The truth about hell

Did you know that the reason Lucifer got cast out of heaven, wasn't cause he didn't love humans. But because he loved one to much.


2. chapter 1

I look at her little face while she sleeps next to me with the bunny in one hand and a grasp of my feathers in the other. I can't help  but smile and touch her chin, she have been with me for fourteen days now.

It's finally like she's relax, and feel like this is her home.

The first week she woke up every night screaming after her dad and mom, she remembers the day I found her. I know she misses them even though she doesn't show it, my brave little soldier.

But after she began to sleep with me I can erase her nightmares and only let the good dreams come in. I smile over the dream she's dreaming, she's out skating with her dad. First she was scared of all the new, and at she couldn’t come out of the castle, but now she seems to have accepted it. She is together with me all day, today she played with some of my feathers on the floor while I did my paperwork.

There is something calming with her by my side singing softly with her light girl voice.  The demons things it weird that they have to hide they demons side so they look like humans, but she doesn't have to think more of where she is then she already those, she know where she is.

But somehow she's not scared of me even though her parents were catholic and probably told her a lot of bad thing about me.

But she told me she can't be afraid of me when I saved her from the bad men.

If only she knew that those bad men, were angels send from god to kill her.

She opens her eyes and look at me with a little smile still drowsy

 ,, shouldn’t you also be sleeping? Mom used to tell me even the devil has to sleep” I laugh softly and remove the brown curls from her eyes.

,, I don’t sleep. My mind has the scary capability of being dark and demented”

,, so you are scared of your dreams?”                    

,, yes, yes I am” I say softly, Sara put her hand on my chin and reaches up and kiss my forehead.

,, there, now all the bad dreams are gone, mummy used to do that to me, when I had a scary dream” she said and cuddle up to my chest, her breath gets heavy and soon she has fallen asleep. 

I can't help but smile and hold her close to me, still afraid if I close my eyes, even for a second that when I open them, she will be gone. Snatched right under my nose, and I don’t think I can handle that once again. She is such a brave child, and she has been that for day one.


She looks at me with tearful eyes while holding on to her bunny ,, where are we? what is this place?” she whimpers and move away from me, I look down at myself and realize I'm probably very scary when I'm covered in blood like this ,, it's okay sweetheart, it's okay now, you safe, they can't hurt you anymore, I promise” I go down In her height and speak softly while showing my hands, she look around and seem to relax a bit when she sees the calm environment.

,, who are you?” she ask with a trembling voice, but it doesn't seem as it is me she's afraid of.

,, Demon to some, angel to others. My name is Lucifer” her eyes get big and her little mouth open like an O. She moves closer and touches my forehead like she search for something, I realize what it is, and begin to laugh ,, I know in the bible I have horns, and some books I am red. But don’t worry no hidden horns under the hair or a tail” I say and gently remove her tiny hands.

She wrinkles her nose and sniffs the air “ you get accustomed to the smell” I say when I realize she probably can smell the sulfur over the smell of the flowers.  

I hear footsteps coming our way and look up to see Sebastian almost running over the grass plane.

His bright purple eyes look worried at me ,, Lucifer! There you are, we have been-“ he see her and stops in his tracks ,, -isn’t that?”I nod enthusiastically and put my finger over my mouth.

She looks stunned at him and move closer to me, Sebastian goes down to his knees and smile reassuring to her. Her tense shoulders begin to relax and she smiles a little smile back at him.

,, and what's your name sweetheart?” he ask softly with the silver voice that have lured many people to their death, and to their savior, but I know he could never hurt her. Sebastian is my oldest friend and he fell at my side when we were kicked out of heaven. ,, my name is Sara, Sara Blackmore” she tells us and takes Sebastian’s hand. He pull her up in his arms and put her on his hip and smile at me ,, well Sara, not only does Lucifer need a bath. You sure do too.” I look at her and see her white dress Is now covered in blood after at have clinched to me ,, so lets us get you in a bathtub while Lucifer also gets a bad shall we?” she nods and point at the bunny that I have in my hands, I quickly give it to her and just stand there with a big grin on my face when I see Sebastian walk away with her. I finally got her.


,, Lucifer we have so many wars going on, and now we have more resources cause you found- you know” he tilt his head the direction of where Sara sits with her bunny and some pencils drawing a house.  ,, We should get some more of the marching hordes up there and cause some chaos. And we have heard that him the trump guy is trying to get elected, we have just removed the demon that possessed him half a year ago. It appears some of the traits were left behind. Should we put him back into him or do you think he would do just fine on his own?”

