"Please let me go!.." 'Sorry Babygirl. I cannot do that. Now hold still.." He said with a sinister smile.


1. New Neighbor

​I heard the footsteps coming down the stairs. There he stood once again

"Please just let me go!.."

                                           "I cannot do that, Babygirl. Now hold still." He said with a sinister smile.                                                                                                                           ~Chapter one: New Neighbor.~        I walked down the sidewalk on this hot summer day. I took my hair out of a pony tail.  My long hair fell touching my lower back. I had a white crop top on from Forever 21. I also had on jeans and sneakers. As I was walking toward my house I saw my mom pull up into our drive way. She stepped out the car and turned to me. 'Hey Claire.' She said with her everyday smile. I smiled back. 'Hey mom.' I said. I ran up to my porch and walked inside. I closed the door behind me and walked toward the kitchen table. 'So Claire, got any plans tonight?' My mom asked as she made a sandwich. 'Yea, I'm going over Kylee's house tonight.' I said sitting at the table. I took out my phone and notice a text from Kylee and opened it. 'Oh. That's cool. " She said. I nodded and continued to text Kylee. 'Promise me you won't go to a club again.' She said looking at me lifting an eyebrow. I looked at her and sighed. 'Okay. I promise.' I said. 'Good girl.' She said passing the sandwich on a plate then kissing my forehead. 'You're only 17 remember that.' She said pointing her finger at me. 'Yes yes. I know.' I chuckled as I bit into sandwich. I then hear multiple footsteps coming downstairs. 'Fuck.' I mumbled. 'Andrew stop!' My younger sister, Ellie, yelled. 'Make me!' My younger brother, Andrew yelled. 'Guys knock it off!' I yell as they proceed to run around like children. Mom came into the room with a sigh. 'Ellie, Andrew, STOP!' She shouted. This was an everyday hearing my demontic siblings argue and my mother trying to stop them. My dad would always stop their fights but he left my mom for some college chick.  After they divorced I stop speaking to him. My mom was stuck with two jobs and tries her best to take care of us as a single parent.           I stepped outside into the warm air. I then noticed a moving truck park outside the house next door to us. I sat on the steps and watched who was coming out of the cars parking in front of the house. The truck pulled up behind the cars and two men came out the truck going to the back and opening the large door. I watched as a couple stepped out the car and a boy who looked about my age walking around the car toward the front of the house. He looked very attractive. His hair was covering his eyes a little and he then made eye contact with me. He gave me a seductive smirk and walked inside his new house. I felt my heart race. 'Okay then.' I said heading into my house.              That night I got ready to go hang out with Kylee. I had on black shorts on and a pink crop top with my hair half up half down. I grabbed my sneakers and headed downstairs with my phone gripped in my hand. 'Bye mom. I'm leaving!' I yelled as I left the house. I made a left which was where the new people had moved into. I heard a screen door close. I looked back and saw a figure a little bit taller than me standing there. 'Hey.' the figure said. I stood there scared of who it was. 'hi?' I said. The figure walked closer and I made out who it was. It was that boy I saw early today. 'whatcha up to at this time at night?' He asked. 'I'm going to my friend's. Why are stalking me?' I asked. 'Satlking?' He laughed. 'I just wanted to say hi. That's all.' He said. I looked him over. 'Ok. I'm going now. Bye.' I said as I was about to walk away. 'Wait.' He said stopping me. 'Can I come?' He asked. 'Why?' I asked. 'Bored.' I looked at him and thought. 'Sorry, but I don't know you and neither does my friend.' I said shrugging my shoulders. 'How about tomorrow we hang out?' He insisted. I thought about it. 'Alright.' I said. We exchanged phone numbers and I walked away.         














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