Internet camp

Emily wants to be a youtuber. When she meets her mentors she freaks and fangirls mentally. Will one or all of her mentors fall for her or leave her hanging like all the other people that like her.


14. Chapter fourteen

* recap *

I was way to sleepy to wake up him up so I layed down beside him and went into deep sleep.

* end of recap *

I woke up to someone tightly gripping my waist.  I turned over to face liam in deep sleep.  He looked so adorable. I managed to get out of his grip and went to the bathroom to change and to brush my teeth.  I changed into a blouse and high waisted shorts.  When I walked back into my and Patricia's room liam was still in deep sleep.  I had an idea so I told lele to come in my room but before she came into my room to get a few things .

" Ok here you are, " lele said.

Lele put red food coloring on an old shirt I had. I put on some contacts that I had lying around.

"The boys went to go get breakfast because you woke up late, " lele explained.

I layed beside liam again. He started to stir.

"Emily, Emily why do you * gasp * Emily wake up em, " Liam said shaking me.

That was my cue.

" Liam tell everyone I loved them, " I said in my best dying voice.

Liam stayed silent.

" Boo, sucker you should have seen your face hahaha, " I said laughing.

" What the hell Emily you scared the shit out of me," Liam yelled while tickling me.

I was  very ticklish person so my first reaction was to start kicking. Liam dodged every single one if my kicks. Ifor he wasn't gonna stop I had to use plan B.

Still laughing I connected my lips to his. Liam soon stopped tickling me and grabbed my hips. I started to climb on top of him kissing his neck and his jawline liam started moaning.
With that I got off of him and as much as I wanted to continue I ran off into the kitchen.

"Emily, " Liam groaned.

A/N: Hello I hope you liked this chapter. 😘🤓

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