Park Boyoung enters a new elite school with her childhood friend Minhyuk but on her first day of school, she already starts to get bullied by a rich classmate named Hani for bumping into her boyfriend, L. What will happen to Boyoung in this new school? Should she trust L?


1. Chapter 1

Beep Beep Beep

Boyoung groaned while waking up from her sleep to turn off the alarm clock. It was her first day of school and it wasn’t just any ordinary high school but a school for the elite. Surprisingly, she was accepted into the school alongside her childhood friend, Minhyuk.

Knock Knock Knock Knock

Already knowing who it was, Boyoung yelled, “Come in!” while she was brushing her teeth.

“As usual, waking up 15 minutes before school is about to start.” Minhyuk said as he came through the door into the house.

“Well, every girl needs her beauty sleep.” Boyoung replied as she quickly put her slice of bread in the toaster.

Minhyuk laughed as he hit her on the head lightly as a joke.

Boyoung laughed and hit him back harder.

“This is why you don’t have a girlfriend.” Boyoung murmured as she carried the toast in her mouth.

“Who said I wanted one.” Minhyuk laughed as they both went out and make their way to school.


“Everyone, welcome our new students! Why don’t you introduce yourselves to the class?” Mr. Jang said.

“Hello everyone, I’m Park Boyoung please take care of me!”

“I’m Minhyuk.”

“Ok Boyoung, why don’t you sit in the empty seat next to Myungsoo in the back? And Minhyuk, you can sit next to YongHwa near the window.” Mr. Jang said


As I took my seat, I felt a piercing stare on my back. As I turned to look back, it was a girl with bangs and caramel brown hair along with her clique of other girls. Her skin was light and she had big eyes and a fair long nose.


“What are you looking at me for? You’ve been staring at me for quite a while.” Hani asked with an arrogant tone in her voice as her clique started to giggle.


“Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to…” I said as I turn back to focus on the board.


Halfway throughout the lesson, I start to zone out as I turn to look at the person sitting next to me. I find myself immersed in his look and start to stare at him. He had bangs that covered most of his forehead, long eyelashes and a tall nose which complimented his thin lips. I think his name was…. Myungsoo?..

Suddenly, he started to flutter his eyes waking up from the ruckus the class was causing from all the girls trying to get a peek at Minhyuk. He had dark brown orbs that gave a mysterious vibe. It caught my attention when he started to cough and look back at me.

“You really like to stare huh?” he smirked.

Oh god why did I have to stare at him?

“Um, sorry. I didn’t mean to. I’m your new partner, Park Boyoung.” I said as I took out my hand for him to shake.

Unfortunately, all he did was just glare at me and he started to go back to sleep, leaving me hanging(he didn’t shake my hand).

This is so embarrassing. Why couldn’t Minhyuk be my partner. Ugh.

As i turned back to see how Minhyuk was doing, he was already making friends with his partner and especially the girls. And I was just basically sitting alone.


Class had finally ended and it was time for lunch. As I make my way out to the hallway, it was crowded with screaming girls.

“Ahhhhhhh L oppaaa!!!”

“Oppaaaaa I have something for youuu”

“Notice me oppaaaa”

Who was L? As I joined the crowd to see what was happening.

I saw the girl I was staring at earlier and Myungsoo crowded by the group of rowdy girls.  

“Her name’s Hani. It turns out that L and Hani are dating.” Minhyuk said as he walked towards Boyoung.

“You mean Myungsoo?”

“Yeah him. Apparently he goes by another name. He probably think he’s cool or something.”

Oh so he was L.. As I think back to what happened earlier in class.

“Well, he’s not bad looking either.” I told Minhyuk as I think back to this dark brown orbs.

“Oh. So he’s your type? Too bad he’s taken.” Minhyuk said as he laughed.

“You’re funny. I mean, he’s just good looking, I wouldn’t go for a guy like him. These girls could run over me haha.” I replied as me and Minhyuk start to take a seat in the lunchroom.

“Yea, try to stay away from his girlfriend, Hani though. I heard from Yonghwa that she bullied this girl so hard that she had to transfer schools. And you know why she bullied her?” Minhyuk asked.

