The Day's End

Time never stops, cycles continue. The world never stops, even though we do.


1. The Day's End

Cold Bones Left in an empty home

Each breath hurts, I feel the pain

The days have grown long

What is my name?


When last I walked the summer sun I cannot remember

The days when I was young

The days when I would stay up all night and wait for the sun

The days without worry, days without fear

The days where the ones you love were always near


The days grow long


Night has swallowed the sun

The light fades from my body

The hope I built on solid foundation, proved to be faulty

Now I wait,

I dream of the light

To feel its warm gentle embrace

To know all my life wasn't wasted

To know I did something important

Something someone would put faith in

The days grow so long!


They are almost at an end

It's terrifying to think where I began

What is my name?

What did my parents call me?

What did they see when they looked into my eyes

Did they know my future, see inspiration

See part of themselves, hope for the next generation

But alas, the day is done


I close my eyes and fall asleep

Strangely it is not fear I feel, but peace

This is what it feels like when the moon and sun meet

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