I look at his file and am almost impressed.

,, oh no, this guy would do just fine without us. Yeah send some of the them to Korea, it's some time since we made problems down there” I put the files away and look smiling at Sara that just sits there with paint all over her face. She hums a song I'm not familiar with but none the less it somehow calms me. Abbadon looks shortly at me and seem to realize that he probably not gonna get anything else out of me and decide to leave. 

Sara realizes that I am looking at her and send me a big smile, I can feel my own mouth form a smile and can't remember the last time I have smiled at much as I have since she came to hell. I lean back in the chair and throw my feet up on the table, happy closes my eyes and just listening to her.

But soon I hear hasty footsteps coming down the hallway in the direction of my office. I take my feet’s down and prepare myself to yell at the demon that disturb me, but it's Sebastian that walk through the door with a worried look, he waves me over and closes the door. I quickly stand up and go after him into the hallway. ,, what's the matter? You look worried” I declare and look worried at him, he take me by the arm and pulls me down the hallway while whispering ,, there have been spotted angels by the vest gate. They are apparently trying to find a way in. Lucifer they are coming after her” I feel the rage fire up in my chest and clenches my hands. Even when I finally get her, he will not leave us alone. I find a horde of demons in the throne room waiting on my command.

When I approach they separate as the ocean did with Moses and I walk right up to my throne.  They all look horrified on the throne that’s made of the bones from the demons that disappointed me or confronted me. I spread my wings out so I'm not accidently gonna sit on them,, I hear the rumors of angels in hell. And I will not tolerate it. From now on they will be guards on every gate and every angel that is spotted will either get killed or given to me. Am I clear?” I demands, with a growl and look as much demons in the eye before they leave the room. ,, Sebastian I would like you to help Abbadon get some of the best demons on the gates closes to the castle manned.” He nod and remove his long black hair from his face, he takes the braid he have in the right side and twist it around the rest of the hair so it will not fall down his face again, before also leaving me.

I sigh frustrated and try to remove the upcoming migraine with my fingers.

,, What’s wrong Lucifer? Does your head hurt?” I look up and see Sara standing there with her bunny looking worried at me, I shake my head and opens my arms, she quickly runs up to me and crawl up on my lab. ,, there is nothing to worry about Bunny. There are just some problems outside the castle, that’s all”

I send her a reassuring smile and ruffles up in her curls.

She cuddles up to me and rests her head on my shoulder, I hear her steady heartbeat and it calms me down. She's with me, no one can reach her, this heart will keep beating many years from now. I stand up holding her in bridal style and walk out of the throne room. I go down the hallway to the kitchen, I look at some of the paintings while I go down the hallway and realizes how many paintings there already have been made in the short time she have been here. All the corridors are full of painting of me when I have been on earth or of Sara. And some few are the ones she has made.

But there are so many that the stone wall is barely seen under the paintings and other stuff there are hanging around on the walls. When I finally gets to the heavy wood door that leads into the kitchen have my stomach begun to growl.

I kick the door in and all the different smells hit me like a wall. Oregon, onions, pepper, paprika are just some of the smells. All the working demons stop up in their work and look confused at me. I never show up in the kitchen.

,, we are hungry, can you mix something together we can eat” I shout out into the kitchen not sure of who there is in charge. A big man with the name of Oka comes out behind a big pot,, your heard the king! Find them something to eat!” he's tail swipe angrily in the air before vanishing and he wipes his forehead nervously while walking over to me.

,, king Lucifer my name is Oka cook, I run the kitchen” he mutters and look interested at Sara

Sara have been the big gossip on the castle, they mysterious girl that’s finally been found after all these years, and are the reason they have to hide their demon traits. 

,, hello mister Oka, my name is Sara” she answer and put her little hand out to him, he take it nervously and shake it. She just smiles not seeing how nervous he is, about having me in the kitchen.  A little demon around the age of 12 comes running over with two bowls of soup.

,, this is the best soup in all of hell, it have it all, batwings, wolf heart-“ Sara looks horrified at him while he chants the thing up there is in it.  ,, he is joking with us bunny, it's cow” I assure her and takes the fork and try to get her to eat it,, no no sir, it is indeed batwings-“ I look at him with a intense stare ,, it's beef, nothing weird, try it” she looks  suspiciously at the fork but open her mouth anyway, she doesn't even taste it just swallow it. ,, Sara I assure  you, you only getting human food, I promise” I look serious at the cook to make him realize that I'm also talking to him.

