Love at first sight

it talks about a girl named Sarah who is 19 years old and she is a senior. One day a friend of her dad along with his son that named Harry came to visit them at home, and their was the twist LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT !!!


2. chapter two

when i walked to class i sat in my regular place,near the window when i get bored i just stare at the sky and clouds. when Mrs.Hendersone my history teacher entered the class i get nervous even more this is my first time i don't do my homework. "goodmorning everybody! i know you're gonna hate me after telling you this but you have a pop test sorry!" she said with a slight frown on her face and smile. "what???" "noo" "really" everybody complained except me"YES!" i said with a high pitch everyone looked at me surprised. "Ummmm.. sorry?"it came out as a question, i mean of coarse i'm going to be happy we have a pop test but not that part that made me happy, if we have a test that means that the presentation of the assignment will be canceled for today. the rest of the day passed really fast and that was abnormal to me. as i hopped to the car i drove to the home, all i'm thinking about is bed,pillow,and cover oohh..! i entered the home,it was soo tidy and clean as usual "hello" i said to my mom with a smile and gave her a smile on the cheek."hello sweetie"she replied to me with a smile. she was busy making food a lot of food. "wow that's a lot of food you got there" i said while taking a bite of a cucumber. "yeah i know your father invited his friend over to dinner" " i'll just take my food to my room and work on my assignment" "no you'll eating with us " "but.." i was about to continue but she interrupted me by putting the cucumber in my mouth."you will eat with us,his son is coming with him"she said to me while winking.i raised an eyebrow at her."whatever" i said to her."will you eat with us?" she asked me while winking at me...again.

"stop winking and i will"i said to her.she laughed at my reaction.

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