Internet camp

Emily wants to be a youtuber. When she meets her mentors she freaks and fangirls mentally. Will one or all of her mentors fall for her or leave her hanging like all the other people that like her.


2. Chapter two

 Emily's p.o.v



We finally got here, Internet Camp.


*end of recap*


  Wow. Internet camp is really neat. I walked up to the stand and said " Emily Dixon." The preppy lady gave me a slip of paper and said "Cabin C6." I just nodded because I was way to excited to talk also super exhausted. I hauled all my suitcases one by one to the front door of the cabin. The cabin door swung open before I could even touch the knob.


"Hello my name is Patricia, you must be ...." Patricia said way to fast to understand.


"Emily" I said slowly.


"Ooookkkkk" Patricia said slowly mimicking me." You get bottom bunk" she said before she walked outside.


" ok " I said silently.


I unpacked quickly because we had a assembly to go to.


*skip all of the unpacking and 1 hour of nothing*


"Hello my name is David I'm the director of this camp. This year in Internet camp we don't only have youtubers as your mentors but this year we also have celebrities. Some of you will be lucky enough to be mentored by a boyband. Let's start off with the celebritiesfirst shall we. First up is Demi Lovato, twenty one pilots, Calvin Harris, Nick jonas...."


I almost fell asleep when this assembly started but he still went on and on with celebrities.


"One direction, Becky G, Austin Mahone, 5sos , Alessia Cara, and The chainsmokers."David said.


When he said one direction and 5sos all of the people attending this camp screamed bloody murder. I on the other hand was holding my ears praying that I would be able to her tomorrow. I mean I  am big fan of one direction and 5sos but I don't like to make a big scene out of it.


"Now for the lovely youtubers. Liza koshy, lele pons, Karina Garcia, martiza, pewdiepie, Joey graceffa, our journey, Ihas cup quake, The Gabbie show, Alisha Marie, Eva, and Tyler Oakley" David said.


Omg it's a miracle he stopped talking. Like literally one hundred or more (not really) Famous people stood in front of us.WOW.LIKE WOW.


"You all be called up to the stand where Lilian is individually and she will hand you a slip of paper with your mentors on it." David said


A/N : Hello I hope you like this chapter I will try to update everyday .

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