"Please let me go!.." 'Sorry Babygirl. I cannot do that. Now hold still.." He said with a sinister smile.


2. Suspicions


  ~Chapter two: Suspicions.~

   I knocked on Kylee's front door and waited for an answer. I heard footsteps coming toward the door then saw the knob turn. ​The door opened slowly and I saw a head pop out from behind the door. 'Claire. Hey!' She said with her usual everyday smile. 'Come in. My family is out tonight.' She said. I stepped inside and looked around and saw there was a mess in the living room. 'Hey uh, why is there a mess in the living room?' I asked. 'Oh! uh..' She said with a nervous look on her face. 'Kylee, are you ok?' I asked. 'Y-Yeah. I'm totally fine.' She said as she started cleaning up the living room. 'Kylee, are your parents fighting again?' I asked. She stopped cleaning and looked at me for a moment.  'Let's just go upstairs.' She said with a sigh. I nodded my head and walked toward the stairs. I know Kylee is having so much family problems, but she doesn't want to talk to someone about it. As she walked ahead of me I noticed a big bruise on the back of her right leg.  'Is she getting abused?' I thought to myself. As we walked to her room she closed the door and locked it. 'Hey how come you locked the door when you said no one was home?' I asked. She turned to me and said 'Well it's just incase my brother comes home. I don't want him bothering us.' She said as she grabbed the remote to her tv. 'Oh, ok.' I said.

   A couple hours later I started to head home. I checked my phone for any text messages or any unseen notifications. I was walking down the road toward my house. I was very paranoid walking alone down the sidewalk alone. I was very close to my house since I know my house was across the street from the park I always use to play at. I made it to the park and then hears a strange noise coming from behind me. I stopped and turned around. I saw nothing but darkness. I continued to walk up to my house when I noticed a strange figure standing under a light post. I hurry inside and lock the door. I hurry upstairs to my room and close the door. I then text Kylee letting her know I got home safe and to remind her to lock her doors and windows.  I put my phone on my desk and changed into my pajamas. I heard my phone bing after I put my hair in a messy bun. I walked over to my desk and checked the notification. 'Hello.' The text message said. 'Who is this?' I texted back. 'What's up?' He texted back. 'Just got home. Hbu?' I asked. I sat on my bed and turned my head toward the window. I noticed a window in what looked like a boys bedroom and it had the lights on. My phone went off again and I checked it. 'What's your name?' He asked. I started typing into the phone. 'My name is Claire. What's your name?' I asked. 'Justin.' He says. 'Nice name. (:' I say as I added a smiley face trying to be nice. 'Want to hang out tomorrow?' He asked. 'Sure.' I said. We texted for about an hour until I finally fell asleep.    





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