You Love Me, I Kill You

Michael is a serial killer. He likes to make people fall in love with him and slid their throats ones the person he chooses declares his love for him. His next victim is Luke.

Luke is a player. He likes to have sex with people, girl or boy, doesn't matter to him. He is glad when Michael comes to their school. He was looking for some new entertainment.

A dangerous combination.

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2. Chapter Two

A sigh leaves Michael's lips when he unpacks his last stuff. His dad sent him to Sydney, Australia. Luckily he learned English in his previous school. His dad really wants him very far away from him and their family. A name on the radio catches his attention. It's his own name. "Michael Fiore has fled his home country Italy. His father came to the police station to declare he had seen the murdered body of Frederico Ferdinand in his cabin together with his own son. He was covered in blood and had a knife in his hands. Mr Fiore will now say some words." The presenter says.

"I'm so ashamed I have a murderer as a child. He has hurt a lot of families including ours. We are so sorry, I hope you'll find him and that he gets the punishment he deserves." His voice sounds very sad. A laugh escapes Michael lips. Why are so many people so pathetic?

"We will give you a description of him, so listen well. He is 6'1", has long blue, straight hair and has green eyes." The reporter goes on.

"Bitch, you are so wrong." Michael tells his radio with a smirk. Of course he dyed his hair pitch black. He has cut it so it's short, pointing every direction. The last thing is that he has colored eye-contacts that make his eyes grey. Nobody will ever identify him. A proud smile covers his lips. Good luck, fucking cops. You will need it.


The iron gate has it's mouth wide open to swallow Michael. A confident smirk plays on his lips as he enters the playground. His sunglasses hide his eyes so he can look around without anyone noticing. Enough boys cover the playground, but will he find some very difficult prey or not? With steady paces he walks inside the school building. A sign tells him where the janitor's office is, just what he needs. While following the sign, Michael takes his sunglasses off of his nose. Some brown-haired boy looks at him curiously. Michael plump pink lips form a wide smile right his way. Immediately blushes as red as cherries, spread across his cheeks. When Michael is past him, he scowls. Too easy, too boring. His lips part to let a sigh roll over them, into the air. Hopefully there is someone here who can provide him a challenge. Otherwise he has chosen the wrong school. That would be a pity.

Finally the door of the janitor catches his eye. He knock on the door loudly. After a couple of minutes, an old, bald man opens it. "Hello, my name is Michael Fi... eeuh... Clifford. I'm the new student from America." He says quickly to hide his mistake. Shit, I almost told him my real name.

"Oh, Hello." He says awkwardly. Michael keeps looking at the janitor with an expectant glance. "Come in, then I will give you the timetable and your locker keys." He says after a couple of long, silent seconds.

"Okay, thank you very much." Michael smiles sweetly. The office is small. The only things it contains is a desk with a computer, a large printer, two chairs and a file cabinet. That would be useful after he has the perfect victim in mind.

"You can sit down if you like." The janitor smiles, a friendly look on his face. Michael does as he says and waits. After what feels like forever, he finally gives him his schedule and his locker keys.

"Here you go, Mr Clifford." He smiles.

"Thank you so much, Mr..." Michael looks at his name tag. "...Robbins." He say sweetly. How cliché, but he has to keep him on his good side, that is the only way he can ever watch those files.

"You can call me Alex." He smiles. "Mr sounds so old." He laughs. You are fucking old baldie, michael thinks, almost smiling.

"Then you call me Michael. Now I have to go, before I can't find my class in time." He says friendly, biting back a sigh of frustration.

"Oh, wait." He clicks on a red button near the computer. "Can you send the one who will help Mr Clifford today?" He asks then lets go of the button.

"He will be right up." A woman answers. After two minutes, someone enters the room. The janitor looks at him with a condescending look. Michael sits with his back to the boy, but he doesn't care at the moment.

"What have you done this time, Hemmings?" Alex asks him grimly. He can hear a chuckle behind him.

"I just skipped some classes yesterday. Who cares?" The boy laughs.

"I'll decide your punishment later, first..." Alex gets cut of by the boy.

"My punishment is already decided. The principal told me to help Mr Clifford. Isn't that bad enough? I hate helping." He says indifferently. Now it's Michael's time to stand up and look at the boy. He sounds like a person he wants to know a lot better. Michael looks him up and down, the boy's piercing blue eyes do the same, obviously. His blond hair is a little messy. In his lip is a piercing he currently sucks. His clothes are mostly black today. A smirk covers his mouth.

"You like what you see, sweetheart?" The boy chuckles. The janitor stares at him disapprovingly.

"Luke, stop scaring the gentleman." He says gruffly. "Go to class, and don't mess around." He hisses cautionary. Luke chuckles before he leaves the office. Michael follows him swiftly into the corridor.

"You have all your classes with me. So just follow me around today." He winks. It looks like he is a selfish, insensitive asshole. Just what Michael is looking for. Confidently he smile at the blond boy.

"It isn't that big of a school. By lunch I know where I have to go. I don't need anyone." He wink back. Luke grins at him. First Michael has to reject him completely, otherwise he will think he is easy-to-fuck. That's not what he's after. He want him begging for him, confessing his love to him and then he would strike. This Luke feels like the big deal. It will be very difficult for Michael to make him fall in love; or so Michael hopes. He have to do one more thing before he really puts his energy into this. Finding out how many hearts Luke has already broken on this school.

"You have a nice ass." Luke interrupts his thoughts. A chuckle leaves Luke's lips.

"Well, you won't see a lot of it, I'm not impressed by your badboy attitude." Michael grins. For a second he can see Luke didn't expect his answer.

"You will, I'm good at convincing people." He grins. It looks like they were both looking for new hunting material. This would really be very interesting. A smile crept around my Michael's lips. "Good luck." he whispers with a laugh. A last chuckle leaves Luke's lips before they enter the classroom.

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