Internet camp

Emily wants to be a youtuber. When she meets her mentors she freaks and fangirls mentally. Will one or all of her mentors fall for her or leave her hanging like all the other people that like her.


4. Chapter four

Emily's P.O.V


I slowly opened the slip of paper reveling the names of.....

*end of recap*

Once direction and lele pons was scribbled on the paper.OMG two of my favorite celebrities.

"I got one direction and lele pons,"I yelled. I was so happy.

"What?! Omg your so lucky," Patricia screeched.

Once we were done fangirling. We got in our pajamas and went to sleep.

*skip to morning*

I was meeting one direction and lele at 9 o' clock by a special tree. Today I was gonna learn how to handle hate and how to respond to it. When I was younger I had Facebook ,I was about 13,I got cyber bullied and started cutting myself no one knew but my friends,when I was 14 I stopped because my mom found out.

I walked up to the tree they had told me to meet them at. I wonder where they are its already 9 o'clock.

"Booo," screamed Liam.

I slapped him across the face as an instant reaction. Liam stood there shocked holding his cheek.

I went up to him and hugged him while I said "OMG. I am so stupid,I'm so sorry." Thank God he hugged back and said " It's fine love , you just surprised me."

"Where are the others and lele," I asked.

He just signaled me to follow him.we walked for a couple of minutes in silence and came up to a dock. There sat lele and the boys arguing.

"Guys," Liam yelled.

Everyone turned their heads twords us. Lele smiled at me and the boys just sat there doing nothing. I smiled back at lele.


A/N: Hello i hoped you enjoyed this chapter.


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