You Love Me, I Kill You

Michael is a serial killer. He likes to make people fall in love with him and slid their throats ones the person he chooses declares his love for him. His next victim is Luke.

Luke is a player. He likes to have sex with people, girl or boy, doesn't matter to him. He is glad when Michael comes to their school. He was looking for some new entertainment.

A dangerous combination.

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3. Chapter Three

"Why was Luke Hemmings talking to you?" The girl next to Michael asks. His eyebrow shoots in the air.

"Because he had to show me where this classroom is." He says reluctantly. Normally, people first ask your name. The tone of her voice has made him very curious though.

"Watch out with him. He is the biggest asshole on this school. Every person is just a playtoy to him." She warns him.

"Is that so?" Suddenly Michael is very interested in what she has to say about Lukeyboy. A grin appears on his lips when the nickname crosses his mind.

"Yes, he has no respect at all. He thinks he owns this school, just because he can sing and play some guitar." She frowns while she says it. "He makes you fall in love with him, and when he is done with you he leaves you for dead." She rolls her eyes. A laugh escapes Michael's lips. He just can't help himself. The girl doesn't know that he does that, only literally.

"Why are you laughing with that? It's not funny." She hisses.

"I'm so sorry, whats your name?" "Alicia." "I'm so sorry, Alicia, but I imagined it literally." Michael explains. He is not even lying when he says this. Her mouth forms a circle before she starts to mutter an 'oh'.

"Yeah, I get why you were laughing. If you put it like that it seems funny indeed." Alicia grins. If only she knew. Then the teacher walks into the classroom.

"Hello, class. We have a new student in our midst. Mr Clifford, can you please stand up and introduce yourself?" He smiles at him in a friendly way. Michael hear Luke chuckle behind him. His chuckle is so recognizable. It's defiant and a little annoying. The black haired boy just ignores it like the good person he is, note the sarcasm.

"Of course Mr..." Michael hesitates, he doesn't know the name of the teacher yet.

"Ow, sorry, my name is Mr Rice." He says apologetically. Michael smiles politely at him and stands up.

"Hello, so my name is Michael Clifford. I'm born in a part of France where they speak Italian but lived in America for 16 years. The reason I still have an accent is because I speak Italian with my parents. I wanted an adventure and decided to come to Sydney. I'm here alone and live in an apartment." He rattles. "Are there still questions?" He asks while he scans the classroom. Next to Luke there is a boy with black hair and dark brown eyes. He looks at Michael with a smile full of kindness. He smiles back at him before he locks eyes with Luke. A grin plays on Lukke's mouth.

"Did you fell from the sky?" Luke grins. Oh my God, he is a pick-up-line boy. A sigh leaves Michaels lips.

"Yes, and I fell right on your face, that's the reason you are so ugly." That is a big fat lie, and he knows it, because a smirk covers his face. The class just laughs, the boy next to Luke looks surprised at him. Michhael grins at Luke before he sits down again.

"Thank you, Mr Clifford. And now take your book on page 45." Mr Rice starts with a boring lesson about chemical shit. All of a sudden Michael feels something hitting his head. It's a note from Luke and it makes Michael grin smugly.

'I saw the lie in your eyes, pretty little liar. :D Greetz, Luke.'

'Are you going to be my A and stalk me?' Michael sends back.

'Probably. :D'

He decides to not write back. Otherwise Luke would think he already won him over. It's too early to let him know he's intrested. If the blond haired boy ups his game before him, he loses for sure. Luke is a boy with fire, and Michael is not planning on getting burnt. When the hour is almost finished, he gets another note. A grin appears on his lips. God, Luke sure is persistent.

'At least give me your phone number. That will make it easier to stalk you.'

'Too bad. I'm still not impressed. ;)'

'Of course not, pretty little liar. :D'

After that note the bell rings. "He is sending you notes in class. That's the first sign of his interest. Don't let him hurt you, Michael. He really is a big loser." Alicia warns him again.

"Don't worry girl. I know he is. That's the reason I like talking to him. He thinks he's the man, but we will find out if he really is." Michael grins. She nods and then smiles at me.

"Will you come sit with me at lunch?" She asks me. Michael shrugs.

"Okay. That's fine by me. First we have to survive the second class of the day though." He says with a laugh.

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