside the bed so it will rest. When I realize what I have done I quickly move away from the bed and mumble a apologize, I feel his gaze on my head I have bow and don’t know if I should lift my head to look back.
You are a strange one Maritza I hear him chuckle in my head, I look confused up at him with a tilted head. Maritza? Do I resemble someone he has met?
,, I'm sorry, but my name isn't Maritza, its Sara. May I have your name?” I babble afraid I overstep my place.
My name is Zachriel, angel of memories, my apologies, it was a mistake, I forgot you name now is Sara.  He smiled at me, making my heart flutter a little, by Lucifer, this is indeed an angel in front of me I think feeling my cheeks turn pink and look away.
I look right into Lucifer’s face that are gloom, when he realize I look at him he turn in the door and vanish. I turn around and quickly bow for the angel before running towards the door to catch up to him.
But when I stand in the hall he's nowhere to be found. I decide to look down the hallway that lead to the garden and see his wings vanish right around the corner when I get there, I yell his name and he look over his shoulder before racing down the hallway to get away, his much bigger than me so I have some trouble following, but to my luck is he also very clumsy and a couple of times about to fall so he have to steady himself.
Suddenly I feel someone behind me.
,, long time no see Lucifer" I hear the most beautiful voice say behind me, the voice is captivating but scary cause you know whatever the voice says, you would have no choice but to follow.
I see Lucifer stop and turn around with a horrified face, the horror I see in his eyes almost makes me not want to look. But I must know the person with this voice, I simply have no choice. The first thing I see is eyes I can't explain, it was like looking at the world, animals, humans, forest, even planets. everything that is alive is showing in his eyes. The longer I look, I realize that it is the world I must see, but how? It keeps changing and just as it was there it's gone, and I look into blue eyes. But the clock that keeps ticking in them still makes me wonder who he is. I don't know how long I was captivated by this spectacular sight but I snap out of it when I feel a dark presence behind me. ,, what are you doing here Dauði?” Lucifer growls with the voice he use over for demons that disobey him and he have to act dangerous.
Who is this guy? And why is he afraid of him? I think curious but also a little scared cause it's the first time I see him being scared of someone.
,, I came to retrieve the souls from the dead angels, the grace have you already harvested. Shame, I like the taste of it” I says smiling, but the smile don’t reach his eyes.
He puts a finger under my chin and tilt my head up,, you one pretty little thing, but that have you always been” before I can act on it I feel Lucifer grab my arm and pull me back against his chest and lay his arms progressively around me while growling. ,, hands off. She's mine!” his arms tightened almost painfully around me when this Dauði laughs coldly. ,, who are you anyway” I croak almost choked by Lucifer that won't let me go no matter how much I try to break free.
,, you haven't realized who I am yet? And here I thought you were one of the smart ones” he replies with a smile, I can't help but feel angry over his lack of respect for my intelligence, but he's also right. The name doesn't get a bell to ring in my head, and that frustrates me. I pout grumpy over I can't seem to get it, when it hits me. He said he came to get the souls of the dead angels from yesterday! I point at him horrified but also amazed,, your death!” I declare with a smirk, he nods and ruffle up my hair making Lucifer almost hiss at him.
,, that’s one of my many names, I like to go under the Dauði when I'm talking to other beings than humans. It's Icelandic, but has a mysterious ring to it.  Don’t you think?” like he's the smartest man on earth for coming up with that. But still, it's death himself, it's quite surprising how I still can become amazed when I have met the king of hell and an angel. But I still feel honored over I meet him before my time is gone and he have to come and get me.
,, well, you have harvested the souls, so you can't have more to do here. Goodbye then” Lucifer hint and bow with me still in front of him so my nose almost hit my knee before almost carry me away from Dauði.
,, Lucifer my old friend, at the least you can do is invite me too tee. We can chat about the old days” I shout behind us, Lucifer sighs deeply and I can clearly see that that is the last thing he want to do.
