Internet camp

Emily wants to be a youtuber. When she meets her mentors she freaks and fangirls mentally. Will one or all of her mentors fall for her or leave her hanging like all the other people that like her.


24. Chapter twenty-four


"Hey thank you so much for walking bruce," I said hugging her.

*end of recap*

I woke up and changed. Oh shot. Today was the contest video thing winner . I'm gonna be late .

*skip all thelse running to the assembly *

I sat down breathless.

"Ok so 1sr place is Bailey Philips,  2nd Emily Dixon, 3rd Patricia Molina, " David yelled.

Everyone clapped and cheered. I blushed.

*skip one month ahead*

A week was left before we all had to leave. I literally I'm dead inside I don't wanna leave. David said we can roam all around town for rest of the week. Me,Lele,and Patricia are going shopping and getting starbucks. Once we left the mall we headed twords starbucks ,I got all of my mentors something.  I got Louis a whole soccer athlete set, I got zayn more mirrors and hair gel, I got harry beanies and sunglasses,  I got niall SUPRAS , I got liam nerd glasses, beanies, and more snapbacks, and finally I got lele a new laptop and makeup.

We went into starbucks andate there for awhile.

***skip hours and hours of gurl talk***

I opened the door to my cabin , the boys sat there talking and laughing.

"Uh boys I got you some presents," I yelled bracing my self and prayed not to get tackled.

They literally lined up. I gave each of them their presents. They said their thank yous and hugged me. I'm gonna miss their childish behavior.

***skip one week ahead**

Today was the day before I have to leave it was determined to have fun. Since six flags was close we decided to go there.

Once we were there we split up making sure we had partners and set off to our journey. We agreed on meeting back at the car by sundown.

*skip 5 hours of fun and almost puking*

"That was awsome," sang Louis.

We all laughed.

A/N:Hello srry that all of this has to come to an end but hey there's always a sequel and a new story right,right,right no ok. I hope you liked this chapter and srry I didn't publish yesterday. 😀🤓😓

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