,, I'm not that hungry, but you can eat the rat soup” she smiles and pushes the bowl away from her, I quickly take some mouthfuls before standing up. ,, okay sweetheart, it's past your bedtime, let’s get you in bed” she yawn loudly like she first there realize how tried she is. ,, shall you sleep with me again tonight” she nod drowsy and put her hands behind my back and holds some of my back feathers in her hands, We get to my bedroom, and I walk over to the big round bed, I remember Sara asking me why I needed such a big bed, and why it was round.

I had to explain that when you have wings and wings as big as mine you had to have space enough to lay there without feeling like you pulling a wing of cause you accidently slept on it.

The whole castle is build for one with wings, the doors are big, the floors are always clean so my wings don’t get dirty, all things my wings could get stuck in is out of wing high.

After the first 100 of years with broken feathers and dirty wings they learned it.

When you get a wingspan as big as human eagle there have to be room to move, both for my sake and for others. I lay her down and she quickly curl into a ball with the bunny clinch to her chest.

I slowly lay them beside her, carefully to not squish her with my wings and to not lay on them.

Laying on my stomach I fold my wings out so one of them Is covering Sara, that quickly take a grip and almost immediately falls asleep. A dream about forest shows up in her mind, I see her mom sitting under a three and Sara making flower crowns. Only good dreams tonight I think and yawn loudly, I snuggle up to Sara and close my eyes.


I look at her, she's sitting with a small kid on her knee, while bandaging his arm that’s was injured after almost have been run over by a horse. ,, Pagi you have to take better care of yourself, last week you had tried to steal some from the baker. Someday it will go wrong, right Lucifer?” she looks at me for support and I smile while nodding enthusiastically.

,, but Sariel, you always gives me food even when it means you don’t get any, I just tried to get some bread I could give you” he mumbles and gets tears in his eyes, she hugs him tightly and strokes his hair. I come over and give him some of the milk I had gotten from one of the rich guys after healing his sick wife. In the village they think I'm a saint that god have given healing fingers, if only Sariel knew what I was. ,, you should know by now Pagi, if you hadn’t gotten it, some other kid would have. She's trying not to get fat” I laugh, she punch my arms but soon joins me while shaking her head. The love that’s glowing from her eyes makes my heart flutter like it also had wings.

,, drink up, this isn’t goat milk, it's cow, so you better have to enjoy it” I smile and remove his milk moustache. Sariel and I isn’t the wealthiest in the town, but after I helped one of the kids that have gotten a broken leg. More and more comes to me for help. And I must say it's a delight to see how happy she is every time we get some food, so she can help more kids or elders that lives on the street. She grew up a street child herself after her father kicked her out when she was 7 years old. He couldn’t use a girl and her mother had just gotten a little boy that needed the food she was given. so even though she's not poor anymore, and live in a small house, she still  lives as she was, by giving everything away, after making sure that I have gotten what I need, and I put that food back again when she's not looking. Lausia comes running in the door with tearful eyes.

,, he's doing it again Sariel! Now it's old Heratio!” she quickly put Pagi down and we follow Lausia even though we clearly hear the angry voice that’s echoes through the small streets. 

,, how dare you lay on the side of the street with your unclean body! Why in god’s name do we have to see your infested body everyday” the butcher screams while letting the whip blows rain down on the old man who helplessly try to shield himself from the blows. Even before I have the chance to react Sariel jumps between the old man and the butcher, so the whip draw blood down her chin but she keep staying on her feed ,, how dare you kick a old man that’s already down! Have you no mercy in you ice cold heart?” she screams and pull the whip out of his hands and toss it away, she quickly turns to the old man with a sad look in her eyes while checking his injuries.

The butcher’s fat face turns red of rage and embarrassment.

,, how dare you a rat from the street talk to me like that!” he roars while taking up the whip, he lift his hand to let it rain down Sariel that’s stand with her back to him trying to help the old man standing up. I grab his arm and pull it back so he falls flat on his behind and thunder,, you are not one of god’s children! Letting you self-pity out on old people and a woman! You are one of the darkness children! May god, don’t find you worthy and cast you out into oblivion For all

eternity!”He looks horrified at me when he fell the power that’s glowing out of me. ,, you are the reason why it's hard to love humans, you are no more than you relative the apes if not less ”I walk over to Sariel take the old man under the arms and we walk him back to our cabin.

She gets his clothes of and multiple small cuts cover his body.

