1. thank you

I could feel the wind blowing through my hair. The constant chatter of birds rang through the air. Through the the clouds I could see the sun starting to slowly make its decent past the horizon. I was wearing no shoes and my feet were starting to get numb with the cold night air. But I didn't care. I was just outside my house, sitting at our glass table where so many meals and conversations had been shared. I could hear the thump of a football against our wall as the neighbors started up their daily game. I was writing, writing a story untold, sucked into my work. Then I got stuck on inspiration so I looked up at my surroundings. Why was I chosen to live in such a wonderful place? I'm not saying their hasn't been tears, there have been lots but there has also been laughter. Good joyous laughter that makes you feel full inside and goes on forever but you never get tired of it. I am alone but I don't feel the loneliness crushing down on me because I have myself. Sometimes that is not enough and even sometimes that is too much. Sometimes, I find, it is just to easy to lose yourself in the moment and to not enjoy your fun, fun that someday you will grow out of. So I was thinking these thoughts as the sun was setting and I was surrounded with these beautiful setting. Something inside of me opened up. An extreme burst of happiness. Ok I knew this moment wasn't perfect, in fact it was starting to rain. I knew in that moment that everything would be ok. It would be a long journey with twists and turns in the path. But I knew everything, in the end, would be ok. Not just in stories. As long as there was pens and paper ( and computers) to write it down. Thank you movellas for giving me that moment.

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