Love at first sight

it talks about a girl named Sarah who is 19 years old and she is a senior. One day a friend of her dad along with his son that named Harry came to visit them at home, and their was the twist LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT !!!


1. chapter one

  Hello there, i'm Sarah Smith i'm 19 turning into 20 in few months. I live with my parents in the United Kingdom,London to be specific.I'm in senior year,uughh finally last year i hate school it is full of bullshit and drama.

 I woke up this morning to the sound of the fucking alarm. REALLY?! Its pretty annoying to woke up not full of energy.My mom knocked on my door to make sure i'm awake " Sarah,c'mon sweetie breakfast is done" she told while smiling,i returned the smile as well.I love my mom a lot she's like my best friend i tell her every thing,no secrets between us, i can't imagine my life without her.  

 I walk to the bathroom like a lazy ass.After i finished my business i returned to my bedroom searching for something to wear, i decided to put on a black leggings and a white t-shirt and a white converse, i applied some simple make-up containing a mascara and eyeliner.I let my long curly hair fall naturally into my shoulders.

 I came downstairs greeted with my dad and my little brother Sam "Hello baby girl,how did you sleep?"smiling at me."I slept fine thanks and could you please stop calling me baby girl?"i said chuckling."i won't stop calling you baby girl cause you will always be my baby"my dad said to me laughing as well i joined him." why are you laughing you two ?"my mom appears from the kitchen,boy she spends her time in the kitchen a lot,"nothing we are just discussing that dad should stop calling me baby."laughing at how stupid i sound while saying it,"no he'll never stop calling you baby girl,baby girl"she said kissing dad."GUYS!!! i'm here remember now stop kissing it's weird to watch my parents kissing.ew."they laughed and i joined them.OH,i have school,i almost forget.I hoped to the door saying goodbye to mom and dad and my brother who is eating his breakfast without stopping.OHHH that little cutie ass i love him sooo much.

 i stepped into my car and drove to the hell, i mean school.when i arrived i parked my car i stepped out of the car.

 i entered the school going to my locker,"hello there sleepyhead "my best friends Jessie and Jack came to me "hi"i said to them while smiling" did you finished your assignment?"Jack asked me, i looked at him with wide eyes"we have an assignment???"i said well actually almost shouting" yup history assignment"


"anyways,guess who asked me on a date?"said jessie


"no,guess again"

"ummm.i don't know"

jack kept silent with a frown on his face i think he likes jessie."Donny!"she said while jumping like a little girl on Christmas"ohh he's hot"i said to her in order to make her jealous and it worked she looked at me with a frown i laughed at her reaction."i don't know why you're so excited he's not that attractive"jack said to her with a sad tone.YUP he likes her."your blind"she said to him.

 and before i knew it the bell rings"guys what do we have now?"i asked them hoping not history."you don't want to know"jack said to me while laughing, then i realized that we have HISTORY.

   God help me.

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