Music and Monsters Book 2

Sequel to We’re just a band not demigods
The Wanted members are demigods. They have to go on a quest with One Direction to stop other war from happening. This takes place a few months after Ben stole the lightning bolt. The Wanted and One Direction-Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Heroes of Olympus Crossover

Previous story We’re just a band not demigods

I don't own Percy Jackson Rick Riordan does.
I also don't own The Wanted, or One Direction.
I only own my ideas.
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also some of the scenes are from the books.
sorry if any characters seem OC.


31. I Take A Very Big Bath

The water was far below me, making me more than a little dizzy. I was screaming my head off. What the hell had I been thinking jumping off Niagara Falls like that?   Poseidon, please, please, please listen to me. Please make the fall okay and let us survive. It's not our time to go. It felt right to jump and now I'm praying to you to keep us safe. I will make a huge sacrifice to you when I get back to camp! PLEASE POSEIDON! I pleaded. The water was fast approaching.   Fifty feet.   Forty feet.   Thirty feet.   Twenty feet.   Ten Feet.   Five.   Four.   Three.   Two.   One.   Splash!   I plummeted into the water, but the impact didn't feel like concrete like everyone says it does. I struggled to the surface. Fresh air greeted me as I took in breaths of air greedily.   "Seeing that we're alive, I should say you should be thanking Poseidon. Since I prayed to you, looks like you listened," I thought coughing    The water was still pretty chilly for the summer time so I swam as quickly as I could. I finally reached the platform like thing and sat down, coughing up a storm. Some rescuers came and hauled me onto the boat. I was extremely tired and my heart was racing. I leaned back and closed my eyes.   ~Luke's POV~   I was frantic. I could see that Giselle had leaned back and had closed her eyes still coughing and even from up where I was standing, I could tell she was shivering. I ran to where the boat would dock. Carefully adjusting Edmund, I ran as fast as I could. I reached the place right when the boat was docking. A man lifted Giselle up and headed towards a door which led to the infirmary. I followed worriedly after the two men. They wouldn't let me near Giselle until after two hours. When she did wake up, she was bombarded with questions.   "Why did you fall in the river?" A man name Jackson asked.   Giselle replied weakly, "Something rammed into me and I lost my balance."   Jackson nodded, asked some more questions, and then left. Giselle stayed somewhat conscious. Placing Edmund in a chair, I walked over to Giselle.   "Are you okay?" I asked quietly.   "I've felt better. When I was in the water, I got this rush, and when I got out of it, I felt drained," She whispered.   "I can imagine you've felt better. You did just fall off of Niagara Falls."   "Yeah, me too. Not my exactly my choice though."   "You got that right."   She smiled at the thought of it and so did I. She always got a gleam in her eye whenever she was happy.   "So what now?"   "I don't know."   Something made a small sound at the end of the room. We looked at the source of the sound to find Edmund awake and rubbing his eyes. Giselle immediately stood up and walked over to him, but she was unsteady on her feet and I had to hold onto her so she wouldn't fall.   "How are you Edmund?" Giselle asked kindly.   "Where am I?" Edmund whispered nervously. "Is this a dream? Who's he?"   "No, this isn't a dream. This is Luke, he's my best friend. Right now you're in the Niagara Falls infirmary. I just took a very big bath," Giselle smiled. Edmund smiled shyly.   "So what are you saying?" Edmund inquired curiously.   "I'm saying that I was pushed into the water, was dumped off of Niagara Falls, hence the very big bath."   "Are you okay?" Edmund lept up but swayed unsteadily. Giselle put a reassuring hand on him and had him sit back down.   "I'm fine, just worn out. If you don't mind, I'm going to get some rest before we head back to camp. Talk with Luke. He is a great guy."   "Okay," Edmund shrugged. Giselle hugged Edmund and went back to her bed where she sat down, leaned back, and closed her eyes.   "So, are you two dating?" Edmund inquired.   "What? Oh, no. She's my friend, well, she was my fiancee before technically," I corrected myself.   "Who's your godly parent?"   "Hermes."   "That's awesome! He's so cool! I want some flying shoes!"   "I have some back at camp. When we get back there, I will let you try them on."   "Awesome."   "So what do you like to do?"   "Everything! Well, except cleaning. That's a pain in the buttocks."   "I don't think I have ever heard a person say "a pain in the buttocks" before. I've heard butt, ass, booty, and other's I probably shouldn't mention, but never have I heard someone say buttocks. Where are you from?"   "Well, I'm originally from England, but my dad and I moved to Virginia when I was two."   "That would explain some of your vocabulary."   "Yeah- hey! Wait a minute!"   I laughed. "I was just kidding. So tell me, what is your favorite thing to do?"   "Have an adventure!"   "Well, then you certainly have had an adventure I would say."   "Yes, it wasn't that fun come to think about it but it was still an adventure."   I liked Edmund more and more. He was happy and a bit crazy and smart and loved life. I had a feeling he and I would get along just fine.   "Well, Edmund, if you don't mind I'm going to get some sleep. I'm super tired," I yawned.   "Okay, I'm going to read some of these magazines," Edmund said, already starting for the magazine rack. I smiled and closed my eyes.   Edmund's POV   Luke had already fallen asleep by the time I sat down with a magazine in hand. I liked him. Most guys his age wouldn't give me the time of day. I opened up the magazine and started reading. I hadn't even realized what time it was when I was suddenly broken out of my reading-trance by pitiful whimpering. I looked up to see Giselle jerking violently. I was scared stiff. Giselle yelped and Luke bolted up and ran to her. He grabbed a hold of her hands and spoke soothingly to her. Giselle's eyes opened and she had a panicked look on her face.   "It's okay," Luke whispered, hugging her. I could see some tears falling down her cheeks but she made no sound. Giselle just buried her face into the crook of Luke's neck. Luke gently rocked her back and forth until he silently laid her back down on her bed. He brushed a piece of hair out of her face before heading back to his chair next to me.   "L-Luke? Is… is she okay?" I asked quietly.   "I'm not sure. Her dreams are memories and it bugs the f-Hades out of me," Luke muttered. "Are you okay?"   "It scared me a little," I admitted.   "Hey, don't worry about it," Luke assured me. "It still scares me and this isn't the first time."   "What do you mean?"   "This is about the fifth or sixth time this has happened. She tells me what the dreams are about and it kills me not being able to help her," Luke mumbled, looking at Giselle.   "Listen, I may be ten and all, but I'm not blind. You still like Giselle and don't try to deny it." I told him.   Luke laughed humorlessly and said, "That's a bit of an understatement."   I wasn't sure what he meant at that time and I had no idea how much of an understatement that was.
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