Strictly Business

"Her purity covers the devil's act of sins".

Colette, fragile, pure, innocent. She did anything she could to keep her mother alive. She finds a higher paying job; becoming the new assistant for her boss of the company, Styles Inc. Her boss only wanted to keep his company alive, nothing more or less. When the two opposite worlds collide, sudden destruction and danger occur in their lives.

Cover by @qveendom


12. twelve

*Colette's POV*

I fix my curls once more and look at myself in the mirror. I wore a red button up with a shorter, tighter black pencil skirt. It rose right in the middle of my thigh. I knew I was showing too much skin but if I was really going to catch his attention, I guess this was the only way. I slip on stilettos and stride down to my car.

Once I arrived, I felt people staring. The attention was strange but intriguing. After receiving greetings from different people I've never spoken to before, I reach the floor and say hello to Stacy. She smiles back and looks at me. She noticed my change too. Right before I open the door, I considered unbuttoning my first button. I shook my head and decided that was too much. I enter his office and find him sitting on his chair.

I bite my lip and walk closer with confidence. I wanted to be completely serious but my body ached with this act. I stand in front of his desk, "hello, Mr. Styles".

His eyes shifted quickly to mine. They slowly grazed down my body, noticing the change. His deep green eyes went back up to mine and stood up.

"Different wardrobe, I see. You look nice, Colette".

I smile, "thank you. I suppose you couldn't find a bigger color scheme".

He was wearing black on black. It looked pretty good but he didn't have different colors. I didn't care but I felt like reading him. He flashes his famous smile and reveals his dimples, "I don't need different colors. I need success with my business".

He had to always connect everything with business. I roll my eyes and smirk, "stop being dull, Harry. Lighten up a bit". He grows a bit tense and his smile fades. I lost the moment. Suddenly my phone rings, it was the hospital my mom was in. "Hello?"

"Colette Stone?"

"This is her."

"Your mother, Lola Stone, is currently having heart failure. We would like you to come down to see her just in case anything happens".

I immediately hang up and let my worried tears fall. I storm out in my uncomfortable outfit. This couldn't be happening. She was doing fine. Please, please mom. Hang in there.

Harry called for me several times but I ignored him. I didn't care about him right now. Even if it meant losing my job, I needed to see her before she died. I speed through the streets and probably got myself a ticket on the way. I park on the emergency side and wipe my tears. The weights on my chest suffocated my lungs, causing difficulty for air to pass through. I run up to the front desk without breath.

"Lola Stone, visiting".

The lady gives me a sticker with her room number. I run passed her through another set of doors and storm down the corridor of rooms. Finally, I reach her room and see her lying, still. Steady. She was okay. I take a big sigh of relief and see the doctor writing things down on a clip board. I lock eyes with her pale face. She looked overly exhausted.

"Hello, Colette. She settled down, thank heavens. But while you were in your way, irregular heart failure came in but luckily our staff was able to take care of her. She will be okay. But her coma may have been extended for damage recovery".

I nod and thank him. I sob at the sight of my mother who once had so much life and power. Now she was sick and stuck. She didn't deserve any of this. I hold her hand and let the tears continue to stream down my face.

"Mom, I know this is hard for but you gotta hang in there okay? I miss you so much and I'm still working off the bills. I love you so much.."

My voice fades into sobs. I couldn't contain the fear I had of losing her. I didn't care whoever heard me but I felt drained. This made me want to rip off my uncomfortable outfit and wear pajamas just to sleep with my mother. I realize that I haven't checked my phone. Several missed calls. From Harry. I ignored them and stayed longer with Mom. I needed her more than him. I knew I couldn't stay but Harry was nearly going nuts.

I kiss her forehead and look at her once more. I try to wipe all my years but they didn't stop. I walk out with a headache. My head was pounding and my body was screaming for breath for this stupid outfit. I take my time back to the office with memories flashing before my eyes. I couldn't forget about the times my mother would take me out for dinners and watch movies with me. Her sweet voice ringed in my head.

Before entering the building, I fix my makeup and take a deep breath. I head up to the floor and slowly approach his door. I let myself in and spy a darker shade of green eyes. I knew he was angry but I didn't know he would be furious. I look down and prepare myself for his loud voice.

