Strictly Business

"Her purity covers the devil's act of sins".

Colette, fragile, pure, innocent. She did anything she could to keep her mother alive. She finds a higher paying job; becoming the new assistant for her boss of the company, Styles Inc. Her boss only wanted to keep his company alive, nothing more or less. When the two opposite worlds collide, sudden destruction and danger occur in their lives.

Cover by @qveendom


6. six

*Colette's POV*

So far my work for Mr. Styles didn't cut it. On my first day, after he asked for copies he wanted me to graph something and find information on this company. I didn't think he would ask for big things on the first day but I had to do it. I gave him my results at the end of my day and just didn't like it. He said he wanted better but I didn't know what he meant by better. I felt like he had untraceable standards.

I walk into his office, fresh with new paperwork for his order. I give it to him, only being given disappointment, again. "This is not enough! How many times do I have to ask you for this?!" His voice boomed all around the office, causing me to shake and wince at his tone. His eyes narrowed at me while his hand was in a fist on the desk. I looked down and shrugged. I couldn't handle this. His unbearable presence and random attitudes. I thought my preparation was already good. Guess not.

Suddenly the door slams open to a woman with fairly tan skin and chocolate brown hair. Her face was small but her lips stuck out with a dark shade of burgundy. Her hazel eyes shined across the room and her body was perfect. The black laced dress hugged her curves perfectly while it had a low cut on the chest, that revealed cleavage. Her collarbones stuck out obviously and her straight hair reached passed her breasts. She looked like she was made by the gods.

"Ms. Banks" he called her. She had a smirk on her face, standing there just waiting. I look at Mr. Styles to see him also smirking. She walks up to him and meets her lips with his. I look away as soon as the action happened, causing me to stand there. Awkwardly. What happened to no intimacy in the company? Guess it was only for me. Did he think I liked him or something? Because obviously I don't. I wouldn't stay here if the money payment wasn't so high.

Finally, they unlock. Ms. Banks looks at me, with disgust, "who's this? A new one?" Her tone revealed annoyance. I already didn't like her. Ms. Styles shakes his head but makes her look at him, "this is Colette. She's my new assistant". He called me by my first name. Was that the improper way of introducing me or something? I was so confused. I have no idea what my boss is like and it's driving me insane.

She rolls her eyes then gives her attention to him again, "dinner tonight?" Her voice cooed. He smiles, "yes, my love. 9 o'clock". They kiss once more before Ms. Banks leaves. I wait until the door shuts behind us and wait for his response. "You know," I began, "you didn't have to make up the rules and boundaries if you've told me you had a girlfriend".

His eyes meet mine. His body froze, "she's not my girlfriend".

I give a questionable look. Then what were they? "Mr. Styles I don't understand" I admit. I mean didn't I have a right to know? My boss just comes over her kissing some random girl and here I am with this rule where I can't do that. "She's a part of a business partnership. I need her to keep my company at its peek right now. The only way to do that was to keep her satisfied". Oh gross, so he's just using her. Okay well I got the truth. Now what? It's not like I had not wanted the chance with him.

I step outside of his office to just relieve the build up stress. I was expected so much with only so much time. I go down to the first floor to find Ms. Banks by the fountain. She stood by another man, kissing him. So if they aren't in a relationship, this doesn't count as cheating, right? I hover around them, trying to eavesdrop but not get caught.

"I need him for fame and money. I know he likes me but doesn't know I just want some publicity. My company needs it and a little extra money doesn't hurt".

Of course. I signed up for the business life and here I am. Figuring out the big company owners are using each other. How wonderful. I sigh and just go back up to the floor and ask Stacy for help. The copier broke and I didn't know anyone else so I decided to stick with just talking to her. While we waited for maintenance, I tried to get to know her a little more.

"How long have you been working here?" I ask.

"Hm, quite awhile actually. Can't remember exactly when I started but it's been a long time".

I smile and get back into silence. She taps her fingers against the copier, breaking the silence. Her eyes seemed to wander, being observant. I tried to understand her but she was just as mysterious as Mr. Styles. What was up with this company? Was everyone f*cked up and strange?


A really weird atmosphere for Colette, am I right? Tell me what you guys think! Like and comment (:

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