“Oh wow, no wonder she gave me this glare when Mr. Jang told me to sit next to Myungsoo. Did the girl try to seduce him?” I laughed.

“Not even. All she did was ask to borrow his textbook during class. You better watch out for her. Especially because he’s your partner in class.” Minhyuk warned me.

“Oh my gosh, that is horrible. How can someone do such things like that?” I gasped.


“That’s what happens when your rich and popular.” Minhyuk sighed.


“Let’s not talk about her anymore. This is giving me the chills.” I shivered.


As I got in line for lunch, I stepped backward to give Minhyuk a tray but I accidentally bumped into something hard and flat. As I looked up, it was Myungsoo with his girlfriend Hani.

“I’m so sorry. Myungsoo.” I said sincerely.

“Don’t you have eyes? Watch where you’re going.” L said as he brushed by me and Minhyuk.

As L was leaving, Hani then gave me that look at like she did earlier in class.


“You really should have watched where you were going. What if Hani does something to you?” Minhyuk asked seriously.


“I didn’t mean to bump into him! They came out of nowhere. That Hani girl was giving me weird looks again and it’s giving me the shivers. I really don’t want to have anything to do with her.”I replied.


“Just be careful around them next time. I don’t know how I’ll be able to get involved in a girl’s fight.” Minhyuk said.


“I’ll try, let’s eat now. I am mucho hungry from all the talking about them.” I said as I start to pick up my chicken salad.


As we finished eating our lunch, the next class was in the art room. I make my way to the classroom as I found Hani in my seat acting all lovey dovey with Myungsoo.


There is one thing I hate the most. PDA. ew.


“That new girl is really pissing me off. She thinks that just because she’s the new student, she could do whatever she wants. Don’t you think L?” Hani said angrily.


“Whatever. You don’t need to worry about her so much.” L said arrogantly.


“I know. But I hate girls like her the most. She really has to know her place. Maybe me and my girls should teach her a lesson.” Hani said as she twisted a strand of hair with her finger.


“Do whatever you want, it’s none of my concern. Just don’t bother me.” L replied bluntly. As Hani went back to her seat with a smirk on her face.


I was shocked. Today’s my first day of school and bad things are already happening to me. What does Hani mean when she says that she’s going to teach me a lesson?


I took a seat as I was still trying to comprehend what was going on. Why is she doing this to me?...

The bell for the end of the school rung and I was ready to walk back home with Minhyuk.

“Come on, Minhyuk. Let’s walk back home together.” I said as I put on my sweater and grabbed my schoolbag.


“Sorry Boyoung-ah, I joined the basketball team today, and they told me I have to stay for practice. Take the bus today ok?”, Minhyuk said with a sorry look on his face.

“Seriously? Can this day get any worse?” I groaned.

“ Sorryyyyy! Don’t be mad at me. I’ll buy you ice cream later k?” Minhyuk said

“Ugh. Ok, fine. I guess I have to ride the bus from this day on.” I sighed as I left the school and Minhyuk saw me off.

“BYE BOYOUNG! BE CAREFUL OK?” Minhyuk yelled.

I gave him a thumbs up in the air as I started walking to the bus stop.


I made my way to the bus stop, and the bus was seriously taking forever. I sighed in frustration.

Today has been horrible. What else is gonna happen. Ugh. >.>

As I was waiting, I heard footsteps coming closer to me. As I turned around to look, it was L.

Ugh you have got to be kidding me.

“I really see you everywhere huh.” L said

“It’s not like I want to see you.” Boyoung scoffed.

When the bus finally came after a million years, I got on quickly and took a seat. L also got on and took the seat next to me.

Wow. All the seats just had to be taken. This officially the weirdest and worst first day of school ever.

Myungsoo was sleeping again like he did in class.

He really likes to sleep in public huh?

I find myself staring at him again and admiring his features. How can he look so innocent at a moment like this but when he wakes up he is a total jerk. I find myself then laughing at the thought of his multiple personalities.

Finally, the bus stops on my street. As I’m about to get off the bus, L says to me, “See you tomorrow, stupid.” as he sticks out his tongue.

That bastard. He is reallyyy bipolar.

I’m angry that he calls me stupid but I feel like maybe this wasn’t one of the worst moments of this day.

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