"Where did you go, Colette?" He wasn't loud, but the hint of anger was shown. I gulp hard before speaking.

"I'm sorry, it's just that- my mom.. Sh-she was failing and her heart.."

I felt weak. My tears were falling off my face again but I didn't look up. I take in as much air as possible before continuing, "they thought she wouldn't make it so-"

"I understand now. Take the rest of the day off". His tone became gentle yet emotionless.

I look up to meet his soft, green eyes. They looked sympathetic. I wipe my tears and walk up to him, "thank you, Harry". Before I turned to the door, he grabs my wrist quickly, "wait". He walks toward his desk and takes out a white envelope with my name on the front. I look at him curiously then realize, my first paycheck from him.

I couldn't take it anymore, I took him in for a hug. I needed someone right now. Just to hold onto me. I wasn't okay. I surrounded my arms around his neck but didn't feel his anywhere around my body. A couple seconds later, his arms slither around my waist lightly. I cry harder as I realized how lonely I was. I was all on my own for this but right now Harry was the only person to see me unstable. The scent of his cologne was so strong. I felt intoxicated by the empowering smell it caused.

I detach myself and wipe my tears. I felt ashamed. I was so desperate to do something with him and there it is. Just a simple hug.

"I'm sorry". I mutter.

His fingers push my chin up to meet my eyes with his. They were relaxed, warm. Our faces nearly inches away, I wanted to kiss him already. I was craving his pink, soft looking lips. I wanted to avoid eye contact but I was hypnotized. His eyes shined from the light outside. He takes his hand away and walks toward his desk. The moment was gone, again.

I felt frozen but I needed to move. I walk slowly out of his office and out onto the streets. I was hurt and alone. I needed him badly but he didn't realize it. I was so vulnerable to him, it made me nervous. I would lose myself in the moment of it all. I was falling under his spell yet his rules and stupid boundaries were the only thing keeping us from doing anything.

I wandered down the street until I decided to call Louis. Maybe he'd make me feel better.

"Hey there!"

"Hey Louis, are you busy right now?"

"Not at all, why? Wanna chat?"

"Yes please. Meet me at the nearest bar by the building".

I wait inside the bar and see a casual Louis. His outfit just showed it was his day off. His tight, black jeans made his legs look amazing and his baggy tshirt complimented the rest of him. I stand up to hug him then sit back down to take a sip of my drink.

"How've you been? You seem, different" he greeted. Isn't he just lovely with words.

"It's been rough so far. I can't understand him, Lou. One minute he's nice then another he's all cold and serious again. I feel a sudden rush every time I'm around him but I know I can't do anything about it. I'm only around for my mother." I began choking on words as tears prickled in my eyes. I couldn't contain myself anymore. I needed to release all my frustrations.

"It's been awhile since I talked to her but when I saw her and had the hospital call me, I thought I would lose her. All my hard work seems to fail me no matter how hard I try and then Harry. The way he makes me feel. The way he looks at me. I can't explain it but it's like he's-"

"Distant." Louis's eyes were locked with mine. I couldn't look at him the whole time but once I finished speaking, I realized he's been paying attention the whole time. I was so used to Harry never listening but with Louis I felt better. Relieved. For once I didn't have to ask for someone's attention. I finish my glass then request for another.

"Thank you. For this", I tell him.

He flashes a cheeky smile back then takes a sip, "anytime. You seemed to be stuck under all the work and I knew how Harry is like."

We continued to talk and drink until the sun was going down. I didn't remember how many drinks I had but I knew I had a little too much. Louis pays for my drinks and tries to make me stand up.

"Cmon, Colette. You're drunk". Somehow he seemed sane even though he drank as much as me. I stumbled onto my feet and point to the door.

"M-my car is at t-the building parking lot," I slurred. Louis sits me back down.

"Don't go anywhere, okay?" I'm going to run and get it for you." He runs out the door and leaves me to myself. Suddenly my phone rings. The caller i.d. was hard to read but I picked up anyways.


"Colette, where are you?"

"Why do you care? Where's your Victoria? Don't you care about your company more than me? She's what's important so don't pretend you care".

