Spilled Secrets (SAMPLE!)

(AS SEEN ON WATTPAD...) Natalie Greene is a successful business woman who has a multimillion dollar company , Greene Beauty, that specializes in beauty products. She goes through some things that make her start a club with friends, where they talk while enjoying wine, but the secrets that they hide from each other are soon revealed ... ( For the complete book series, add the book to your library on Wattpad!: https://www.wattpad.com/story/35541134


2. Chapter One


Natalie's POV


I just came home from a long day at work, and when I say a long day, mean a looong day!


We had just approached Gabrielle Union to be the face of my company, Greene Beauty.We have offered her a 3 commercial deal, 250,000 per commercial and promotion from her social media.

We would also like for her to promote our product on her hit show Being Mary Jane, but we would have to offer her another 250 grand.


Though we are a multi-million dollar company, we lost some money in our first quarter sales.


On top of trying to get Gabby, me and my husband, Windell, have been arguing lately about slowing down so I can try to have another baby.


After two miscarriages in a row, I haven't been interested to try again, and him blaming my work schedule, when I have fertility issues made it even worse.

There's only two things I can rely on to deal with this stress, Wine and my friends.


And when you mix those things together you get the Wine Relief Club.


Every Sunday we all meet up at my house, and talk about are problems with wine. It's very blissful.

"Nattie I'm home", Windell said as I was in my office downstairs.


"Hey babe", I reply very dry, realizing it was 11 o'clock. 


"Before you get to conclusions, we had to get some things done for the company so that's why I'm late" he said.


"Tell me about it, were trying to get Gabrielle Union to be the face of our brand.", I told him.


"Wow that would be great!", he said in excitement and then continued "But you know what else would be great, changing the name of your brand.", he said.


"Please don't start tonight, I'm stressed and I think we both need some sleep.", I said to change the subject.


We've had this argument too many times since we've been married. My legal name is Natalie Greene-Levy, my company name is simply Greene Beauty, because I feel it sounds better and more unique than Levy Beauty, that doesn't sound good.


"Ok fine babe, i'll drop it, but just remember that you're Mrs. Levy and nothing else.", he answered with a smile.


"Most definitely", I said with a salute motion. Sunday was fast approaching, and I would sip on some wine and let all my stress go.                                                                                                 


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