Internet camp

Emily wants to be a youtuber. When she meets her mentors she freaks and fangirls mentally. Will one or all of her mentors fall for her or leave her hanging like all the other people that like her.


11. Chapter eleven


Then raced off, seconds later I was grabbed by the waist and pushed up against the wall by liam.

*end of recap*

Hey was smirking but not for long. I flipped us over so he was up against the wall. I leaned in so he was breathing on my lips.

"You caught me well done," I whispered.

"Do I get a reward, " Liam asked smirking.

"Ummm let me think," I said while pretending to think but still holding liam'says hands above his head.

"What did you have in mind," I asked.

"Oh just a kiss," Liam said whilst dragging out the word kiss.

"Ok," I said while giving him a peck on the cheek.

Then let him go. When I was almost about to walk out the kitchen someone grabbed me by the waist and pulled me back so I was against the wall again.

"Oh hello again," I said.

"When I said kiss I meant A'KISS'," Liam said.

"To late, " I said getting out of his grip.

He pulled me back attaching his lips to mine. Soon we were having a full on make out session.  I pulled away breathless.

"You said kiss not a make out session, " I said chuckling.

He blushed.

"Sorry I didn't mean to,"he whispered.

"It's ok," I said while walking off.

When I walked into the tiny living room every body was asleep either sprawled across the floor or on a bean bag.

I went to put on my pj's and went to sleep.

*skip to morning *

I woke up and did what all people do in the morning. I walked into the kitchen and made eggs and pancakes.

"Uh Emily I think you might wanna change," lele said with wide eyes.

I looked down I was wearing my sports bra and spandex. Oh poop. I started running to my closet tiny closet. Then the most horrible moment happened I bumped into zayn which I might I add eyes widened at the sight of me.

"Sorry," I said while running off.

I grabbed a crop top and some high waisted shorts. I changed quickly and did my make up. I walked into the kitchen where all the boys and lele were eating. Zayn winked at me and I blushed.

A/N: I hope you liked this cahoter even though it was crappie.

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