Park Boyoung enters a new elite school with her childhood friend Minhyuk but on her first day of school, she already starts to get bullied by a rich classmate named Hani for bumping into her boyfriend, L. What will happen to Boyoung in this new school? Should she trust L?


4. Chapter 4: Can't Forget About Yesterday

Chapter 4: Can’t Forget About Yesterday

“Wake up Boyoung! Your handsome friend, Minhyuk is waiting for you in our living room!” my mother yelled.


“I’m awake! Minhyuk just wait for five minutes!” I yelled as I started to brush my teeth and quickly put on my school uniform.

“Here Minhyuk, eat this it’s really healthy for you.” My mother told Minhyuk as she tried to stuff some food in his mouth.

“Thank you Boyoung’s mom...hehe.” Minhyuk said as he got food stuffed in his face.

“Boyoung, what are you doing just standing there? Eat your breakfast or your going to be late for school!”My mother nagged.

I sighed.

She’s only nice to my friend but not me.

I ate as fast as I could under- 5 minutes. I was hoping to get praised by my mom for eating fast but all she said was, “I thought I was raising a daughter but I guess I’m raising a pig.”


Minhyuk started laughing and I was so mad that I grabbed the schoolbag and dragged him out the door with me to walk to school. After walking a bit, I started thinking about the kiss from yesterday. I didn’t realize it but Minhyuk started to stare.


“Why are you blushing? Did something happen yesterday? Or today?” Minhyuk asked curiously.


“Why do you ask so much questions? I don’t know. Nothing happened.” I said frantically.


“Are you hiding something from me? Hehe.” Minhyuk teased.


“No,no. Nothing happened.” I quickly said.


“You seem suspicious....” Minhyuk stared at me in a weird way.


“So, how’s basketball? I heard your team won against the other teams.” I said trying to distract him.


“Yea, it’s fun. Why are you trying to change the topic? I thought we were best friends. You shouldn't keep secrets from me, that’s not what best friends do.” Minhyuk said gloomily.


“Okay. Fine, I’ll tell you. L and I kissed yesterday…” I said quietly.


“WAIT, WHAT? YOU GUYS KISSED??”Minhyuk yelled.


“Yes, shut up!!” I whispered while trying to cover Minhyuk’s mouth.


“OMG!!!” Minhyuk screeched “This is big news. But isn’t L and Hani dating?”


“Their relationship is confusing. But yes, we kissed yesterday. And we can’t let Hani or anyone else know about it okay? Pinky promise?” I said while holding up my pinky to him.


“Pinky promise.” Minhyuk said holding out his pinky and crossing it with mine.


“I promise I’ll tell you everything about this situation after school. So don’t tell anyone about it.”I said in a serious tone.


“Don’t worry, you can trust your one and only best friend.” Minhyuk replied.


I then hugged Minhyuk very tightly and we both stepped into the classroom.


I took my seat and I see Myungsoo. I started to blush thinking about the kiss from yesterday.

“Good morning.” I said to L

L ignored me. I felt so embarrassed but I didn’t say anything. From the back, I could see Hani laughing from the scene that she had just seen. My face turned red as I cover my face in embarrassment.

“Alright class, open up your English workbook to page 86.” Mr. Jang said.

I searched in my bag but the workbook was nowhere to be seen. I cleaned out my bag and put all the things on my desk.

“Ms. Park, I told everyone to do their work not clean out their bags. What seems to be the problem?”Mr. Jang asked me.


“Well, my English workbook is missing and I was trying to look for it.” I said quietly.

As I said that, I heard Hani and her group of girls snickering.


“Mr. Kim, would you mind sharing your workbook with Boyoung over here?” Mr. Jang asked L

L let out a huge sigh and slid his book to me.

Why is he being so mean to me today?


“Thank you, L for sharing your workbook with Boyoung.” Mr. Jang said.


After the lunch bell had rang, I told Myungsoo, “Thanks for sharing your workbook with me, Myungsoo.”


After saying that, he ignored me again and went out the door to meet with Hani.

