Strictly Business

"Her purity covers the devil's act of sins".

Colette, fragile, pure, innocent. She did anything she could to keep her mother alive. She finds a higher paying job; becoming the new assistant for her boss of the company, Styles Inc. Her boss only wanted to keep his company alive, nothing more or less. When the two opposite worlds collide, sudden destruction and danger occur in their lives.

Cover by @qveendom


3. three

*Colette's POV*


I check myself one more time in the mirror. I wore a dress that had the base of navy blue but was covered with kissing flamingos that made hearts. It had short sleeves and completely covered my chest and back. I decided on white, laced flats and left my hair down in light curls. I breathe heavily and drive to the building.

I was nervous. My palms were filled with sweat as I held the papers in my hands. I filled out different type of applications I just found online since I wasn't given one. I felt so scared. What if he didn't like me? Who was the boss anyways? I park in front where we had the truck and walk inside the same building. I head into the elevator and hit the 25 button.

It took awhile until I reach the floor. The floor was similar to the first floor. It had black walls with white tiles. A grey, huge desk was all the way across the elevator doors. Four single seated sofas were centered of the room and a glass coffee table was in the middle of all the sofas. Black carpet was under all the seats and table. I walk around the center and walk to the desk. Behind it on the wall read Styles Inc. again on all grey letters.

"I'm here for my appointment with Mr.Styles".

I had the receptionist the card and types on the computer for something. "I will call you up when he's ready. My name is Stacy, would you like anything else?" She spoke.

She had blonde, short hair that had very light waves. Her hair only reached her right on top of her shoulders. Her blue eyes highlighted against her very light skin and her smile was very slight. She didn't smile with teeth but seemed nice. She looked very mature and professional.

"No thank you, I'm okay".

I take a seat and waited. My one leg shook anxiously while I shuffled through my papers again. I kept rethinking all the questions I prepared myself to answer. I attempted to take deep breathes to relax but my heart continued the race. Finally, Stacy walked in front of the desk and called me. She orders me to follow her. I realized she wore a knee length pencil skirt with a matching blazer that hid her white button up shirt.

I looked at myself then back up at her in front of me. I was too nervous. She walks all the way to a very tall door and signals me that he's ready for me. I thank her, causing her to dismiss herself. I take one last deep breath before I opened the door.

I only peek my head in at first and glimpse around the room. It was large and spacious. It had glass walls, displaying a view of the city down below. I spotted his desk, an empty chair and two sofa single seats in front of his desk. I gulped hard when I saw him.

He stood tall and lean. His back faced me, only revealing his somewhat long hair and hands held behind him. His brown shoes shined against the light outside and his shadowed castes down on the dark grey carpet. Light bounced off the same shiny brown wood walls that faced the opposite direction of the glass walls.

I walk in slowly and shut the door behind me. Silence filled the room. I heard my heart beating out of my chest and caused me to gulp hard.

"M-Mr.Styles?" I stuttered.

Damn, I couldn't stutter. I need to be confident and strong. I stood right behind the door, having my back inches off of it. I felt his energy all the way across the room. Intense. Scary.

"Sit down, Ms. Stone".

His voice booms all around the room. I walk up to a seat and place myself down slowly. I move my hair behind my hair as I began shuffling through papers. His head slightly turned toward me, but it didn't reveal any features. He turns his head back and begins to talk,

"Have you had experience before with business work, Ms. Stone?"

I bit my lip, I didn't know what to tell him. Do I lie? I mean I went to my mom's job before once in awhile when she was a real estate agent but she didn't really show me what she did. I hesitate to answer,

"Not quite but I'm sure I can adapt easily to the work here".

He sighs. I felt like I was already failing. His tall body caused me to believe i was too little for this job, mentally. I look down at my lap but then back at him. The silence ached in my skin. I needed to just get this over with. His presence felt haunting.

"Do you understand how big my company is? I cannot allow a delinquent to ruin my business".

I grew angry at his comment. I was not a delinquent at all. I knew how to take care of myself. I held my tongue for saying anything offensive and get in trouble. I continued to breathe and sit politely.

"I can assure you that I have no history of criminal-like actions and manage a job. So I'm capable of doing other things, Mr. Styles".

His head turned again toward me. I saw from the corner of his eye, it narrowed. He looked deep in thought but I knew now all he wanted was a stupid game. He was only trying to make me feel incompetent.

"Why did decide to accept the job offer?"

I froze. The thought of my mother fell in the back of my head. I couldn't tell him that. But maybe he would pity me and give me the job. As much as I didn't want to tell him, it was my only hope.

"My m-mother. She's very ill. My current job only pays so much. I needed another job to give something more to afford all the things my mother needs to keep her a-alive".

His head turns around and finally reveals his cheek. His jaw look structured from the side and his eyes relaxed. He walks towards his chair but continues to face the glass window. I wonder what was making him look out the window. Did he not like eye contact? Suddenly, he turns his body completely to me. My body shivered and goosebumps rose.

He looked gorgeous. His jawline was structured enough to cut skin. His eyes had a deep emerald glare. He looked at me, softly. I felt him clawing on my skin. I felt my heart get caught in my throat. His suit hugged his body, especially his biceps. It popped out abit from the suit as he rested one arm on top of his chair. He looks at me then my body. I feel him noticing my chest racing hard. I bite my lip and avoid eye contact.

I couldn't look at him, he was causing my chest to ache. This was more difficult than I expected. This was Mr.Styles. My expected new boss, if I get the job. Now I know I couldn't get it. I look down at my feet and realize how under dressed I felt.

"You look fine, Ms. Stone. Your taste may not match the attire here but it will change."

It's like he felt me judging myself. How the hell did he figure it out? I stutter at breaths as I tried to speak up, "I-I did a few a-applications I-if you needed any".

I finally managed to speak. I hold the papers out in front of the desk. He eyes the papers and reaches for them all. He glances through all of them and places it on his desk. He rubs of his chin with his fingers. His eyebrows furrowed due to reading the papers intently. He seemed to soak every every detail from each sheet. I cross my legs to keep it from shaking and to seem confident but I was too anxious. I bite my lip and look down. He sits on his chair and pulls himself close to his desk. I slowly look up at him and catch him already staring at me.

"What is currently your job, Ms. Stone?"

"I work at a bakery".

Oh thank god I didn't stutter. This was too much to handle. It's like he sucked the control over my own body, by just looking at me.

"I will have Louis call you tomorrow about your job. You are dismissed".

I stand up and nod my head. I bite my lip and walk slowly out of his office. I take a heavy sigh of relief and leave the building as quick as I could. I wasn't sure if I wanted this job anymore. Mr. Styles made me unsteady and weak. Did you he do this to all the girls? Was he this powerful? I continue to leave while lost in thought.

*Harry's POV*

I look out the glass and watch her down below. She goes inside her car and heads straight into traffic. I walk back and sit down. I shuffle through the papers she had given me. Colette Stone. Her name reminded me of harps playing and angels falling from above as saviors.

She was so nervous, it kept me entertained. Her innocence echoed from all the signals she gave. Her avoidance of eye contact made me doubt whether she was right to be my assistant. I narrow my eyes as I continued I read through all her papers. She had a mother work for real estate before her illness.

I continue to analyze her applications. Each contained something unique about her. She was something different to have around. She seemed delicate, fragile. She didn't seem like the rest of the people I had here at work. I decide to call Louis about my decision.

"Louis, tell her this.."


Do you think she got the job? What do you think of the story so far?

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