Music and Monsters Book 2

Sequel to We’re just a band not demigods
The Wanted members are demigods. They have to go on a quest with One Direction to stop other war from happening. This takes place a few months after Ben stole the lightning bolt. The Wanted and One Direction-Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Heroes of Olympus Crossover

Previous story We’re just a band not demigods

I don't own Percy Jackson Rick Riordan does.
I also don't own The Wanted, or One Direction.
I only own my ideas.
thank you for reading.
leave any comments for some new ideas.
also some of the scenes are from the books.
sorry if any characters seem OC.


1. Meet the Demigods-The Wanted

Name: Nathan Sykes
Age: 19
Godly Parents: Son of Hermes
Powers: hypnokinesis, powers of persuasion, prophecy, cleverness
Hermes: God of messengers, travelers, thieves, roads, communication, and merchants

Name: Tom Parker
Age: 20
Godly Parents: Son of Ares 
Powers: great swordsman, great in combat
Ares: God of war

Name: Max George
Age: 20
Godly Parents: Son of Hephaestus 
Powers: pyrokinesis, technokinesis, fire immunity, enhanced forging
Hephaestus: God of fire, volcanoes, craftsmen, blacksmiths, and the forge

Name: Jay McGuiness
Age: 19
Godly Parents: Son of Athena 
Powers: make a plan in a matter of minutes and is really smart
Athena: goddess of war, battle strategy, wisdom, and tons of other stuff

Name: Siva Kaneswaran
Age: 20
Godly Parents: Son of Aphrodite 
Powers: Charmspeak
Aphrodite: goddess of love, lust, desire, and beauty

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