Celebrating (7 Years Of Movellas)

(7 Years Of Movellas) - Luke J.R's Competition Entry.


1. 2012 - Luke's Arrival

Writing about this is very interesting for me, as it really shows how great my memory is- It's a test to see how far I can think back to. I actually have a photographic memory, so anything that triggers a memory will then link up to memories I weren't thinking about. This is a very positive thing about my mind but it also has faults; where if I'm depressed- I would never stop thinking of all the memories, the thoughts, everything that connects to depression would flow through my mind. So, as you can tell its not great  having a photographic memory, and I only like it for the positive reasons as the negatives are far too annoying for me to go into detail with. I just don't want to trigger off more bad memories by saying them.


I first discovered Movellas around the time when I had this great idea in my head, and I'm sure many others may have the same way they found this website. My idea was a place to write stories on and share them with the world. I remember searching this back in 2011 where I started to find other websites which never held my interest. After searching something different on Google, I came across Movellas, and it wasn't long until I signed up an account & got to know the small community that was home to Movellas. And I am so happy that I signed up in 2012 due to getting to know so many amazing people, and even getting to know some amazing people that are still here today in (2016).

I was never really impressed with my own work until 2013, but in 2012 I started writing some stories, I published a few of them on here wanting some feedback on one in particular. What's funny is that I never expected to be with Movellas up until now, I always thought I'd just post a few stories on here then I'd be Offline for the rest of the Year. I guess my expectations were pretty low back then, and for me I was never really into writing a whole lot. I did try reading which left me getting to know others, and I loved that experience- writing to others, talking to others, and even making friends with the Movellas Staff of 2012. It truly was an incredible start that I never expected to turn into an incredible journey from 2012-2016, and I never could have predicted that I was going to still be around on Movellas until now.

Luke's Downfall, It's true around Mid-2012, I really didn't have much stories on here, I had around 1-2 or maybe 3-4, and I then stopped for a while. The feedback I was getting was great, they were being honest along with kind & friendly. Constructive Criticism was being thrown all over the place on my comments. It was around the tenth comment that got me not wanting to write anymore, although they were descriptive, I felt like I was being verbally attacked. My work didn't really mean that much to me but it did mean something to me back then. I defended my story by trying to do what I could, I soon gave in to the bad comments & started to rewrite, rewriting was never a plan I wanted on my list of to-do things, and then I found myself not really interested in the whole story. I started to remove some of the story, leaving it empty for a good few weeks, I came back to it and then removed it as I weren't impressed with the story after all. In other words I was being pretty stupid for trying to defend a story that really did suck...

2012 was a Year of enjoyment that soon turned into a wonderful seasonal holiday with Xmas around the corner.


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