As I also got up from my desk to go down to lunch, Minhyuk caught up with me.

“What’s up with him today?”Minhyuk asked as he put his arm over my shoulders.


“I don’t know why he’s treating me like this. I didn’t do anything that would make him hate me.” I responded gloomily.


“Maybe you should ask him.” Minhyuk said as we started going down the stairs.


“That’s the problem… he won’t say anything to me. He has just been ignoring me the whole day.” I sighed.


“Then you should give him a piece of your mind when you have the chance today.” Minhyuk said courageously.


I laughed but I knew Minhyuk was right. I was going to give Myungsoo a piece of my mind.


School had ended and I was waiting at the bus stop. I suddenly heard some footsteps behind me and it was L. He didn’t even bother to look while walking to the bus stop but instead, he was using his phone. He still decided to ignore me for whatever the hell I’ve done. As I got into the bus, I sat all the way in the back. I noticed that L took a seat in front of me, with him still on his phone.

What’s his problem? Kissing someone all of the sudden and making me feel all flustered and ignoring me the next day?

I’ve decided to confront him and ask him what was wrong. I wasn’t going to just sit there and wondering what I did wrong.

I walked up to the seat next to him on the bus and sat down.


“What’s your problem?” I asked furiously


“What are you talking about?”


“Stop pretending you don’t know what I’m talking about. You’ve been ignoring me the whole day, I didn’t even do anything wrong and I just don’t get you and your mood swings. One day you’re nice to me and the next day you ignore me, just tell me what you’re trying to do!” I spilled. I was so mad that I didn’t understand him and it was frustrating that he made me feel this way.


L didn’t say anything as he put his earbuds on pretending as if he didn’t hear a word I just said.

I didn’t say anything else further as he wouldn’t care about it anyways. I got off the bus when it reached my stop. I was walking when i suddenly felt a hand on my wrist.

“I’m sorry.” L said with his hand still on my wrist.


“What are you sorry for? Why have you been ignoring me this whole day? Did I do anything wrong?” I asked in disbelief.


“No, you didn’t, it was just me. I was being a jerk and I don’t know why I acted like I did. I’m sorry.” L said apologetically.


“That’s not a very good excuse. Yesterday you kissed me and today you act like it never happened. What’s your problem? I mean, you have to have a reason for why you acted this way today.” I sighed.


“I-I’m sorry. I don’t even know why I kissed you yesterday. Sorry, it was a mistake.” L said.


“Yea, sure, I guess it was a mistake. After all, you do have a girlfriend… let's just forget about this whole thing. I’m sorry I overreacted, you like Hani. Let's just forget we ever met. It’s better for the both of us.” I said as I turned around to leave.


Suddenly, L held my wrist and turned me around and he kissed me. His lips were warm but more forceful than last time. I wanted to push him off, but his grip was too strong as he was holding both of my wrists. I finally pushed him off and I was shocked.


“What the- why did you kiss me again?! I thought we said we would forget about everything between us!” I screamed.


“ I didn't say that I would also forget about you. Don't you get it? I like you!” L declared.


“Why? You already have Hani… As much as I don’t like her, I can tell she really likes you. Taking someone else's man is the worst thing anyone can do.”


“Hani and I never had anything between us.”




“It somehow just came to a conclusion to everyone that we’re a couple seeing us so close, but to me, Hani and I were just friends.” L explained.


“But she likes you…” I said


“I don’t know how it became like this but you’ve been creeping on my mind the past few days and it’s driving me crazy. The reason I haven’t been talking to you was because I needed to sort out my feelings. I needed to figure my feelings out. I like you Lee Boyoung.”


At this moment, I didn’t know what to say. So many things were going on in my head, and I don’t know if he’s being serious or not.


“Please give me some time, Myungsoo. I’m sorry, but this is all happening too fast for me.” I finally said.


“Yeah of course, just remember I’m there for you if you need anything.” L said.


Then, I ran off embarrassed. As I ran off, I could hear L say, “Wait, I’ll walk you home!” But I ran as fast as I could my face flushing red.

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