Internet camp

Emily wants to be a youtuber. When she meets her mentors she freaks and fangirls mentally. Will one or all of her mentors fall for her or leave her hanging like all the other people that like her.


15. Chapter fifteen

* recap *

"Emily, "  Liam groaned.

* end of recap *

I must have turned him on. I laughed at the thought. Lele came in eating an apple.

"Why are you laughing, " lele asked taking another Bite of her apple.

"I think I gave liam a boner," I said cracking up again.

Lele spit out here apple and started laughing.  The boys came in giving us the 'are you crazy or are u mental' look.

"Emily what did you do," niall asked.

"Oh just played a prank on liam," I said casually.

"Mmmkay, LIAM GET UR ARSE OVER HERE," Yelled niall.

*skip breakfast *

"So what we gonna do today," I said plopping down on the couch.

" It's Saturday remember Emily,  so that means you can go to town for 3 hours," lele told me with a 'dur' look.

"Well we kinda need some groceries, do you guys wanna help, " I asked .

They shock their heads.

"Liam might want to and plus he has a car," harry said.

"Oh ok," I said walking twords liam.

"Soooo liam sorry for what I did to you and will you forgive me and will you take me to the Super market," I said.

"Sure, " Liam said.

I squealed and hugged him. I went to my room to get my purse. I walked up to liam and told him I was ready .

* skip walk to car and car ride *

" ok liam were gonna split and meet back at the entrance, here's you listing you don't get any of these items I will skin you alive, " I told him.

"Ok, see you later," Liam said.

I waved and set off to my journey at the Super market.

A/N: Hello I hope you liked this chapter and have you ever got lost in a super market? Also I might not post tomorrow or the day after cuz we are gonna have a birthday party and a family reunion. 

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