Krystal's anthology

This book of poems is a collection of poems that I have written in my English class over the term. Some are made up poems about random things and some are about real things and people.


10. Poem of address


You're sitting there waiting for the next long hard trip,

Back and forth,

Back and forth.

You get cleaned up and fill of drinking fuel,

Thank you for taking me on all my adventures,

                              Fiji, Rarotonga, Queenstown, Auckland and back again.                          

                                                                       Flying over lush green hills,                                                                      

And clear blue water,

Your cabin filled with excited people ready to go.

You finally land & get to rest,

Back and forth,

Back and forth.

Till your last trip,

When it's your final time,
your wings get heavy and then you land……  



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