Music and Monsters Book 2

Sequel to We’re just a band not demigods
The Wanted members are demigods. They have to go on a quest with One Direction to stop other war from happening. This takes place a few months after Ben stole the lightning bolt. The Wanted and One Direction-Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Heroes of Olympus Crossover

Previous story We’re just a band not demigods

I don't own Percy Jackson Rick Riordan does.
I also don't own The Wanted, or One Direction.
I only own my ideas.
thank you for reading.
leave any comments for some new ideas.
also some of the scenes are from the books.
sorry if any characters seem OC.


19. Cyclops Island Part 2

~3rd POV~
They sat on the ridge for what seemed like hours watching the distant shape of the tuxedo wearing cyclops as he moved amongst his flocks.
He had divided up his regular animals from his man eating sheep, putting each group on either side of the huge crevice that divided up the island. The only way across was the rope bridge, and the planks were too far apart for sheep hooves. The group of demigods watched as Polyphemus as he visited his carnivorous flock on the far side. Unfortunately the sheep didn't eat Polyphemus or seemed not to be bothered by him at all. Polyphemus fed them chunks of mystery meat from a great wicker basket.
"Trickery," Jay said "We can't beat him by force, so we'll have to use trickery."
"Okay," Louis said "What trick?"
"Probably the one like Odysseus did." Nathan said
"At sunset," Ceci said "Polyphemus will have to move the rock to let the sheep inside."
When the sun was going down the flock dutifully began trudging back up the slopes toward the cave. They watched as the cyclops patted the sheep as they inside to the cave. When the last sheep went inside the cave and the Cyclops was about to roll the stone back to place Zayn acted out the plan. Somewhere hidden on the other side of the cave Zayn began to give the others the signal to be ready to go.
"Hello, ugly!" Zayn shouted from his hidden spot.
Polyphemus stiffened. "Who said that?"
"Nobody!" Zayn yelled
That got the exact reaction they'd been hoping for. The monster's face turned red with rage.
"Nobody!" Polyphemus yelled back "I remember you!"
"You're too stupid to remember anybody," Zayn taunted "Much less nobody."
The demigods hoped to the Gods Zayn was already moving when he said that, because Polyphemus bellowed furiously, grabbed the nearest boulder (which happened to be his front door) and threw it forward the sound of Zayn's voice. They heard the rock smash into a thousand fragments. For a terrible moment, there was silence. Then Zayn shouted, "You haven't learned to throw any better either!"
Polyphemus howled. "Come here! Let me kill you, Nobody!"
"You can't kill Nobody, you stupid oaf," Zayn taunted "Come find me!"
Polyphemus barreled down the hill toward his voice.
Now, the "Nobody" thing wouldn't have made sense to anybody, but Zayn and Jay explained  that centuries ago Odysseus had used to tricked
Polyphemus right before using a large hot stick to poke the Cyclops's eye out.They both had figured Polyphemus would still have a grudge about that name, and they were both right. In his frenzy to find his old enemy, Polyphemus forgot about resealing the cave entrance.
Ceci, Max, Jay, Louis, and Nathan all climbed down the ridge and began to make their way to the crevice and rope bridge. 
But an explosion, followed by a scream told them that they acted a bit too late. It was Zayn crying out in pain and fear.

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