Music and Monsters Book 2

Sequel to We’re just a band not demigods
The Wanted members are demigods. They have to go on a quest with One Direction to stop other war from happening. This takes place a few months after Ben stole the lightning bolt. The Wanted and One Direction-Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Heroes of Olympus Crossover

Previous story We’re just a band not demigods

I don't own Percy Jackson Rick Riordan does.
I also don't own The Wanted, or One Direction.
I only own my ideas.
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also some of the scenes are from the books.
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12. Charybids and Scylla

~3rd POV~
Luke appeared back in Giselle’s prison after informing Chiron about the draining process. He saw that Ben had brought some food for Giselle. He saw that she was still lying on the couch. He also knew that she would fight against Ben if she wasn’t kept here.
Right now the Chimera was sailing to Florida so they could be there when more monsters arrived. Ben was in the Captain’s office giving out orders when he got an iris message from Kelly. Kelly informed Ben Giselle’s friends had a quest and were planning to rescue her also. Ben smirked and ordered all monsters to be on watch for them.
Niall was sailing the ship while the pirate crew was preparing for enemy surprise attacks.  Everyone was doing their own thing on the ship. Ceci and Tom both ordered the skeleton captain to help Niall steer the ship when he needed a break.
Right now the ship was somewhere in Northern Florida coast, meaning they traveled farther than any mortal ship should’ve been able to travel.
“We should be nearing the Sea of Monsters soon.” The captain said
“Uh guys we might not make it in the ship.” Jay said nervously
“And why not?” Louis asked
“At the entrance there is Charybids. And her sister Scylla.” Liam said
“We have to face them in order to enter into the Sea of Monsters.” Jay said
“So we can take them.” Max said
“No because Scylla will take people off their ships and up to her cave. As for Charybids will swallow the ship.” Liam said ignoring Max
"There has to be something we could do." Louis said
"Maybe, but after that what'll we do?" Nathan asked
"We have to sail through them in order to enter right? We have cannons so we can blast Charybids. As for Scylla Zayn can aim his arrows at her." Siva said
"It's very risky, but it might work." Harry said
"When we're in firing range hit Charybids. Zayn be ready for Scylla." Liam ordered

"We'll get the life boats ready just in case." Nathan said
Everyone nodded and began to get ready. Zayn had his bow, and quiver full of arrows ready.  Louis was controlling the winds, Niall trying to control the water, Harry, Siva, and Nathan were getting the life boats ready, and Tom and Ceci were ordering the soldiers. Liam, Jay, and Max were getting their backpacks filled with supplies.
After some time dark splotches ahead of them came into focus. To north, a huge mass of rock rose out of the sea-an island with cliffs at least a hundred feet tall. About half a mile south of that, the other patch of darkness was a storm brewing. The sky and sea boiled together in a roaring mass.
As they got closer to the monsters, the sound of Charybids got louder and louder- a horrible wet roar. Every time Charybids inhaled, the ship shuddered and lurched forward. Every time she exhaled, they rose in the water and were buffeted by ten-foot waves.
"Lady Cecilia the starboard and forward guns are in range!" The captain shouted
"Fire!" Cecilia ordered
Three rounds were blasted at Charybids each one hitting its mark. 
"Again!" Ceci ordered
The gunners reloaded hitting Charybids each time. Then Charybids's mouth snapped shut. The sea died to absolute calm. Water washed over Charybids. Then, as quickly as it had closed, the mouth exploded open, spitting out a wall of water, ejecting everything inedible, including the cannonballs. The ship was thrown backward on a wave that must've been forty feet high. Niall used all of his will power to keep the ship from capsizing, but they were still spinning out of control, hurtling toward the cliffs on the opposite side of the strait.
Many of the undead soldiers were reloading the weapons and other duties. Until the captain walked up to Cecilia to talk to her.
"We have to abandon ship." The captain said
"No!" Tom said
"We have no choice, sir. The ship cannot handle Charybids if she attacks again! The hull is already cracking-"
He never finished his sentence. Quick as lighting, something brown and green shot from the sky, snatched up the captain and lifted him away.
"Scylla!" A sailor yelled, as another column of reptilian flesh shot from the cliffs and snapped him up. It happened so fast it was like a laser beam rather than a monster. They couldn't  even make out the thing's face only a flash of teeth and scales.
Zayn was shooting arrows but Scylla was too fast.
"Life boats!" Max said "Quick!"
"They'll never get clear of the cliffs," Liam said "We'll all be eaten."
"We have to try. Louis, can control the winds and Niall the water." Siva said
Everyone took Max and Siva's commands. A few of the undead sailors uncovered one of the two emergency rowboats while Scylla's heads rained from the sky like a meteor shower with teeth, picking off confederate sailors one after another.
"Get the other boat." Liam said
Everyone (demigod wise) was in the lifeboat with Niall and Louis steering the lifeboat. Behind them the ship given by Ares and Poseidon exploded. Flaming wreckage was raining down. The lifeboats were far from Scylla meaning they were now past the entrance of the Sea of Monsters.

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