Internet camp

Emily wants to be a youtuber. When she meets her mentors she freaks and fangirls mentally. Will one or all of her mentors fall for her or leave her hanging like all the other people that like her.


20. Chapter twenty

* recap *

Once again I was left alone well not entirely I have Bruce ,right?

* end of recap *

I decided on watching Arrow. Half way through the episode I started dosing off.

* skip countless hours of sleep and realization*

"Emily, hey we need to do today's lesson, " Someone said.

I groaned.

I heard Bruce barking. I shoot up banging my head with Harry's head.

"Owwwww," harry yelped.

" What was Bruce barking at," asked holding my head.

"He was probably barking at a squirrel or something," he answered.

"Mmmkay let's start," I said getting up.

*skip lesson *

"Movie night," zayn asked.

"Sure," I answered.

We ended up watching 'Scary Movie 3' and eating alot of popcorn.

" Guys I'm a go to sleep, " I said.

I walked down the hallway and blacked out.

*skip to morning*

" Ughh my head," I said holding my head.

"Ohhhh well hello to you," Louis said crouching down to were I was.

"What happened, " I asked.

" well,by the looks of it you passed out before you could get to your bedroom," Louis said.

"No dur now help me up," I said grabbing his hand.

A/N: Hello srry that I didn't publish yesterday I was kinda  busy, anyhow I hope you liked this chapter. One more thing have you ever watched Arrow if so what episode are you on and what season. BTW I freaking love that show I can't wait till season 4.😘😊🤓
                                           - hipster4337

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