Music and Monsters Book 2

Sequel to We’re just a band not demigods
The Wanted members are demigods. They have to go on a quest with One Direction to stop other war from happening. This takes place a few months after Ben stole the lightning bolt. The Wanted and One Direction-Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Heroes of Olympus Crossover

Previous story We’re just a band not demigods

I don't own Percy Jackson Rick Riordan does.
I also don't own The Wanted, or One Direction.
I only own my ideas.
thank you for reading.
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also some of the scenes are from the books.
sorry if any characters seem OC.


32. Return Home

The trip back to camp was uneventful thankfully. I sat in the back with Giselle while Luke sat in the front. We stopped twice, both times so we could use the bathroom and get a bite to eat. I could see Luke checking his rearview mirror periodically when Giselle was asleep.

I slept on the way there. It was a peaceful sleep for the first time in over a year. I enjoyed every second of it. We arrived at camp around five in the evening with a centaur waiting for us. It was freaking awesome! His name was Chiron and he was pretty nice. A guy named Will came running up to us and hugged Giselle and high-fived Luke. He said hi to me and asked me how I was. I told him that I felt just perfect. Which, of course, was sarcastic. He laughed and then Chiron ordered us to come with him to the Big House, but telling Will to go back to his cabin, which I don't think Will liked too much. We followed him silently. When we walked in the door and sat down on some surprisingly comfy chairs, Chiron ordered Giselle to tell us what happened at Niagara Falls.

She explained it in detail.

"You pushed off from Niagara Falls?" Chiron asked incredulously. "And you survived?"

"Yes, sir," Giselle said.

"You must be highly favored by Poseidon," Chiron said. "Well, I'm sure you're all hungry. You all go eat dinner with the rest of the kids. I-"

He stopped short and stared at something above my head.

"I knew it," Giselle whispered. I looked above my head and saw a hologram like thing of a grape vine   shimmering above my head. Naturally, I tried to swat it away.

"A child of Dionysus," Chiron said with a smile.

"Huh?" I inquired brilliantly.

"You know, for a child of Dionysus, he's not that bright," Luke grinned cockily, but I knew he was teasing me.

"I know more than you," I smiled slyly. Luke looked at me questioningly and I wondered what he possibly thought I knew that he didn't because I was pretty sure he knew much more than me.

"Well, everyone, I trust you to show Edmund the ropes here," Chiron looked at Giselle.

"Yes sir," Giselle nodded her head and so did everyone else. The four of us stood up and left the Big House. We walked to a dining pavilion that was packed with kids.

"Edmund, see all those black haired kids?" Giselle pointed to a table that was occupied by a few black haired kids.

"Hey, Ari!" Luke shouted. A girl turned her head, smiled, and ran over to us. Saying hi to all of us, a little hostile towards Giselle, but blushing when she turned to Luke.

"Hi Luke! What's up?" Ari questioned.

"Ari, this is Edmund. He is your half-brother. Would you mind showing him around?" Luke asked.

"Nope, not at all. Come on, Edmund. I'll show you around," Ari motioned for me to follow her and I did.

Giselle's POV

I watched Edmund trail after Ari. He was safe. I was safe. And Luke was safe.

He hadn't known it but when we were at the Niagara Falls Infirmary, I had overheard their conversation about me and my dreams. I had scared Edmund… and Luke. The last thing I heard was Edmund saying that Luke still liked me and Luke saying that that was a bit of an understatement. I knew Luke had thought I was asleep and that was the reason he had told Edmund what he did. He never would have said that if he knew I was awake. I wasn't going to tell him I had overheard him. The only thing I wanted to do was to go to the Apollo Cabin, get into my bed, and go to sleep, which is exactly what I did.

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