Spilled Secrets (SAMPLE!)

(AS SEEN ON WATTPAD...) Natalie Greene is a successful business woman who has a multimillion dollar company , Greene Beauty, that specializes in beauty products. She goes through some things that make her start a club with friends, where they talk while enjoying wine, but the secrets that they hide from each other are soon revealed ... ( For the complete book series, add the book to your library on Wattpad!: https://www.wattpad.com/story/35541134


3. Chapter Two

Windell's POV

After we dismissed the change your last name argument, Nat went to bed while I got on my MacBook looking at my reports.

I own a tech software company, Levy Industries. We create most of your favorite social media design layouts.

I still had my mind on something. I didn't really stay late at work looking at projects.Instead, I did something that I was going to regret. I slept with Nattie's best friend, Courtney.

It was an idiot mistake I know. I stopped by her office to pick up something, and before I knew it we were having sex in her office.

We both hesitated but still ended up doing it. I was frustrated about our problems having kids, and her fertility issues, and  I snapped.

I used her work schedule as a blame, but I knew the doctor told us she had fertility issues.

Courtney and I both felt guilty about it and we promised we wouldn't tell her not do it again.

I want to make our marriage work, and I'm not going to let this ruin everything that we have created. You would think this was the first time Courtney and I have done it , but actually it was the third.

We know it's wrong, but we promised that this will be the last time. I knew she was coming over Sunday for their Wine Relief Club, and I had to find somewhere to go.

Nattie used this as a way to relief stress and I wasn't comfortable knowing that I would be there and Courtney would be as well, that would be an awkward situation.

I'm going to sleep now, but I'ts hard because I've betrayed the only woman I've ever loved.


Sunday/ Natalie's POV

It's almost 5pm, so the girls are about to come over. I was with my Chef, Esmeralda, as she made her famous cheese dip and tortillas that is going to go great with my Pinot Grigio. That is our favorite wine to drink besides red wine.


"Thank you so much Esmeralda, you  always make the best food for us."

"Its no problem mija, I love my job. Enjoy the girls today!", Esmeralda said, as she resumed her daily duties.

"Nattie were here !", Shadáe said with her loud voice.

"Welcome back to Levy Manor ! ", I responded joyfully


"Sha'll we get the drinks going", Courtney said.

"We Shall "!


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