Sariel quickly get a bucket full of water to the bed and carefully wipes he's body with a old cloth while saying comforting thing, but I see the hatred and anger burning in her eyes.

She gives him some herbs to help his pain and make him sleep.                                

Sariel doesn't leave his side before his breathing becomes deep, I sit in the door and try to let the frustration over that man fade away, In the 100 years I have been on earth I have seen it all.

How cruel humans are to each other and especially to them there are least fortunate.

 Their downfall will be themselves, they have no respect for life or another.

,, don’t you worry Lucifer, god have seen it all, so one day it will hit him back, cause god doesn't respect cruelty, no matter if it's humans or animal it happens to. Or at least that’s what I believe, if I don’t have faith in that, I will lose all hope” she mumbles when she sits beside me and rest her head on my shoulder. I rest my head on top of hers and just listening to her heartbeat, I have heard music from all over the world, but her heartbeat, speaks to mine as no music have done.

Yes, father saw it, and if he didn’t, I will make sure that he hears of it I think and look up at the dark sky and see a shooting star passes by, and i know god will hear about it and smile a satisfied smile before taking her hand and kiss it. 


When I hear the scream, the worst scenarios runs through my mind like a dam broke inside my head, I toss the papers trough the room and run like hell around the castle trying to find the place the screams is coming from, I see multiple demons run toward the garden and I begin to run the same way. I push them all aside and some fall in my deadly hurry to get to Sara and in my hurry, I Sebastian standing there with some demons and looking up, I almost crash into him but trip over my wing and lost balance and non glamorous slides on my stomach over to them, I quickly stand up Ignoring the pain in my wing and look around after Sara,, were is she? I heard her screaming, is she okay?!”

Sebastian point up and I see Sara hanging from a branch like a slug with a horrified look on her face, She stares frightened at me with tears rolling down cheeks,, Lucifer get me down! Please help me down "she screams weeping and cling onto the tree as if it's the matter of life or death. I glances at Sebastian that just shrugs, as if he does not quite know what it actually takes place,, she would have hold of an apple, so I help her up, then when she's up she looks down and she, just start to scream that way, " he explaining and removes the hair that has crept into his eyes.

She looks like someone who believes that if she falls, she dies although there must only be a little over 2 meters down to the ground. And here I thought that the angels had come to the palace and got hold of her, I think, relieved over it is such a small thing that has scared her, which is easy to take care of. I look up at her and smile reassuring,, jump Sara, I promise to grab you "she shakes her head hysterically and send me a look as if I'm crazy in the coconut" I cannot get up and get you down, because I twisted my wing when I fell” I say with a sorrowful look on my face while lifting my wing half up and whining to show her how it hurts.

,, this is great, Sara is afraid of heights and you are the clumsiest angel I have ever meet..” groan Sebastian and shakes his head, I step on his foot and ignorer the shout out he makes and focus on Sara ,, come on, I promise I won’t let you fall” I spread my arms and give her a comforting look, she looks at me and gulp before she closes her eyes and let go, both me and Sebastian reach out but I'm the one who catch her, she slowly opens her eyes and look right into mine. ,, even though I'm the devil Sara, would I never lie to you” I confess with a soft look plastered all over my face, she throws her arm around my neck.

Sebastian look defeated at us but I have known him long enough to see the smile that hides in his eyes. I put Sara down and look at myself, my white shirt is covered in mud and my leather jeans are ripped on the knees.

I push my golden locks away from my eyes and sigh high ,, look at me, I look like someone from a bad boy band, and I'm not even the guy that gets the girls” I sigh and turn around to get back to work when I almost slip in the mud, I turn around with a big grin on my face looking at Sebastian that look like he's about to burst ,, don’t act like you aren’t  impressed” I laugh and walk away with Sara holding my hand ,, before I trip over something else what do you say we go take a bath and let poor Sebastian get a break from us?”


When we get out of the bath Sebastian is waiting for us sitting on my desk with crossed legs and a worried look on his face, i dry my hair while going over to him he points at my desk, first I don’t think much of the white feathers that’s laying on my desk, until I realize that there these not have golden tips and a covered in blood, I looks at him and he nods


I snatch the five feathers and put them in my back pocket just before Sara comes running over to us.

Sebastian takes the brush she hands to him and begin to fix her hair.

