"Please let me go!.." 'Sorry Babygirl. I cannot do that. Now hold still.." He said with a sinister smile.


4. Next Step

  ​   After the movie he got up and walked to the bathroom. I sighed and rubbed my head. 'What was he thinking?' I thought to myself. I took the movie disc out the DVR and put it back in the case. I kneeled down and placed the movie back in it's proper spot. I had a feeling someone was watching me so I quickly turned my head and saw Justin standing there with his pants in his pocket. 'What are you doing?' I asked with an attitude. 'Thinking. And why don't you loose the attitude?' He asked with an attitude.  'Ugh you sound like my mom.' I said rolling my eyes. He walked toward me and got in my face. 'Listen Princess. I don't appreciate the attitude. So why don't you cut the shit.' He said with a sinister tone. I stared at him for a moment and didn't say anything. 'Fuck you.' I said. He then grabbed me by the wrist. 'Hey!' I shouted. He pushed me onto the floor and pinned me. He held my arms above my head and sat on top of me. 'Are you going to stop the attitude?' I asked. 'Ugh! Get off me!' I yelled. 'Do you know what I do to girls who disrespect me?' He asked. I froze. 'He does this to other girls?!' I thought to myself. 'You want to know what I do?' He asked. 'What?' I asked in a nervous tone. He takes his hand and slips it up my shirt gripping my bare boob. I jumped a bit since his hand was cold. 'L-Let go..' I said. 'Bad girls should be punished.' He smirked. He rubbed my boob with his hand and kept his grip on my hands with his other hand. I moaned as he continued to rub it. He ripped off my shirt and my bra. He licked my nipple and he took his hand and slipped it into my pants. 'J-Justin..' I said. 'Shh..Let it happen.' He said kissed my neck. He rubbed my pussy fast as he continued to lick my boob.

       We were in my bedroom now. I closed my window as Justin got ready for the next step. He then pulled me backwards and kissed my neck. He put me on the bed and unbuttoned my shorts. He slid them off and along with the underwear. I got nervous thinking he would judge me or something. I stared at the ceiling as he continued. As soon as the underwear was slid off he then put his mouth onto it and started sucking. I moaned so loud the neighbors probably heard. He then slid off his pants and I was on my knees. He took off his boxers as I touched his dick and felt anxiety kick in. I have never felt a dick before. I fought throught he anxiety and licked the sides of it. 'So thick..' I thought to myself. I started giving him a blowjob. He started moaning and pressing my head faster. I stopped and then layed on my back. and spread my legs. He took out a condom and slipped it on his dick. 'Ready Babygirl? You about to be punished.' He said with a grin. He then bashed his dick into me. 'Ah!' I yelled. He started thrusting as I felt his 9in dick inside me resizing my pussy.

        A hour of sex later I cuddled beside him under the covers. 'You aren't so bad Babygirl. You aren't so bad.'



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