Celebrating (7 Years Of Movellas)

(7 Years Of Movellas) - Luke J.R's Competition Entry.


3. 2014- Luke's Goodbye


This was the start of a Year that would leave trails of tears, a flow of tears that would build a river- a strong river taking many with its current. Luke J.R said goodbye to many as Jess got back in contact with me to say that she won't be returning to Movellas anytime soon. What ended as a peaceful Year- 2013 soon died, and 2014 was born with Luke J.R saying Goodbye to some of the most amazing people that once roamed Movellas. 

This was the time where many had started to leave; the changes being made the website was upon us- and nobody was going to just ignore it. Many started threads on the forums demanding that this Layout was changed. Many hated the new changes, started to go against it like it was some kind of problem in the community. The FanFiction Users didn't care too much whether the Layout had changed as it looked perfect to them. This was also the time where One Direction was growing more in popularity and soon becoming its own Genre...

One Direction was now on the front page- Mid-2014, One Direction FanFiction was now growing even more with many more users following others who writing many chapters that didn't make sense. Some of the stories were incredibly written, not all of them were bad. Many complained not caring whether it was written great or written bad, they just cared about their old Movellas, they weren't going to settle for CHANGE. Luke J.R was starting to question whether he wanted to stay with Movellas too around this time.

End Of 2014- New people started to breathe some new life into Movellas, I started to see some even more incredible people as I gave Movellas a chance like many others did. Around 50% were not going to stay around to find out whether their demands were met. They left without a word as they didn't even want to say goodbye claiming that Movellas was Dead, and will soon become a FanFiction Hub Site. They were so wrong (kinda) and around this time many wanted to know whether staying  was the right option.

Luke J.R had an entire story written out where it was going to explain his absence, I was going to be honest and tell everyone that I wanted to leave. I changed my mind again when things started to look up both on Movellas & Real Life, I really wanted to be part of this community. And when some of my newer stories started to grow in popularity, this was the breath of fresh air that I had been needing for a long time.

Not all of us got that breath of fresh air, but the ones that did were determined to continue writing & supporting Movellas no matter what happens.

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