But still he put up a fake smile and turn around say,, how rude of me. Let’s go to the dining hall it must be around the time for lunch if you would join” When we enter the dining hall is Sebastian almost about to choke on his drink when he sees Dauði. He looks questioningly on us but I don’t know what is going on and Lucifer is clearly not in the mood to spill the beans. Me and Neinor don’t say a thing under the dinner, and Lucifer answer him with a sour face while Sebastian tries to smooth it out with smiling and making jokes with Dauði. But we all clearly feel the intensity in the room, like everyone wait one someone makes a move and declare war or something.
And the proof is that I was placed between Sebastian and Lucifer, usually I would sit in one end with Neinor on my right and Sebastian on my left.
Neinor is just as clueless as me but even he is stiff in his movements like he also waits for something to happen.  ,, what about you? What’s you name this time?” he suddenly say focusing on me, I tilt my head confused. This time? What does he mean by that? Before I can answer Lucifer growls my name and force me to take a bite of the steak in front of me by almost choke me with the fork.  
Sebastian quickly shove the glass of juice into my hand before I start to coughs, I empty the glass not looking at any of the faces staring at me. Why do I feel like they all know something I don’t know, and they are willing to almost choke me so I don’t find out?
The rest of the dinner I just eat quietly trying not to put any attention on myself.
When I'm done I quickly say to them all that I will go down to Zachriel to give him some dinner, Lucifer does not look pleased but he doesn't look like he want me around Dauði either, so he just told me to take Neinor with me before leading Dauði into his office with Sebastian.
Neinor ask me to wait outside of the door until he have gotten some grace from Oka, I just stand there tripping not sure if I should just go in or what. But something tells me that I will get in really big trouble for that, and I am already done so many dumb things the last couple of days, so decide to suck it up and wait for Neinor.
It's strange, Zachriel called me Maritza, and death asked me what my names is this time.  Why too I have this strange feeling that there is something big they are hiding?
Since I was little I have suspected there was something they hide from me, why did Lucifer save me? Why do he something looks at me like he's looking at someone else? I never got the chance to find out because nobody dares to tell me, but maybe Zachriel would do it?
If he doesn't hate me too much, I believe that the secret is also the reason why the angels are after me, and I want to know, I am 17 years old. I can handle it.
When Neinor comes back I have decided that I will do whatever it takes to get the truth. Something that tells me, that I need to know. That it is important. Neinor holds a bottle of grace, from one of the deaths angel I suppose, he needs it to heal. When we walk in the first thing that happens is something comes our way and Neinor pulls me into him, I hear the crash and look behind me on the shattered bottle of what I only can imagine what is.
Get away from me you pest! How dare you touch me?!
I pull away from Neinors arms and run over to the bedside where Mengele is trying to hold a furious Zachriel down.,, what are you doing?” I ask confused and try to get Mengele of him, he laughs hysterically and sends me a insane grin that makes me take a step back afraid.
I look helpless at Neinor that sighs deeply before showing Mengele of Zachriel and hold him down on the floor with a food on the neck. ,, relax you maniac, Lucifer told everyone that the angel is under his protection until he know what he should do with him” he growls pressing against his  windpipe making him gasping for air, I tell him to stop and he moves his food letting Mengele get away. When Mengele have fled from the room, I reach him the bottle of grace, and he snatches it from my hand emptying it in one go. We just stand there looking at him not really knowing what we actually should do now that we are here.
,, I don’t really know what angel does for fun, but would you like some books so you have anything to do while you here?” I ask smiling, Zachriel look intensely at me before answering. 
I have never learned to read the human way, we don’t use the same way to write or read.  It has never been necessary for me to learn. I ask him if he would like me to read something for him then, he doesn't answer, but I decide to take that as a yes and go over to the shelve with all of Mengele's books and find a fairytale about Alice in wonderland. Maybe he would find it interesting? Or he will think we humans are insane for making this I think taken the book over to his bed. Neinor have found two chairs and now sit on the one between the other chair and the bed, like he's afraid Zachriel will try something. In the beginning he doesn't at all seem interested in the story, but along the way I realize that he actually have begin listening and ask questions if there is something he doesn't understand.
He only knows the world through the soul’s memories that have come to heaven, and just as me, he have a curious soul and wants to learn more. 
I use the rest of the day reading for him and answering the questions he may have.

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