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2. Count Your Eggs - 26/06/2016

Count your eggs as they hatch,

You will soon need to find another batch,

As what you see in front of you,

Is not what you’d see on daddy’s knee,


All you’d see is the black & the white,

And the endless threats that come out at night,

And all the lines you will see,

Means nothing to you, but something to me,


Don’t blame them on what they look like,

Don’t show them the dangerous life,

Don’t blame them on what they do,

Just remember they love you,


Simply your pigment, simply your style,

Nobody wants to watch you,

I’ve got you, I’ve got you,

I would never lie to you,


What if I shared with you a secret?

What if I told you I could make it all better?

Would you believe me like your mother’s words?

Would you remind me like your misspoken words?

Would you ever count me in your life?


Count your eggs as they hatch,

For I am not an egg, and I am not in this batch,

I simply can’t hold onto this,

I wish for us all to be dispatched.

Count your eggs before we’ve hatched.

- Written By Luke J.R

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