"Please let me go!.." 'Sorry Babygirl. I cannot do that. Now hold still.." He said with a sinister smile.


3. Awkardness


  I awoke to my alarm clock going off at 8:30 am. I got up and stretched my arms and scratched ​my head along with a long yawn. I walked to the bathroom and closed the door. I turned the lock and started undressing myself. I turned the shower nozzle to make the water warm. I waited a couple seconds for it to be warm enough and when it was I hopped in. I grabbed the shampoo and started washing my hair. I added conditioner when the shampoo was out. After having the conditioner sit in my hair for a bit I rinsed it out and turned off the water. I started humming Sorry from Justin Bieber while drying myself off. I put on my black cropped sweatshirt that said queen on it. I left my hair down and grabbed my black high wasted shorts. I heard my mom arguing with my siblings to stop bothering her about staying home from seeing Auntie and Uncle today. 'Stop it! Your sister is staying home cause she's older and she has to watch over the house!' She yelled. I chuckled as I continued to hear my siblings complain. I walked downstairs to tell them to shut the fuck up. 'Guys shut the fuck up and leave mom alone.' I said as I grabbed a water bottle from the fridge. 'Shut it Claire.' My brother said. 'Stop it you two. Now start putting your bags in the car. Claire are you sure you'll be okay?' She asked. 'Yes, Mom. I'll be fine. I'll call you if anything happens.' I said as I twisted the cap on the water bottle. 'Okay baby.' She kissed my forehead. 'Bye.' She said as she closed the door. I walked up the stairs to my bedroom and as I did I heard my phone go off. I remembered it was on my bed charging. I grabbed my phone and got a text from Justin. 'Hey girl.' It read. I typed back replying: 'Hey Boy.' I felt it was weird saying that since no one says 'Hey Boy.' Like they do with 'Hey Girl.' I turned on my tv and switched to Sponge Bob. I got another text from Justin saying 'You busy today?' I grabbed my phone and before typing back I thought making sure I had no plans with Kylee or anything. 'Nope. I am free.' I pressed sent and then typing again asking why. 'So we can hang out silly xD' I sighed and remembered last night saying we should hang. 'Well how about you come over in an hour and we watch a movie or something.' I type into my phone then pressing send. 'Sounds great. ;)' He replies.

   About an hour later I hear a knock at my front door. I walk downstairs and walking up to the door and reaching for the door knob. I turned it and opened the door seeing Justin. 'Hey.' I said with a slight smile. 'Hey what's up?' He said as he played with his hair. 'Come in.' I said awkwardly.  

   W​hen he walked inside I closed the door and getting swift in the face with his cologne. He walked over to the living room and sat on the couch. 'So, what movie you have planned?' He said as he threw off his shoes. I gave him a look that gave him the message to not act like a pig and throw his shoes wherever he felt like it. 'We should watch a romance movie.' I said. 'Why romance?' He asked lifting an eyebrow. 'I like romance movies.' I said shrugging my shoulders. 'Oh ok.' He said as he checked his phone. I grabbed a random movie and slid it into the DVR.

      About 30 minutes into the movie it felt awkward. Justin didn't seem like he was enjoying the movie. I sigh and try to continue watching the movie. As I try to I watch the movie Justin comes next to me and sits beside me. I didn't say a word to him. I felt pretty weirded out by this. I then feel a hand tough my thigh giving me goosebumps on my leg. 'what's wrong babygirl?' He asked. 'Babygirl?' I repeat. 'Yeah. What's wrong with that name?' He asked as he moved toward my neck. 'H-Hey!' What are you doing?!' I yelled. 'Hey calm down..' He said. 'No your touching me,calling me babygirl, and trying to do something to my neck!' I yell. 'Alright. I'm sorry.' He says. The rest of the movie was silence.




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