*Harry's POV*

I sat at my desk, thinking about Colette. For some reason I couldn't get her off my mind. I wanted to make sure she was okay. Maybe sending her home was a bad idea. But her state proved she couldn't work today. She wasn't capable. It was beginning to become late and I wasn't getting anywhere with my data.

I need Colette for her information. It would be a good excuse to call her. I fix my hair and dial her number.

"H-hello?" Her once sweet voice sounded intoxicated.

"Colette, where are you?" I stood up with no patience for the answer. I was worried about her.

"Why do you care? Where's your Victoria? Don't you care about your company more than me? She's what's important so don't pretend you care".

Her words were stung. She suddenly was cold and displayed all her pain. I felt guilt for letting her go. This was my fault. I could've just watched her her but I was so stupid for trusting her.

"Don't go anywhere. I'm going to go get you".

"Why? Louis is getting my car at the lot." She reveals. I look out the glass wall and spy him running half way down the block. This fucking idiot left her alone. I storm out and run out of the building. Speed through most streets, hunting her down. I gripped the wheel harshly while gazing everywhere. My rough breaths was making it difficult to stay calm. This was my fault.

*Colette's POV*

The thought of Victoria and Harry angered me. I stumble out the bar and lean against a wall. Tears fell softly against my cheek. I wipe them and try to make myself recover. Why did he affect me so much. I hated the idea of falling for him but wouldn't mind when he was nice and gentle. I was hurt from his careless actions. All he wanted was success for the company. Why is he so cold?

I snapped back into reality when a man appears, "are you okay there? Do you need a lift?" I shake my head until I felt his presence was strange. He walks closer to me and grabs my arm. "Cmon, I won't hurt you". His grip tightened and suddenly I knew this was wrong. He grabs my arse roughly and pulls me close to his body. He smelled like strong alcohol. I try to push him off and spit at him. He slaps me hard across the face and begins pulling me away from the bar. I scream and cry for help.

"Let her go!"

We both freeze and turn to see a furious Harry. His eyes were fire and his fists were ready to knock him out. He runs up and lands one punch straight to his face, causing him to stumble back and let me go. Harry grabs me and shoves me away from him then pounces back to the guy. He continues punching his face. It was scary seeing Harry so dark. I yell for him to stop but it never helped. Finally after looking at the unconscious man, Harry stands up and leads me to his car. He buckles me up and then begins to drive.

His hands were visible with blood and the grip against the wheels made his knuckles white. I was scared to even talk.

"T-thank you.." Was all I managed to say. I was exhausted. All the crying made my eyes feel heavy. Harry sat silent while driving to unfamiliar streets. I wasn't sure where we were going but I was too tired to even bother asking. I felt my eyes grow heavier until I let them shut.

*Harry's POV*

I park in the front lot of my house and unbuckle Colette's seat belt. I look at her delicate, soft face. She was finally at peace. I carry her bridal style inside. "Mr. Styles! Who's this?" My maid asked. "No one. Just park the car back in the garage please." She nods then runs out. I walk up the stairs and open the door to a spare room. I place her down lightly and remove her heels. Her outfit today was too much. She was trying so hard to grasp my attention but she already had it the moment I saw he walk through my office doors.

I walk into my room and grab a regular, black t-shirt. I walk back into her, lying still on her back. For some reason, I wasn't upset. I felt guilty for believing she was okay. She struck a chord in my heart. She made me want to care for her. I wanted to fix her. Colette was someone different. I couldn't tell why but the way she worked and spoke. I place a hand on her cheek and look at her restful face.

"I'm sorry, Colette. This is my fault".

I begin to unbutton her shirt and unzip her skirt. I removed her clothes and revealed her flawless curves. I let my mouth slightly fell in awe. She was beautiful. My eyes roamed her smooth skin. I shake myself back to consciousness and slip my shirt on her. I tuck the blankets over her. She begins to shuffle into a different position and groans. I chuckle lightly at her struggle but finally she calmed down. I walk towards to the door but before I left her alone in the room, I look once more at Colette.

I wish I can fix you, Ms. Stone.


A little shift in character! Tell me what you guys think so far! (:

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