She stands still humming that song she always hum, ,, Sara stay here with Sebastian okay? I have a thing I need to do” she nods but looks curiously at me, I quickly find one of the officers and let him take me to the room with the angels. 3 dead angels lay in the middle of the room with their wings pulled off and put in a bunk on the table. As usual I feel the little sting of sadness seeing my brothers and sisters like that. But then I remember Sariel and all the others that was killed because of them and I push that aside. The floor is floating of blood and torn feathers and soak my boots when I walk over to the corpses, I try not to look at their faces to see if it someone I know but instead walk over to the demon that holds a scroll with gods sign.

I try not to look nervous when I open it up and see its god himself that have written it.


To my lost son.

I know that you got her with you, and I know you think it is the best, but think again son.

Hand her over and lets end this fight, come home.

I will give you 4 days before I send angels down to hell again, if you don’t respond or have handed her over I will see it as you will not take my offer again.

But trust me on this, I will not stop before I know she's dead.


I clench my hands and toss the scroll down in the blood. I feel my wings spreading and shivering over the treat I just received.

I don’t care, if I have to fight them the rest of her life, I will not let them get to her. This time they would have to kill me before they get the chance to even touch Sara. ,, take the wings and hang it up to the others” I bark and leave the room,  trying not to kick out after the demons that comes my way.

2-3 of them got a kick so they screamed but it was their own fault when they decided to get so close to me.

I find Sebastian and Sara out in the garden, Sara sits in his lap and play casually with his hair while listening to him reading her a book.

Sebastian looks shortly up when I come thunderous over to them put keep reading so Sara doesn't realize my mood change.  

I spread my wings and dump down next to them, leaning my head against the apple three Sara shortly before was stuck in.

I don’t recognize the book but just sit there listening to Sebastian calming voice.

Sebastian know me so well that he know he shall let me be alone until I calms down or decide to talk about it. But he has also known me since god created him 500 years after he created me. He was not like any of the other angels I had meet before, always making commotion somewhere, I liked him for that and took him under my wings as my first commander even though he was young. But soon he was the angel that stopped me from doing stupid things, or saying the wrongs things, Gabriel said that it was like god created him for me.

And if angels had moms, is that what I would call him.

He was right by my side, defending me in heaven after Sariels dead.

And that was the reason he got dumped out of heaven with me.

But I must admit, I would never have survived with my sanity that much intact if he hadn’t been at my side. He's not only the highest commander in hell, he's my dearest friend. But he also knows the times he has to drag it out of me.

,, how many?” he ask when Sara stands up to pick flowers.

,, 3” I mumble and watch her with my eyes.

,, anybody we knew?”

,, I didn’t look” I answer and he looks at me with understanding in his eyes.

The worst is when we have to kill somebody we know, especially when they have been under my command. The smell of sulfur mixed with the sweet smell of angel flesh when it is burned fills the air. Sara looks up and sniffs but doesn't think much of it and keep going with the flower crown she's making. Both me and Sebastian feel our stomach turn when we smell it. Sara comes running over to us, and put a crown on each of our heads. ,, now you both really look like angels” she says laughing and dump herself between my legs. I brush my fingers over the dahlias and smile for myself. ,, you know, Sara in heaven everybody is mostly naked. Angel doesn’t produce so we didn’t think much of the other gender like that. So we are still not quite the angels” Sebastian looks at me like where did that come from. Angels doesn't wear clothes expect when they are around people in heaven. It's make the humans more comfortable I remember.

Here it's quite the opposite with humans, does who doesn't get eaten can only look forward to hundreds of demon ripping their soul apart all the time.

,, did you guys used to be naked before I came? Cause its fine with me, I used to be in the men’s locker room when dad took me swimming” she says smiling and looks at me.

,, in hell we have clothes on” Sebastian answer with a smile.

In hell there isn’t really a dress code, but mostly is it dark colors we wear, and not bright colors.

But that’s probably because of where we are.

Oka cook comes running over the plane with a face that’s says he not like doing it.

,, your highness, all that meat, it's such a waste. No one has ever tasted it before and… maybe when they actually comes to us I can… you know?” he stutters and remove the sweat from his forehead.

,, do you say I could go into cannibalism? That’s not gonna happen, even I aren’t that evil!” I say disgusted over he even says it. Sebastian was right, when I made them, they would be some really, really freaking lunatic between them. Sometimes I really hate demons. And I was the one that created them.

,, what is cannibalism?” Sara asks curiously and looks at Oka that gets a horrified look on his face.

,, it's a food that’s taste degusting. If anybody ask you if you want some say no” Sebastian say and look intense at her, she nods heavenly with a determined face

 ,, I promise!”   


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